Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 under €5 - #3

I'm back with more beauty bargains today folks!  It's the week before payday and I know we're all feeling the pinch now more than ever, so I thought it was high time for another instalment of 5 under €5.  I love a bargain and I love products that work.  Combine these two and I'm happy out!

So let's get crackalackin shall we?

Aldi Cotton Pads - €1.49/pack of 200

I know this isn't the most glamorous product to start off with but these cotton wool pads are the absolute business!  I use them every single night to take off my eye makeup with and they're so gentle yet effective.  One side is textured and one is smooth so you can be as rough or as light as you want with them.  They don't disintegrate in your hands (Penney's cotton pads, I'm looking at you), and at €1.49 for this double pack, you can't get any better than that.  I've been buying them for ages now and won't ever need to switch to any other variations!

Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover - €2.60

I'm obsessed with all of the Cutex nail polish removers to be honest and have a couple on the go at all time, so this photo could have been of any of them.  Not only do they do the job effectively, but they don't dry out my nails and as someone with weak nails at the best of times, this is important for moi.  At €2.60, I don't mind lashing my way through a bottle and have been repurchasing them for years now.  Combine it with the cotton pads above and I've got bare nails in seconds!

NYC Jumbo Lip Pencils - €4.99

You can see swatches of these Jumbo Lip Pencils from NYX on my overview blog post, but let me just tell you that I love these guys!  They're creamy, pigmented, easy to work with and I predict that I'll be collecting these over the coming months.  Because they're so creamy, especially Plush Red, I wouldn't go applying them willy nilly without a mirror otherwise you'll end up like The Joker, but the formula is so moisturising and at €4.99, they're a complete bargain!  I know it's a hard brand to locate at the moment in Ireland, but hang tough lads because it's worth it!

Aldi Lacura suncare - €3.49 - €4.99

We've been having something of a heatwave in Ireland over the past few weeks.  Probably because the Leaving Cert has been going on but hey, it happens every year and we have to make the most of it while it lasts!  For those of us (me) on a budget, Aldi have launched a new range of sun care that means there's no excuse not to take care of your skin in the sun!  These 3 products are only a selection from the range and I'm loving that they've got SPF 30 and 50, and have the highest level of UBA protection.  So our skin won't have to worry about burning or ageing.  I've used these guys during our nice weather and they worked great.  No burning, no stickiness and they absorb quickly into my skin.  If I was going away, I'd definitely stock up on them and because they're so cheap, it means more money for sangria and tapas!

NYC New York Color - In a New York Minute nail polish - €1.59

You can't get much in life for €1.59, but bargainistas like me will love the fact that we can get 3 polishes for under €5!  Budget brand NYC have some summer friendly shades for our nails this year and of course when having a peruse of a stand recently, I had to buy Peach Popsicles and Rooftop Party Berry, two of their new shades because they called to me.  The In a New York Minute range perform as well as higher end brands on my nails and I'd say I have most of the colours at this stage.  I just wish they'd bring out more!

And that concludes this week's 5 under €5!  And people wonder why I've a massive stash of beauty products.... It's not my fault!  There are just some great affordable things to be had out there!


  1. great bargains! I always use the aldi sun care range, the spray one is perfect! x

  2. I got the Aldi sun spray last week, I'm not putting my mush outside the door without factor 50 on me, I'd be a giant freckle x


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