Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slimming World #11 - my new favourite discovery - Maggie So Tender

This week's post is just a quickie because I've been so sick over the past few days and haven't been able for much at all, but didn't want to miss a post this week.

One of our newest discoveries came courtesy of mam last weekend when she picked up some of these Maggi So Tender packets for Joanne and me, knowing that we love our chicken.  All I can say is hommana hommana...

Inside are 4 papyrus (baking paper to you and me) which have been sprayed with some kind of oil and have dry herbs stuck to it.

All you do is open up the parchment, plonk your chicken diddy into it, close it over and place in a dry frying pan.  The instructions say to cook for 10 minutes on each side, but I found 7 minutes on each side will do the job nicely, less if I've bashed the diddy a bit with a rolling pin to flatten it out.

What you're left with is tasty, succulent, juicy chicken and I am in The Ultimate love with them.  There's an Italian Herb flavour too but I haven't tried that yet.  I've had the cooked chicken with potatoes and vegetables and it's also delicious in a salad for lunch the next day.

The best thing is that each sheet is 1.5 syns and it's the best use of 1.5 syns ever.  They have them in Tesco for €1 per pack but mam got hers in JC's in Swords for 69 cents a packet, so shop around and stock up because you're going to love them!

Normal services will resume next Sunday folks, thanks for bearing with me.



  1. And the paprika is only 1 syn! Picked up a couple in Tesco yesterday and looking forward to trying them - back in the zone the last couple of weeks and determined to get back to target by Easter

  2. Wow, I never expected a Maggi product to appear on your blog! XD Here in Malaysia, Maggi products are used for cooking in practically every household (we love our instant Maggi noodles lol) but I've never noticed or tried this before. I'll be on the lookout for it just out of curiosity, haha!

  3. the Italian herb is very very yummy :)

  4. I've been dying to try this! The Maggi chicken and bacon cheesy pasta bake is my favourite!

  5. I just discoverd this product (we live in Mexico city) and found your blog googling trying to figure out what the paper is so i can try and recreate it at home. Its over a dollar here, and we often eat more than 4 pieces of chicken so I would need two packets for one dinner!

    We had the garlic and onion flavor tonight, we also have a fine herbs here in mexico. They are basically the same flavors as the "oven baked bags" the same brand sells (actually, a couple brands sell those here) , but I love the quicker version on the stovetop and with chicken breasts that we eat often.

    Now. How to figure out a sesoning packet copycat? I have already googled that since we starting using the oven ready bag version with no luck. Let us know if you figure it out, I would love to cut up a bunch of baking paper and make a large batch of seasoning to have on hand for quickie dinners!
    Ă‘thanks for the review, it is super yummy.


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