Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wet 'n Wild Silent Treatment eyeshadow trio - bargaintastic!

Things that I love:

1. Makeup.
2. Cheap makeup.
3. Cheap makeup that is actually good.
4. Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio from Wet n Wild.

Look at it.  It might look like an unassuming little trio that only costs €4.59, but it was the surprise winner for me compared to the much loved Walking on Eggshells trio, which no matter how much of the darker shade I used, couldn't get it to show up on my eyes.  Silent Treatment is a different story thankfully.

The eyelid colour is my favourite and is a purpley silvery mauvey taupey shade.  Very descriptive, I know, but it's so multidimensional and I lahve it.  The crease shade is a really dark brown, almost black, with gold shimmer that looks quite obvious on my finger below, but when applied to the eyelid, doesn't show up too well, but either way, shimmer or no shimmer, it's a lovely buttery shade that adds depth and dimension to my eyes.  The brow bone shade is a soft peachy pink shade that thankfully isn't as shimmery as the brow bone shadow in the Walking On Eggshells trio which is way too shimmery for me and borders on disco ball, 80s shiny brow bones.  Not good.  This one, however, is much more wearable, so Silent Treatment gets the gold over Walking On Eggshells.

Each shade is soft, buttery and blendable and I didn't have many issues with fall down, once I tapped my brush off each time I went to apply.  So I've got a few ways you can wear the shades from the palette, so in the interest of justification for possible purchasing, here they are.

1. When I'm in a rush first thing in the morning, I get a fluffy brush and apply the eyelid colour all over the eyelid funnily enough.  It creates a lovely wash of colour and makes me look put together.  Grand jobby.

2. If I want to make a bit more of an effort, I take an angled brush and using the crease colour, take it along the lash line, creating a flick at the outer corner.  It gives me a soft cat eye look and is easy peasy.  Honestly, takes seconds.

3. To create a soft, smokey eye, I take the crease colour into the outer corner and slightly into the crease, blending as I go.  I find that because the dark shade is so soft and buttery, when I go to blend it, it can tend to blend a bit too much and go everywhere, so I place the colour where I want it and using a small, tapered blending brush, blend just the edges and that's it.  I take the crease shade under the lower lashes too, keeping it to the outer half to define my eyes even more and pull the look together.

4. This isn't technically to do with Wet n Wild, but my new favourite thing is to put a coloured liner on my waterline thanks to Janine Bird, makeup artist extraordinaire.  I decided to try a midnight blue liner to give me the fourth and final look and I blahddy lahve it dahlink!

So that's it, €4.59 well spent by moi.  Now I want more, but think I'll be donating Walking On Eggshells to Joanne as she doesn't wear much makeup and as it doesn't give off much pigment, she'll be sorted!

What trio or palette do I need to try next?


  1. I love that taupey color! By far the Comfort Zone palete is the best...

  2. I still haven't tried any Wet n Wild, I'm possibly the only girl left in Dublin who hasn't!

  3. I have Sweet as candy, I love it. but did you have as much difficulty opening it like me? I was in a local hotel trying to open it for a photo I was asked to be in, next time i'll be prepared,

  4. The taupey shade is gorgeous! Love the variety of looks you get from that little trio :)

  5. Wet & Wild eyeshadows are amazing, especially for the cost! They don't sell them here in Australia so I've only got one which I bought online - the coveted Walking on Eggshells. Might need to look at getting this one too!

    Kate Xx

  6. Oooh, I love that purply-minky shade... Need to pick up that palette :)

  7. I love this palette, such a pretty look for so little x

  8. It looks lovely! I'm digging the mauve taupe !
    I am currently playing with the Comfort Zone palette myself, which I bought last week. It's my first Wet'n'Wild makeup but I find it not bad at all ! Of course it doesn't have the quality of some of my other makeup as it is a bit powdery, crease a little, and some of the dark shadows aren't pigmented enough (a recurring issue with WnW I see) but it's great for taking in your bag or travel light as it is possible to create multiple looks with its 8 shades ;)

  9. Dying laughing at "I'll just give the crap one to Joanne because it doesn't work but she doesn't wear makeup so I'm totally allowed buy another one"! What eyeliner are you wearing? Tis naice :)

  10. That looks gorgeous on you. I still haven't tried anything by wet n wild!

  11. it's funny, i've found the walking on eggshells to be really soft & pigmented while the silent treatment black shadow is really, really rough in texture and not all that pigmented! obviously just a bit hit and miss.


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