Friday, June 13, 2014

Scents for Father's Day ft Lacoste, Hugo Boss and 007!

I'm 100% convinced that I must've gotten my love of all things perfume from dad.  I'd say he had more bottles of smellies than any other man in Ireland!  Some were bought in duty free on his way to Spain, some were Christmas presents, but most were Father's Day presents from us over the years.  It was something we could get him and know 100% that he'd be so happy with, hence his massive stash.

Even now, when new men's fragrances come out or get sent to me, my first question is always "Would dad have liked it?"  And whenever Father's Day comes around, I always find myself having a sniff of what's new in the men's department and have had to stop myself from buying my brother a bottle of something because it smelled like something dad would have worn.

Dads don't buy themselves nice things.  That's our job and when else can you treat him to some nice goodies than on Father's Day!  I've some really fantastic fragrances that you should check out if you haven't gotten your dad anything yet, so let's get to it shall we?

Hugo Boss Unlimited

Hugo Boss Unlimited (€63/50ml, €81/100ml) is one of those fresh modern masculine scents that needs to be sniffed to truly appreciate how gorgeous it is.  With a minty, citrusy hit of oomph when first sprayed, the juicy pineapple helps mellow the scent out once it dries down before the aromatic woody notes settle and make all well in the world.  I do love the mix of citrus and woods when it comes to men's fragrances and this one is a beauty to give your aul fella, or chung fella, and make it their summer scent.


LACOSTE LIVE (€42/40mls, €70.50/100ml) is aimed at the younger man but hey, if your dad wants to turn back the clock a bit then this might be for him.  At first, it's bright and zesty before the aquatics and greens take over.  Now don't fear and think that your dad will smell like an a fish tank or anything, because those notes make it smell so clean and fresh that he'll be delighted with life and think he doesn't have to take a shower for a few days.  Again, it has lovely woody notes mixed in with liquorice to give it added depth and lots of manliness.


Ok, these EAU DE LACOSTE bottles are the cutest things I've ever seen!  Inspired by the Lacoste Poloshirt, note the little logo on the front and the sides which look like the fabric of the polo shirts!  There are five of these in the collection, so you should have no trouble picking one out to suit your pops.  I've two to tell you about today.

Eau De Lacoste Noir is for the sophisticated, intense man.  Now my dad was neither of these things and so I definitely take after him in those departments but he would have loved this one.  It has notes of basil, watermelon, florals all combined with patchouli and chocolate, making it a delicious evening scent for the non intense, unsophisticated man, or an everyday scent for someone who's much cooler than dad or me.  Dad would have brought this to Spain with him on holidays to wear out for dinner in the evening and would have made us buy him a second bottle because he'd have gone through this in two weeks!

Eau De Lacoste Blanc is for the impeccably dressed, refined party goer and again, dad was neither of those and neither am I!  To me, this smells like Sundays when we were kids and I know that might sound like an odd description but dad always used to lash on the aftershave when we were heading to mass and this fragrance which is a perfect blend of woody notes and florals is clean, crisp and I love it.  It really is one of those timeless, classic scents and I might just keep this one for myself to have a sniff of and go down memory lane.

James Bond 007 Fragrance

By buying your dad a James Bond 007 fragrance (€19.90/30ml, €29/50ml, €38/75ml), you're running the risk that he'll spend the next week pretending he's 007, making finger guns at everyone and speaking in a Scottish accent.  Or he might ask why you didn't buy him blue jocks so he can go down to Dollymount strand and have a dip in the sea.  This is a really creamy, woody scent that's smooth as Daniel Craig's pecs in any of the topless scenes he was in.... Ok, I'm back in the room.  The vetyver notes give it warmth, (like how I'd feel if Daniel was hugging me) masculinity, (have you seen my Daniel in a tuxedo) and sensuality (need I say more?)  This fragrance was such a surprise to me and I didn't expect to love it as much as I do, but it's definitely one to check out.  It might be better if you don't have a gigantic crush on Daniel Craig though if you're going to buy it for your dad... Just saying...

So if you haven't sorted your dad out for Father's Day this weekend yet, go buy him a bottle of something because you know he isn't going to go out and buy one himself!  That's what we're here for, to make them smell nice and I'm telling you, if dad was here, he'd have claimed each of these, happy in the knowledge that he'd be smelling gorgeous at least until Christmas.

And if all fails, just give your dad a big hug this Sunday because you're lucky to have him.  And maybe a pair of blue trunks...

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