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Scents of a momma - Perfumes for Mother's Day

I don't know if it's the fact that I love perfume, or that I love spring time, or that Mother's Day is in spring, that I love giving Lovely Mammy Bits perfume for Mother's Day.  To me, the milder weather means I can start wearing lighter and brighter fragrances, so I'm very excited altogether with some new arrivals to Girlie Towers and since Mother's Day is this Sunday, I thought I'd give you a little run down of some gorgeous fragrances you can treat the Mothership to.  I've also got some older favourites below and at the end of the post, I've a great bargain too at the very end!

Ok, so scents I haven't talked about yet first.  As you might be able to see from the perfume tray behind the bottles, I do have a strange obsession with smelling nice.  I like to think I've gotten it from Mam, she who went through a mad phase of Anais Anais for years and still has a bottle put aside just in case.  So I present to you the scents I would have given mam if I hadn't opened them and used them myself.

Ah look, it's like a little perfume police line up!  

First up is Figue de Vigne from Caudalie (€28.95).   This fresh, light, fruity fragrance from those who gave us the famous Beauty Elixir, has notes of fig leaf, white cedar and bergamot which the mammy will love.  The first spray gives a grand hit of citrus and brightness before settling down as the woody base notes give warmth and depth to the scent.  I like to pretend I'm in Spain when I wear this and generally imagine I'm sitting in a cafe overlooking the beach with wind in my hair and a cocktail in my hand.  Happy days...

When I think of Lacoste smellies, I always think of fresh, sporty scents but Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle (€60) knocked me upside the head with it's initial hit of blackcurrant which fades away to let the floral notes take over before the soft sweetness settles in for the night.  It's sweet yet creamy, soft yet powdery, floral yet fruity and makes for a gorgeous evening scent.  I don't know why, but when I wear it, it reminds me of being in Sephora in New York and this makes me happy.  So happy.  Mam isn't going to get a look in with this one.  Soz mam.

Oh Aerin.  Why do you have to have five scents that I love so much?  If your mam is into warm, creamy scents then she'd love Amber Musk.  It makes me want to wrap myself up in a blanket and snuggle up on the couch with Henry Cavill.  Gardenia Rattan is a bright and breezy summer's day in perfume form.  It's blend of marine notes with florals makes me feel like I'm having a wander along the pier in Howth and I love it.  Evening Rose is the perfect name for the next fragrance.  It's floral yet warm, woodsy and sensual and I'd be a little worried about what Mammy Girlie Bits would be getting up to if she wore this on a night out!  Oh Lilac Path, you are only perfect for spring with your fresh green notes and florals.  You're light, bright and despite all the florals in you, you're not in any way mammy-ish, so if I did buy this for mam, I'd totally be able to wear it too.  Perks of present giving.  Finally we have Ikat Jasmine.  You know I love my Jasmine and in fact, Jasmine is my middle name.  (It's not.  It's Ann), but when I spray Ikat Jasmine on myself, I feel like a put together, sophisticated bridie because of the jasmine mixed together with the florals.  This is a grand scent for day and night, doubling the justification for it's impending purchase.  At €115 for 50mls, they're not cheap but they're gorgeous and the packaging is beautiful too.

When I spray Estee Lauder's Modern Muse (€58/30mls) on me, I walk a bit taller, imagine I'm able to strut in stilettos and a pencil skirt, have a very chic handbag on my arm with perfectly coiffed hair and flawless makeup.  I can take on the world and smell good doing it.  The jasmine accord symbolises femininity and is made up of jasmine, tuberose, fresh lily and honeysuckle and the sleek woods which symbolise strength is made up of vanilla, patchouli, musk and amber.  Femininity and strength, all in one sleek, pretty bottle.  Delish.

I think it's one of my aims in life to collect all of the Fresh Fragrant Waters from Roger & Gallet and after I fell in the deep and ultimate love with the Gingembre scent, I couldn't wait to have a whiff of the new Gingembre Rouge fragrance (€39.75/100mls).  This is more fruity and sweet than the original Gingembre with a hit of ginger flower and orange blossom on first spritz, before mellowing into the fresh ginger heart that's blended with pomegranate and mandarin, finally drying down where the crystallised ginger and woody musky notes add the bit of heat to the light fragrance.  Mammies love Roger & Gallet.  Fact.

Now, I couldn't let the moment pass without reminding you of some of my favourites.  So let's get to it.

Nuxe Prodigieux smells like holidays.  It's soft, beachy and very amazing.  I spend most of my days looking forlornly out the window at work wishing I was on holiday, so instead spray this on me and all is well in the world.  Next is Clarins Eau Des Jardins.  This is a scent that mam loves and we bought her a gift set last year, such is her love for all things Clarins.  Eau Des Jardins is bright, energising and the perfect scent to lift your mood or the mood of your mam.  It's important to keep them in good form isn't it?  Ah Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana.  The scent of 2014 for me so far.  It's floral, it's light, it's perfect.  I'm trying to ration it as Joanne loves it too and yes, when in Debenhams last weekend I kept pointing it out to mam, such is my love for it.

Finally, a proper bargain!

Ok, let me set the scene.  Mam and I were in Spain last year and were doing a bit of shopping in Lidl where I saw the Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume that everyone had been raving about but I hadn't been able to get my paws on one until then.  I explained to mam that it was a dupe for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and when she tried it herself, she had to have a moment before buying four of them.  One for her, one for her friend, another for her and one for backup for her.

Well now they've another amazing dupe in shops, just in time for Mother's Day.  Suddenly Diamonds (€3.99) is a dupe of Boss Orange by Hugo Boss, one I've been this close to buying for ages.  It's fruity, creamy, vanilla-y and woodsy and perfect for popping in the handbag.  I predict this will sell out quickly so if you're making a gift bag or hamper for the mammy, then get shopping soon and snap up this bargain!

So that's it.  I now smell like that person you sit beside on the plane who's gone wild in Duty Free and sprayed all of the perfumes on her.  But I smell amazing!!

What are you getting the mammy for Mother's Day?  Anything take your fancy here?


  1. Where can I buy Caudalie products in Dublin?

  2. Oh I was wondering what the new Suddenly one was a dupe for!! That new D&G one is bloody haunting me, every time I turn the telly on I see the ad.....I've a seeeeeeeerious perfume problem. Our local smalltown chemist has started stocking the Milton Lloyd perfume dupes, I'm addicted!


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