Friday, May 2, 2014

Clarins Summer 2014 Colours of Brazil palette, photos, review, how to!

When out with my pal Mags from Emerald Eyeliner last month, we were having one of our frenzied makeup chats where we shared with each other all of the things that we'd seen online that we wanted.  The Clarins Summer 2014 palette was right up there and we had to have a little moment of silence while we pictured it in our minds.  No word of a lie.  The waiter in the restaurant must have thought we were demented.  But no.  We were not.

When it arrived through the letterbox, it completely lived up to my expectations.  Look at it.

Clarins do the prettiest packaging when it comes to palettes and this one is no different.  But it's what's inside that counts!

Inside we have four soft, buttery shadows, three neutrals and one peach (my favourite!) combined with a royal blue liner and yes, it pained me to mess up the designs on each of the shadows.  As with all Clarins palettes, this comes with the little sponge tip applicators, one of which has an angled brush on the end for the liner.  Yes, I totally lost these applicators about 4 minutes after opening the palette, no surprise there!

Inside the palette is a little how-to card to show us some of what we can do with the palette.  And so I got busy.  My favourite way to wear it is to create a soft neutral eye and you could stop there and be delighted with life, but where's the fun in that?  No, that blue liner is calling out to be used, so a thin flick is all you need to add more interest to a neutral eye like this.
Another way to wear it is by using the gorgeous peach shade in the centre of the eyelid which instantly makes my eyes look greener.  I'm obsessed with that colour and have been using it as a wash of colour over the neutral eyeshadows.  Even bringing it under the lower lashes adds colour which we like don't we?  But in this case, I brought the blue liner under the lower lashes, flicking it out slightly.  You can layer it to make it stand out more or leave it slightly softer like this.
But I must admit, using the blue on the upper eyelid is my absolute favourite way to incorporate most parts of the palette and for even more drama, I made the line even thicker.  Et voila.
The shadows are an absolute dream to work with and there's no glitter or shimmer, only satiny goodness that anyone can work with.  I've been wearing it all month and because it's so easy to work with, I've been able to actually do proper eye makeup in the morning, not just slap dash.

Ok, justification time folks.  It's €39 which is pretty decent considering that you get the liner as well as the four shadows.  One of the shadows is corally peach which is my favourite ever.  And it's just so versatile!   Oh, and because everything is in the same palette, it makes it handy for travelling or carrying around in your makeup bag.

Put yourself out of your misery and go to your local Clarins counter and check it out along with the rest of the Colours of Brazil collection!


  1. I love the quality and texture of these eyeshadows they're so lovely!

  2. OMG they look amazing just as pretty as we imagined. I cant wait to check it out in the shops. I am loving the blue liner but I think I like the gentle line the most

  3. Wow that liner looks crazy blue ! So pretty... I like when a product is as good on the outside as it is on the inside.

  4. Such a pretty palette! love the blue!

  5. Beautiful palette, gorgeous shades! The blue is so vibrant :)


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