Tuesday, April 29, 2014

QUESTION! Who are your biggest beauty enablers?

As a bone fide makeup junkie, I still find myself poring over blogs every day, seeing what's new in the beauty world.  But despite getting to test out lots of products, I still end up coveting new things, especially when some of my favourite beauty bloggers recommend them!  There is nothing like seeing someone who truly loves makeup and beauty talk or write about things they love.  It makes me love them and want them.  The products, not the people.  Ahem.

Last night on the #irishbbloggers chat on Twitter, I was named as being an enabler and I wear that badge with pride!  But there are some of you out there who enable me so much, I'll constantly be broke!  So I thought I'd compile a little list of who are my biggest enablers and name and shame you as being the ones who will have me living out of a cardboard box, but with 25 foundations.

Now I know each week in my Favourite Five posts, I list bloggers from around the world who have made me want to buy things, but today, it's all about the Irish bridies!

In no particular order:

Total MakeUp Addict - Dear Aisling, you know your stuff and this pleases me.  I trust your reviews and blog posts (and now videos!) implicitly and you have made me spend millions of euros.  Slight exaggeration but you know what you've done!  Even though I haven't bought anything MAC in ages, I want that neutral palette...  And the Balm Mary Lou Manizer.... This could go on for a while.

Makeup Over Mind - Orla, we've spoken about this before and you know full well that I have to watch your videos with one eye closed because I know and you know that I'll have a list every time you talk about things you've bought or things you love.  Shame on you.  No shame on me for wanting all the things you have!  Someday I'll own Dior Amber Diamond and will shine bright like a diamond, yes I will.  Also, right now I'm avoiding reading your review of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in Radiant Magenta because I know I'll want it....

Emerald Eyeliner - Mags, even though I don't wear bright pink lipsticks, you make me want them.  You also make me want all things Stila and I was this close to contemplate having a wax after reading your Waxperts post.  Don't change Mags, we are shopping ban partners for life.  I totally bought those leopard print shoes the other day because of you.  Thank God they were only €4....

Fluff and Fripperies - Emma, where do I begin... We get to go to a lot of the same things, get sent a lot of the same things and yet you make them all look so much better on you.  You make me want to return to my youth and wear Doc Martins and yes, I will have the same phone as you soon and yes, I went to H&M over the weekend to get the necklace you bought, then lost, then bought again, but they didn't have it so now I have the rage....

Dolly Rouge - Kat von D(olly), every time I need some kind of skincare information, you are the bridie to go to and for that, my face thanks you.  Your photos are always amazing and every time you post about something I already have, I go and dig it out and ask it why it doesn't look like that in my photos!  You are the skincare queen and we must get you a badge or sash or something.

With the explosion of Irish Beauty Blogs recently, I fully expect this list to grow a lot by the end of the year!

So be a good child and let me know who are your biggest beauty enablers out there.  Those who make you spend money.  Those who plant ideas in your head that you need all of the products.  Name them all!!!


  1. Definitely you missus!!! And Dolly Rouge are on my list too, also makeupmonster, lisa from pinksugarsparkles, sue from cherry sue, and nina's beauty bargains. I'm sure there's more just cant think right now x

  2. I don't think I need an enabler. The "new" symbol on brand displays in boots, probably.

  3. ahaha thanks for the mention Karen, glad to have the privilege of enabling you! I learned everything I know about enabling from YOU :) I completely agree with your list above, I'm definitely adding you to my enablers list- your seal of approval is gold to me- and many other Irish girlies also (afraid to start listing names because I am sure I will forget!!). We are all amazing/terrible influences on each other :D x

  4. Emmmm, well there's you, of course Karen. Your videos have me in fits of giggles, and I instantly want pretty much everything you review. Orla from Makeup Over Mind, Orla g'way with your swanky makeup storage station, himself will divorce me if I announce I need to go to Ikea to get it. Emma from Fluff & Fripperies, I love the retro chic style she's got going on right now and I WANT that grey jumper & sparkly necklace combo she was wearing in the pics of a recent post. And then there's LoNiCho, she doesn't have a blog, but her instagram has me lusting after her makeup bag, so much so that I've asked her to move into my spare room so I can share her stash. She talked me into making my first (definitely not last) Hourglass purchase & she's doing her damndest to get me to pop my Charlotte Tilbury cherry.

  5. YOU!!! Without a shadow of a doubt, every time you post something I want it! Also Aisling (TotalMakeupAddict) and Yav (MakeupMonster). In fairness I'm not hard to convince.......

  6. Karen aaaaargh! I'm actually squealing after reading this! I still have fangirl moments chatting to you and Emma and ye are my ULTIMATE enablers extraordinaire. You need a crown. Srsly. This is like Lisa Eldridge complimenting your makeup. Week = made :D

  7. :) aww thanks so much for mentioning us ... if only makeup was free, its less expensive than therapy....although if you looked at all our makeup we would all be put straight into therapy. Thanks Karen for uniting us makeup fiends

  8. You guys have cost me quite a bit, along with Emma of Fluff and fripperies. Then there's Sunny of Mostly Sunny and Sara of Love thing. And of course there's Makeupmonster!


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