Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chanel Mirabella inspired nail tutorial ft Rimmel & Sally Hansen

If you're a beauty lover, you'll be with me when I say that there's nothing better than going on to YouTube and seeing that Lisa Eldridge has uploaded a new video either on her channel or Chanel's channel.  So it was no surprise than when I saw this video the other day where Lisa was showing some of Chanel's Summer 2014 products in action, after I decided I needed all of the things, I also found myself pausing on her manicure.  Stop the video at 2 minutes in and you'll see what I mean.

She's sporting a reverse french tip manicure where the white is at the base of the nail instead of at the tip and I love it.  Chic, summery and different.  I wanted to try it myself and immediately knew I'd be using a Sally Hansen polish for the orange part because their brushes make it so easy to create that rounded edge at the base of the nails.

Ok, what do we need?  Well, we need a white polish to go on as the base.  I chose the shade White Hot Love from Rimmel's Rita Ora collection and for the orange, I picked Sally Hansen's Fiery Island which is a stronger orange compared to Chanel's Mirabella but I wanted something that would only need one coat because I'm lazy and knew I'd be applying 2-3 coats of the white shade.

I applied 2 coats of White Hot Love and decided it wasn't opaque enough, so ended up with a third coat giving me this Tippex white nail which I really rather enjoyed by itself.  But we had work to do!

Using a steady hand and holding my breath until I had to stop for a few minutes due to dizziness, I applied 1 coat of Fiery Island to each nail, fighting the urge the whole time to completely cover the nails completely.  I'm obsessed with this shade and it's a summer staple for me.  Trying my best to keep things as even as possible, I left a little bit of white at the base of each nail and voila!  I know the edges aren't even, but sure that's life and if I wanted to be really careful, I could have used the little french tip stickers to give me an even edge, but I wanted to freestyle it and am pretty happy with the results!

A little tip I learned when doing these nails are to start further away from the base of the nail than you think you need to when it comes to applying the orange polish.  You can slowly make your way up closer with each stroke and yes, as I typed that I realised how rude it sounded...

I think the Chanel gods were looking down on me when I was doing this because I managed to spill lots of the orange shade all over my carpet when I went to pick up the bottle, forgetting I'd not closed it.  I know.  Sorry Chanel, but girlfriend doesn't have €40 to spend on the white shade and orange shade and try as you might to make me ruin the only nice carpet in my house, I learned that hairspray gets rid of nail polish from carpet.  In your face Chanel.  In. Your.  Face.

I'm loving this reverse french tip manicure and am loving that I managed to save some money in the meantime!  Will you be giving this a go yourself?  Protect your carpets if you do... Chanel sees everything...


  1. Oh im all over this! Ive neither colour so some purchases may be in order but sure will be worth it:-D

    1. It'll definitely be worth it! I want to try this reverse French manicure with other colours now too

  2. Carpet, polish, hairspray...oh please share this wisdom - and would it work on 2 year old navy polish spills on cream carpet?

    Gorgeous manicure btw :)

    1. I've no idea if it'll work on old polish but I asked on twitter, someone suggested it, I had a google, saw it was real and gave it a go! Just sprayed the hairspray directly onto the polish on the carpet and rubbed it out, I'd say it's about 90% gone!

  3. Love this - think I would need to get someone to do mine for me, as my hands shake all the time haha xx

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