Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Models Own Polish For Tans - Beach Bag photos, review

Best reply ever was when I asked Joanne if she liked my nail polish and she said "It's gorgeous, it makes you looked tanned".  BINGO!

I was wearing Beach Bag from the Models Own Polish For Tans collection which is designed to enhance your tan, so it worked!  I wasn't wearing any tan, so if it makes pasty old me look a bit darker, then happy days.

Beach Bag is me in nail polish form.  You know I love my brights in the summer.  I love my peaches and corals all year round and this was the shade that I knew I'd be buying when I saw the promo shots.  It's not quite neon, but not pastel either.  Still, you'll probably need your shades when you're wearing it because it's bright and vivid but tamer than other neons I have.

I used two coats for the photos here and you can see that it dries to a satiny finish, so I generally apply a topcoat when I wear it.  And since buying Beach Bag, I've repainted my nails three times with it which is huge in the beauty blogging world!  Well, for me anyway!  I chop and change my polish all the time but this is one of those shades that I'll be wearing all through the summer.  Fact.

Models Own do summer polishes that make me happy.  I still love Hedonist and Beach Bag has managed to overtake it, only slightly though, as being the most gorge polish for this summer!

Beach Bag is on counters now and it's the best €7.65 I've spent in ages.  Go get it!



  1. I love this it's like china glaze flip flop fantasy, corals are a must have for me!

  2. This shade is so beautiful! And it really will look fantastic on tanned hands and feet! Now I just need to get a tan....

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog


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