Sunday, April 20, 2014

Slimming World Sunday #16 - Some new goals

So 'tis Easter Sunday and now Lent is over!  I gave up cursing and lasted about half a day before throwing in the towel because I ended up swearing more than I usually would.  It went a little something like this "Oh shit where's my phone?  Oh shit, I just said shit, ah shit" and repeat.  So I failed big time but hey whaddaya gonna do?  At least I tried eh!

So I've decided to make a little list of goals that I want to achieve by Joanne's wedding at the end of May and I've written them down for my own and your viewing pleasure.

I'm going to stay to group between now and the wedding.  This means getting more organised in terms of the blog because if I stay for the meeting, I'm not home until 7 and by the time I organise dinner, finish the post for the following day and get myself ready for the next morning, I'm wrecked.  So my mission will be to have Tuesday's posts done completely and have dinner made by Sunday night, so I've less stress.  I always feel more motivated after the group but we just found out this week that our consultant Ali can't do Mondays anymore which is shit (feckin Lent is well over!) and we're both raging because she's great craic and tells it like it is.  I'm fully expecting to give the new person squinty eyes for the first month at least.

I have a set goal for what I'd like to lose between now and the wedding.  I don't want to jinx it and say it on here, but it would be a big milestone and I believe I can do it!  I've 6 weeks to go and have just calculated what I need to lose on a weekly basis and it's doable, especially if I stay focused.  Stand by for that and if I manage to reach that goal earlier, you'll be the first to know about it!

I bought the Fake Away book which is full of gorgeous receipes and I want to try to make something every two weeks.  I won't say every week because some weeks are busier than others if there are meetings and launches happening and I tend to cook easy things most of the time.  But stay tuned for some recipes from the book.  Joanne's already made one thing so far so I might make her do next week's post!

They're just little goals and I know there's only three, but if I make too many, I'll never stick to any of them!  Weigh in is this Monday and I'm hoping to hit another little milestone, so we'll see what happens!

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Good luck Karen!!! Bet you do brilliantly!!

  2. You sound really positive! I saw that book at group, I'm going to get a copy tomorrow.

  3. Good luck pet...ur looking fantastic lately. U have amazing will power and ur gonna do yourself proud. Thanks for motivating us and letting us join in with you. Ur truly a super blogger.


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