Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Favourite Five #11

Oh hello bank holiday weekend here in Ireland!  We've been waiting for you since the start of January and now that you're here, we know that the Easter bank holiday is around the corner, followed by the May and June bank holidays, so yay for long weekends!

So here are the five bloggers and youtubers that I've been loving this week!

I'm obsessed with Bloglovin' and for me it's like the Pinterest of the blogging world where I can browse and come across some great new blogs.  This first post isn't beauty related at all, but is St Patrick's Day related and I want to make this on Monday!  Check out the Bell Pepper and Potato Frittata on Skinnytaste.  It's so cute!

As someone who carries a lot of stuff around in their handbag, I was intrigued at the sight of this limited edition Bare Minerals powder over on Fleur de Force.  It's compact, it's nifty and is a proper little gadget.

I think you know me by now and understand that I have a weird love for all things peachy, corally and nudey.  Obviously Bobbi Brown knew this and created the Nectar and Nude collection and it's the first collection from Bobbi Brown that has made me sit up, take notice, and want.  Check it out over on Essie Button, she who also loves peachy things.

Thanks to Nina's Bargain Beauty, I now want these two Illuminating Face Powders from Milani and it's taking everything I have not to visit the Cherry Culture website and place an order.  Amber Nectar needs to be mine though doesn't it?

This week's YouTuber of the week is Ysis from Le Beauty Girl!  I've been a longtime fan of her blog where she has the most gorgeous photos and brilliant reviews, so check that out here.  She's been making videos for a while and I love them!  Her voice is so soothing, she knows her stuff and has cream in her tea!  Go and subscribe to her and tell her I sent you!  You won't be sorry.

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