Friday, May 23, 2014

Kiko nail polish shade 385 Pastel Blue photos, review

Why?  Why did I wait so long to try this polish after buying it last October in Spain?!  I stumbled upon a brand new Kiko shop in Alicante on holidays and was very overwhelemed because a) I didn't know it was there, b) I hadn't researched any of the products so was going in blind and c) I'd Joanne and Mam with me and any beauty junkie knows how difficult it is to have a proper look and swatch with non beauty lovers waiting for you!

I picked up 4 polishes over there but this one just spoke to me instantly and despite waiting 7 months to try it, it was worth waiting for.

Shade 385 Pastel Blue is anything but pastel blue but is also a blue that's really hard to describe.  I'd say it veers close to an electric blue, but is slightly lighter and has a touch of the periwinkle blues about it too.  It's something special and it's safe to say I've nothing like it in my collection.

The formula is fantastic and if I wasn't taking photos for the blog, one coat would have done me just fine.  It's one of the most opaque and in your face polishes I own and I want more.  Their selection in store and online is huge, so I'm in trouble folks.

Dear Kiko, would you be a good child and make your way to Ireland please?

You can buy the nail lacquers on the Kiko website for €2.50 each and I'd advised if you're in an actual Kiko shop, stock up because these polishes are fabulous.  I also bought a couple of metallics and the most perfect tomato red that I might have to show you very soon.

Have you tried Kiko polishes?  What colours do I need next?  I need a coral and a turquoise for sure and that's just to start.  Seriously, it's taken me ages to write this post because I keep googling swatches.  Send help!


  1. This is really pretty! A very similar colour to my favourite Barry M Blueberry. I've never tried Kiko before but really should, everything looks amazing x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. It's such a shame that we don't have Kiko here in Ireland, hope one comes in soon! I love this shade of blue, it looks a tiny bit darker than Barry M Blueberry. Gorgeous x

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  3. I agree - they are fabulous!
    I have just received an order from them this week with 21 new polishes and dunno where to start :p
    I am looking at number 282 Coral Pink right now... maybe its more pink coral, than coral... but its gorgeous!

  4. Hi, love the colour and went on the website. There is so much choice. Would love to visit the shop and they are all very tempting.

  5. I own several Kiko nail polishes, and this own in particular too ! I love its interesting blue color, not flashy royal blue, not pastel, just in between :) But when I put it on it's not as pretty as your nails haha
    Kiko nail polishes are my favorite with Bourjois 1 seconde (but the price beat the later), we have the chance here in France to have several boutiques but it's only in the big cities and I live far from one, so I go there rarely. But when I do I am tempted to buy the whole Kiko store haha !
    There's so much choice ! Nail Polishes, eyeshadows, skin products, everything in a small shop ! I love their limited editions, it's so interesting, both original and everyday-compatible.
    My other favorite product from Kiko is the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow, especially the golden champagne one. Very pigmented, opaque, smudge-proofed and no creasing. I use the dark ones with a small eyeliner brush and voilà I have a fab cat eye :D You could use it as a base for a smokey eye too, if you work quickly before it sets.
    The only downsides from Kiko is that the skin products' ingredients are not always the best (silicons etc), and that if you want to order online, the minimal order amount is 25€ before shipping...


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