Saturday, February 1, 2014

The month that was January

We did it!  We made it through January in one piece and it's officially spring time.  I think it's safe to say that January was the longest month in the history of the world and I was having a little ponder while patting myself on the back for getting through it when I realised that a lot happened this month.  So I jotted down the highs and lows of the month and loved looking over it and appreciating the good times while shaking my head at the not so good times!  It was nice reflecting over the month and seeing how fortunate I am and it made me glaze over the bad times

In January:

I met with some TV producers to talk about a program they're working on, Connected. I was first approached about it in August last year and then before Christmas again.  Talking about yourself for an hour is hard and although I know 100% I won't get it, it was nice to be asked!

I went to Musashi a few times with mam, Joanne and my friend Ruth.  It's my favourite restaurant at the moment by a mile!  Their sushi is amazing, reasonably priced and it's healthy.

My car died and I said goodbye to €90 to get it fixed.  Not what I needed in January but things like this always seem to happen when one is broke!

I returned to YouTube, posting my Makeup collection and storage video!  Thankfully the response has been really positive, so thanks everyone.  I'd the fear that everyone would think I was a crazy collector lady.  Expect to see me on the next series of Hoarders.

I lost another half a stone on Slimming World.  I need to start doing exercise this month because I haven't been and need to ramp up the loss as the wedding is going to fly in!

After spending a night trying not to fall and knock into things at a launch this week, I fell on the way into work the next day and was grand until the next day where I appear to have pulled every muscle in my upper body.  Ouch.

I met lots of lovely Irish beauty bloggers at the Wet 'n Wild launch.  Even though I've been blogging for over three years, it's still nervewracking going to things on my own and introducing myself to strangers, and it can be easy to chat to the people I already know for the night and miss out on meeting new ladies.  So I can't wait for more chats at the next event.

I got beautified by the Smashbox team and had my photo taken by Smashbox co-founder Davis Factor.  Cringefest dot com but it was a fantastic experience and I can safely say I'll never look that good again!

I watched Season 3 of Sherlock.  Multiple times.  I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott and have had many Facebook chats with two beauty pals.  We're proper fangirls, so scarlet for us.

I cleared out my kitchen cupboards and in turn cleared out my noggin too.  It's one of those spring clean jobs that had to be done and my cupboards look lovely now as my fridge and I'm delighted with life.

I started organising Joanne's hen night.  So exciting!

I had a fabulous Origins facial in The Beauty Room in Arnotts which left me glowy and floaty.

I went to launches for Nuxe, Rimmel, Wet n Wild but missed a Dr Hauschka one as I wasn't feeling well.  So sad not to have seen my pal Karim Sattar.

I got paid!  Oh lads, the fact that I have money in my account is the best thing ever in life and I even treated myself to lunch at work yesterday.  Oh yeah, I'm so flush now.

And that was my month!  How was January for you?  Are you looking forward to February?  I deffo am.  I've so many exciting things coming up this month and can't wait for them all!


  1. Really interesting and lovely to see what you've been up to.
    I love Sherlock can't wait for the next series x

    1. Me too, I heard it might be back this Christmas!

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  2. Aw sounds like you had a great January (besides the car and muscle pulling!)! Congrats on the half a stone too - thats amazing!

    1. Thank you kindly! And yes, the stupid car and stupid fall were minor blips in an otherwise grand month :)

  3. Exciting month Karen, I had a couple of facials with Origins and they were amazing! Also now I’m living in the country side I miss Musashi a lot. I used to live up the road from the one on Capel St and it was my fav restaurant. Jan was a busy enough month for me, lots of tv shows (just got into Sherlock) a couple of nights out and no money. I was glad to see the end of the month only because it was pay day!!

    1. Aw man, that sucks you live so far away from Musashi! I hope you get to come to Dublin and visit it sometimes :) Ooh are you just starting off with Sherlock? I need to rewatch some episodes again I think :)

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  5. Your January was a lot more exciting than mine! Although I did leave my job after 4 years so am now a lady of leisure/bum until I decide what I'm going to do! It wasn't making me happy and my confidence had been knocked over the last few weeks time and time again so although I'm kind of scared because I don't know where I'm going I'm kind of excited at the same time! Well done on the weight loss, I lost a stone and a half last year and stepping up on the scales every week and seeing the hard work paid off was such a good feeling! :)


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