Monday, May 26, 2014

5 under €5 - #2

I'm starting the week off with more bargains because it's the last week in the month, payday feels like it's miles away and it's at this point that we need to make our last few euros stretch!  There are lots of cheap and cheerful things to make us happy, so let's get around to the latest instalment of 5 under €5 shall we?

Penneys Scarves - €4

It was a typical Saturday afternoon recently.  I was in town looking like crap in the rain and who did I meet only Rosanne from Like Mam Used To Bake looking absolutely gorgeous as per usual!  As I apologised for the absolute state of me, I noticed her gorgeous scarf and had to ask where she'd gotten it so I could totally copy her.  Cut to me, Mam and Joanne spreading out in Penneys trying to find it, except it was nowhere to be found that day, but I did pick up two other beauts in the meantime.  Joanne found Rosanne's scarf which is the top one in the photo above.  I blahddy love the florally neon-ness of it and have been wearing it all week at work so the other two haven't had a look in yet, but they will!  Penneys, you do deadly scarves for €4 and my wallet, neck and white top thanks you for it.  I'm less poor, warmer and have less spills on my clothes thanks to you.

Rimmel Rita Ora Polishes - €4.99

Rita Ora brought out her own makeup and nail polish range with Rimmel recently and with 12 shades of polishes, there's got to be a shade to fit your mood!  She has really vivid shades mixed with some pale pastel hues and I'm in love with these two in particular.  The bright teal shade, Do Not Disturb is one of those in your face colours that I like to rock during the summer and for those that are fans of the white nail look, White Hot Love has you sorted.  A quick note I must mention is that it's handy to have a white polish in your stash because with all the amazing neon shades that are out, a white base will make those neons stand out even more.  You can thank me later when you burn the retinas off your friends.

Penneys Scrubby Gloves - €1.50

Word on the street is that summer is coming.  I'll believe it when I see it but sure we might as well get our skin prepared so when we do want to flash some flesh, we won't be in a panic.  Something that I always have in my bathroom is these scrubby gloves from Penneys.  I've seen other ones in shops for considerably more cash but they all do the same thing in my experience, so €1.50 is all I need to part with every few months.  If I'm really feeling scrubalicious, I'll pair them with a body scrub, but more often than not, I'll give my arms and legs a quick once over with these using a shower gel.  Soft, smooth skin in a jiffy.

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover - €4.29

Unless you haven't been paying attention or are a new reader, you'll know that I am obsessed with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and use it nearly every night to take my makeup off before cleansing my skin properly.  I recently bought a waterproof mascara which I'm in love with, more on that next week, but the Cleansing Water doesn't remove it.  I've stopped using cleansing balms and oils on my eyes just because they're sensitive and I've a tendency to develop a dry patch on one eyelid when I do, so this eye makeup remover is exactly what I needed.  I shake up the biphase solution,  soak two cotton pads with it and then rest the pads on my eyes for about 30 seconds before starting to rub slowly.  It's enriched with arginine which cares for the lashes and that's an added bonus for me because essentially, I want something that works for me and won't leave me with panda eyes in the morning.  It doesn't irritate my eyes like other biphase removers I've used in the past and for that, I'll happily repurchase this when I run out.

Flowers from Aldi - €2.99

One of my favourite non makeup treats to buy myself is flowers and since I do my weekly shop in Aldi, it's a good thing they've got such bargainous flowers for me!  And even better, they last for ages.  These guys you're looking at are over a week old and there's no sign of death and that's me taking care of them all by myself.  And when I say taking care of, I mean just leaving them do to their thing and be in the background of any photos or become props when the right product comes along.  Love them and Aldi, keep 'em coming!

So that's this week's bargains and I have lots more where they came from!  Check out part 1 for five more bargains for under a fiver.  Are there any bits I need to check out?  Leave me a comment!


  1. I got so evicted to see a scarf I own in this post that I actually squealed (it's the floral one with the bright coral). Fab post and great bargains K x

  2. Great post! I need to try that Garnier Eye Makeup Remover, looks really good and the price is amazing! I often buy flowers in Lidl & they are fab - SO much cheaper than a regular florist!

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  3. I bought myself flowers this week too :) Wore a white top the other day without a scarf, you'd think I'd have learned by now...................

  4. Love the scarves in Penneys! I have a ridiculous storage box full of them under my bed... constantly adding to it aswell!! :)


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