Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Revlon Parfumarie Scented Nail Enamel - Orange Blossom, photos, swatches, review

I don't think I've ever bought a nail polish just because the bottle was pretty.  But look at this one.  This beautiful bottle makes me happy in a way that only a fellow nail polish junkie will understand.

From the round cap to the sturdy bottle to the simple sticker, this is a bottle I would want to keep out on display and now that I only have one, it should really have a partner so it's not on it's on wouldn't you agree?

On to the polish itself.  As you can see from the bottle, it says it's a scented nail enamel and from what I understand, each polish's scent is different and smells like it's name thanks to essential oils.  Now, let's talk about this scent.  It's supposed to smell like Orange Blossom, one of my favourite scents ever.  When you're applying it, it smells like normal nail polish, but when it dries, it changes and becomes nice and sweet.  I wouldn't say it smells like Orange Blossom exactly, just like sweets really, but it's grand and I can only smell it when I hold my nails close to my schnoz.  That's when I look like a proper weirdo.  Who smells their nails?!

Orange Blossom is a rich, fiery orange shade that has summer written all over it.

The formula is great and two coats is all I needed for these photos.  The scent is supposed to last up to 48 hours but those who love an aul topcoat will have to forgo that if they want the scent to stay because if you use one, no smelly fingernails.

There are 20 shades available, are €8.99 and are on Revlon stands now.  What do you think?  Does it freak you out at being able to smell your scented pingie nails?


  1. I love the bottles, so chic!

  2. These look DIVINE. I am on the fence about the scented thang, but I'm gonna be picking one up just for the packaging!

  3. I love the shade but would definitely put a topcoat on! I don't get why anyone would want their nails to smell of anything, really... But I adore the colour and the packaging! Will definitely be picking this one up on my next Boots run x

    alex @

  4. At least now when you say smell my finger, it's not rude. Love the colour.

  5. I am unsettled by the idea of scented nail polish....


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