Thursday, May 8, 2014

Video! Joanne's Honeymoon Haul - Part 1

I finally got around to editing part 1 of Joanne's Honeymoon Haul and let me tell you that Part 2 is even bigger!  I told her that she would be a wife going on her holidays so needed some fancy new clothes and like a good little sister, she listened to me and bought some lovely bits that she can mix and match with each other.  We were channelling J's Everyday Fashion when shopping and I found it easier to just go shopping with her because when she goes on her own at lunch time, my phone doesn't stop binging at all with photos of her in changing rooms going "Is this nice?", "What do you think of this?" and so on!

So have a wee look at what she bought and get yourselves ready for part 2 which will hopefully be ready next week!  For a list of products and prices, visit our YouTube channel and have a mosey.


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