Tuesday, March 11, 2014

L'Oreal Fibrology haircare review - thick hair is mine!

I want big hair and that will never change.  Gone are the days where I'd use my straightener to give me sleek, shiny flat hair.  Now I'm all about the volume.  Big hair, don't care = me.

So say hello L'Oreal Fibrology - my one true love!

At the presentation last month, I got excited and couldn't wait to get home and try it myself.  I wanted to see if the Filloxane would penetrate my hair fibre and increase the diameter from within.  Now without scientific equipment and all that jazz, I wouldn't be able to tell if that actually happened, but I would be able to see and feel any potential difference in my hair.

Now, as part of my scientific experiment, I gave a shampoo, conditioner and thickness booster to one of my friends from work, Eadaoin who has the finest hair I've ever seen on a bridie.  And it isn't limited to just the hair on her head.  No, I don't mean that!  Let me set the scene a bit.  As you know, I'm a massive fan of L'Oreal's False Lash Flutter mascara and lash it on like there's no tomorrow.  Well, one day Eadaoin told me she was wearing it too.  I gave her a look that said "Whatchoo talking about Willis, you ain't got nuthin on your lashes", but she assured me that she had two coats of it on.  So obviously she has little scaldy fine haired lashes too.  We joked that she'd have to let the Fibrology wash all over her body to grow a bit more hair.  I have not checked if she's done this and we don't need to know that sure we don't?

So when using the range, I like to shampoo my hair once then add the Thickness Booster to the conditioner and let it sit and work it's magic while I do the rest of my business in the shower.  The first time I used it, my hair was so tangly after I towel dried it and I was happy for the existence of the Tangle Teezer.  Eadaoin also commented on the tanglyness of her hair but like myself, it was only that bad the first time we used Fibrology on our hair.  Any time I use it now, it's still tangly but not annoyingly so.

Another thing we agreed on was how fiddley it was to use the Thickness Booster in the shower.  You have to apply the dollop of conditioner into the palm of your hand and while trying to undo the lid of the booster, you have to not let the conditioner slide out of your hand while pouring the booster on top of the conditioner and then you have to mix the two together and either get the lid back on the booster, or stand it upright somewhere where it won't slip.  It'd be much easier if it came in a bottle with a pump as I'm very clumsy in the shower as it is.

But you want to know if this stuff works.  This is how Eadaoin got on:
After the first wash, it already started to change the texture of my hair and made it feel quite coarse.  This took a bit of getting used to because I like my silky feeling hair.  But when blow dried, BOOM, my hair was much fuller and I was closer to having my Dolly Parton hair.  I began to realise that silky hair = limp hair and coarse hair = full hair.  I used it ten times to get the maximum fullness and it gave me lovely, full, Dolly Parton-esque hair!

I bloody love this stuff and am nearly at the end of the bottles after using it for a month now.  It's unheard of for me to have not finished a shampoo and conditioner by now because I wash my hair pretty much every day, but I've found since I started using the Fibrology range, my second day hair is the best it's ever looked!  I get longer between washes which is great because I'm inherently lazy but like to have clean hair.

My hair definitely feels thicker, fuller and holds a style longer.  If I'm heading to an event in the evening, I like to wash my hair in the morning and then dry it before putting it into a high bun so when I get to the door of said event, I take my hair down and totally hear music in the background as I do it in slow motion.  Big, bouncy hair is what I get with Fibrology and it's the best affordable haircare range I've tried so far.  With most volumising products I've used over the years, yes, they give volume, but they also make my hair look dull as they build texture.  Fibrology makes my hair look shiny while feeling and looking deliciously thicker!  Happy days!

Will I be purchasing it myself when I run out?  Eh yeah!  The shampoo and conditioner both retail at €3.99/250mls, the Thickness Booster is €7.69 and there's also a Thickening Masque that'll set you back a very reasonable €6.49.  All nicely affordable and should you see any 3 for 2 offers going on, then it'd be a mortal sin not to pick them up.

Fantastic stuff!



  1. Innnnnteresting....I started using this recently too and am also loving it but have a few different observations to you which could be as my hair is quite thick already!

  2. I blahhdy love this stuff, as do the several unwitting converts too (and also, I hope, a young lass that was hovvering in Boots).
    I noticed a difference from the first wash and have done so for weeks now.
    While I haven't had a tangle issue ( I'm still using Rich HairCare serum) or the coarse hair issue, I'm 100% with you on the fiddly Booster packaging!
    The amount of times now I've tried to screw it off with my mouth and ended up pew pewing all over the shower. Pump please!

  3. I predict a few beauty gongs for this range, sounds bloody amazing! Could you get away with not purchasing the Thickness Booster do you think? Would the conditioner work fine on its own?

  4. Ooh I'm intrigued.. My hair has never been the same after the birth of my daughter - maybe this is what I've been looking for. Thanks for the tips!


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