Sunday, March 2, 2014

The month that was February

We got our bridesmaid's dresses!  You'll have to wait until May 29th to see them but we love them.  Lorraine and I both had similar ideas about what we didn't want and that was showing off our diddies, so we're happy to say that no bridesmaid diddies will be on show on Joanne's wedding day!

I met two of my best friends for a lovely lunch and we don't do it enough, so hopefully this will be the kick up the bum we need to meet up more regularly.

I went to the launch of L'Oreal's new Fibrology haircare range and had a lovely dinner and chats with bloggers and magazine ladies who gave me a whole new level of inspiration.  Also, the range itself is amazing and I'll be reviewing it on the blog if I haven't already.

I went to the launch of La Roche-Posay's new Rosaliac CC cream wearing big shoes and didn't fall.  I did however spill half a glass of water over myself while clapping.  Classy bird wha?

I discovered prune juice.  Nuff said.

Mam got her outfit for the wedding!

While having a lazy weekend, I caught up on season 3 of Revenge and now want to give everyone evils as I smile fakely at them and plot mad things against them!

As the weather was atrocious this month, I missed a Shiseido event but managed to meet up with them shortly afterwards to see what was new and gorgeous.

I did a bit of baking and cooking, Slimming World style.  I made the mushy pea curry sauce which sounds horrible but is tasty and I made the Weetabix muffins which actually were disgusting.  They were so wet and soggy and just tasted like hot squishy Weetabix.

Mam turned 60 and we had lots of celebrations, she got lots of presents and it's not over yet!  But we'll have to keep schtum on other suprises we have for her because we have some doozies!

Speaking of mam's birthday, we took her to Shanahans for the best meal of our lives.  They do the most amazing steak and the whole thing was delicious from start to finish.  I'm thinking it should be a Constantine family tradition to go there for any and all celebrations!

February went by so quickly and I can't wait to see what March has in store for us! Skimlinks Test

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  1. Sounds like a great month! Looking forward to seeing the bridesmaid's dresses:-)!
    Prune Juice?! Was it nice? hhaha xo


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