Thursday, March 20, 2014

My favourite body moisturisers ft Rituals, Garnier, The Body Shop & Vaseline

Who'd have thunk it, me, actually enjoying moisturising after my shower, and not just my face.  I've spoken about one of my least favourite beauty chores lots on the blog and that is moisturising my body after a bath or shower.  I generally tend to go wild with my hatred of it as autumn kicks in as I live in a cold house and there's nothing worse in life than cold bathroom after hot shower.  Goosepimples galore.

So yes, in the winter, I'm a little crispier than usual as I try to stay warm while drying off as quickly as possible.  But now that it's spring and it's a little bit milder, I've loved getting back into using some gorgeous products and am now sporting mighty soft skin!

Ok, so I've broken it down into two categories - morning moisturising and evening moisturising.  Not very groundbreaking but I've got my reasons!

In the morning, I'm always late.  No matter how early I set my alarm, by the time I check Instagram, Twitter, emails and The Daily Mail (don't judge me), I only have time for a quick shower.  The fanny, tits and pits kind of shower, but a shower nonetheless.  So when it comes to moisturising afterwards, I need something that requires no faffing about whatsoever.  I want it to be quick, effective and not have too much of a scent as I generally apply perfume heading out the door.

I've blogged about Vaseline's Spray & Go body moisturiser (€6.15) before but I had to reiterate my love for it.  I'm obsessed with the light, fresh scent and no matter how much I try to be like the girl in the ad, my clothes don't put themselves on afterwards.  Recently, Joanne, Mam and I were out and I had to take my jacket off because I was too warm.  I'd a short sleeved top on and proceeded to make Mam and Joanne stroke my arm because it was so smooth.  Smooth like I'd waxed it smooth.  So for that reason, it stays and is one of my favourite morning products.  Oh and it dries in quickly and is a really lovely light moisturiser.

My other go to morning moisturiser is Garnier's Body Ultimate Regenerating Oil (€9.99).  You know me and my oils.  I love 'em and will spend the rest of my days trying out different ones for my face, body and hair.  This offering from Garnier is enriched with Pomegranate, Camellia, Jojoba and Geranium oils and despite it's oily nature, isn't greasy.  It's lightweight, is lightly scented and texture-wise, it's in-between a regular oil and a dry oil if that makes sense.  I usually have to give it a couple of minutes before getting dressed, but it's a winner for me and I'm going to keep using it to see if it firms up my skin.

Now, in the evenings, I've a lot more time and love to slather on a body cream or body butter.  Mainly because I want to say the word "slather".  A grand word.  I like thicker, more luxurious moisturisers and don't mind waiting for them to sink it because I know I'll be smelling lovely in my bed and will wake up with baby soft skin.

I think the world and it's mother is obsessed with body butters from The Body Shop.  Of all the scents I've tried, and I've pretty much tried them all at this point, my absolute favourites are the Moringa and Honeymania Body Butters (€18.95).  If you like white florals and feeling like you are springtime in human form, then you need to check out the Moringa scent.  It's feminine, light, bright and fabulous.  I love using this on weekend mornings when I've more time to faff about and like to pair it with the Moringa body spray and I end up smelling delicious for the day.  The Honeymania Body Butter smells like honey blossom and it's one you need to go and smell yourself.  I thought it'd smell sickly sweet like honey itself, but the floral notes in it just speak to me and I'm lashing this on like there's no tomorrow.

Finally we have a Rituals body cream.  The Mei Dao body cream (€15.00) to be exact.  I've no idea what it means but I don't need to.  All I need to know is that I love it so much.  It has a lighter texture than the body butters which means that if I want to, I can use it in the morning and go about my day with softer skin, calmer in my head and smelling fabulous.  It has a light, floral scent but is so delicate and feminine that if I use this on a sunny morning, I definitely have a spring in my step and if I use it at night, I feel so clean and refreshed.  I'm obsessed with this and now want to try more from the same range.  Off to Arnotts I go!

So those are my must have, go to body moisturisers.  If I meet you, I will make you stroke me.  My arm.  Let's keep it professional.  You will love it and I will be smug with my skin smoothness.  We'll both come away from the moment happy and you will want to buy things.  The end.

What are you using on your body at the moment?  And there was no way of phrasing that without it sounding weird.



  1. Yes to the Morninga body butter, it is so beautiful! I usually can’t stop smelling myself as I’ve put it on.

  2. I wish i could buy the vaseline spray and go here in germany. Sounds great.

  3. I have yet to try a Body Shop body butter (I know, for shame!) but that Moringa sounds lovely!

  4. I snorted half of my cup of tea at "fanny, tits and pits"! These products looks great, I can't say I pay any attention to skincare for my body but I'm obsessed with face products as I have horrific, spotty temperamental skin :(

    I love the look of Vaseline spray and go and I'm a huge fan of all rituals products so I should pick these up on my next trip to Boots ..


  5. LOL @ Fanny, Tits and Pits!!! you're a scream!!

    I bought the garnier body oil yesterday, really lovely product! Only complaint is the bottle is an odd shape, making it hard to hold and spray, my hand kept slipping!

  6. Oh god the Body Shop ones are so pricey and I always want to take a spoon to the pots. I have that vaseline one and its really handy and no flapping about drying it! I have seen granier get fancy new things but have yet to venture for fear of it being awful, but I might just give it a go. God it woeful reading your posts, I go and buy everything. I'd have so much money if I didn't know about your great reads and magic photos! lol :D xx

  7. Fanny tits and pits, oh my god, I nearly spat my tea out!!! I've got so into body moisturising recently after neglecting it for years. I love the Body Shop body butters, and given they often have them for 40-50% off, not a bad price. The Moringa one smells lovely. I have to say, I'm not a fan of the Vaseline spray and go, I found it so bloody cold to apply, and not that moisturising. Keen to try the Rituals one xxx

  8. You should try out the aveeno moisturizer its great! x


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