Friday, June 27, 2014

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil review

If I was going on holidays this year, the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil would be coming with me.

As a big oil lover, I'm always lashing it on whether it be into my hair, onto my face, my body or my nails.  Now show me an oil that smells amazing and this makes for a very happy Karen.  A very happy Karen who smells delicious and has a grand glow about her limbs.

The Fleur de Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil nestles itself nicely within the rest of the Fleur de Figuier collection and if you're a fan of layering products, then you'll be sorted because the range includes a shower cream, body lotion and the much loved Eau Fraiche.  That's body spray to you and me.  And check out the little travel sized version of the Eau Fraiche.  For those of us not going on holidays this year, it's a great size for the aul handbag.

But back to the Nourishing Oil.  It has a fresh, fruity scent that's slightly deeper and muskier than the Eau Fraiche which makes layering easier because they compliment each other.  I love using it on my arms and legs, not that I get my legs out too much.  I think come next summer when I'll definitely be at my target weight, the legs will be on show all the time, but for now, they just get to smell nice and be nourished under my pyjama bottoms!

The quick absorbing formula is enriched with 10 plant oils which all work together to do things like soothe, bring suppleness and elasticity to the skin, while both nourishing and moisturising the skin, all the while making you smell gorgeous.

When I use it on my arms, a few things happen.  I find myself nuzzling my arm as I enjoy the scent and speaking of arms, they seem to take on a J Lo glow which I happily accept.  I know that's as close to looking like her, so happy days.  A quick note that I always mention when using oils on the body is to spray it wherever you want it to go, like arms, legs, body and then do the rubbing in.  I find that if I spray one part of me and then rub it in, I can't grip the bottle to spray the next bit and all hell breaks loose as I begin to panic that I won't look or smell like J Lo.   Also, applying it to damp skin rather than dry seems to help it absorb quicker.

It can also be used on the hair and for oily scalped ladies like myself, keep it to the lengths of the hair, not the roots, or you'll have to make yourself look like J Lo when she scrapes her hair into a sleek, oily bun.  You'll think you look like her, but you won't.  You'll be more Vicky Pollard.

Imagine you're on holidays and you've had a day in the sun, didn't get burned and are heading for a nice meal and drinks, happy that everyone else is slaving away at work at home.  Imagine applying this all over your skin and hair before heading out and leaving this wonderful scented trail behind you as you have your sangria sitting outside...  This is now giving me all the holiday feels...

I've been very careful with this bottle and have made sure I kept an eye the lid as I know I'll be bringing it away with me next year and I'm a notorious lid loser which means I can never travel with products!

€26.95 is the damage and it's a fabulous multifunctional product which helps the justification when making purchases.  It's a perfect for summer treat for yourself whether you're heading off or staying here in Ireland.

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