Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slimming World Sunday #15 ft couscous lunch & my version of Eton Mess!

Well I got my mojo back this week finally!  I found myself wanting to cook dinner, bring in my lunch and have cut out the treats again, well, nearly.  I feel like I'm back in control and I feel great.

This week I rediscovered my love for couscous and made a couple of really colourful dinners which involved frying some chicken with the Maggie papyrus things and adding it into the couscous with lots of chopped vegetables.  It's such a quick meal to make and takes as long as the chicken takes to cook.  I used a stock cube in with the couscous and let it do it's thing while I did the chicken and vegetables and when it was all assembled, a grand squeeze of lemon juice hit the spot.

Last week I felt compelled to buy meringues in Tescos, not knowing why, but I got them.  Well, I got inspired to crumble it up in a bowl, pour over a pot of the coconut and vanilla yogurt from Aldi and topped it all with raspberries.  Well folks, for 2.5 syns, you feel like you're having a proper desert because the yogurt is so thick and creamy, the meringue is lovely and sweet and the berries are fresh and juicy.  I'm telling you, you need to try this and you're going to love it.  I made it for Joanne the other night and she nearly licked the bowl clean!  2.5 syns folks.  Do it!

I've had a look online for syn free meringue recipes but can't find anything worth trying with people saying they couldn't get the eggs to set when using sweetener.  But this is so tasty that I might try making my own the normal way and see how I get on as a baker, ooh yeah!

My mission for next week really is to do more exercise.  This weekend was spent doing housey things and catching up on life things, freeing up time for exercise, so we'll see how that goes!

How was your week?

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  1. The mushy pea curry you recommended here is actually nice with couscous.


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