Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation, Corrective Stick & Setting Powder review, before & after photos

Sometimes in life, there is nothing sweeter than having a flawless complexion.  Fa-lawless.  But sometimes with high coverage foundations comes cakey-ness.  The only cake I want in my life is to go into my mouth, not on my face thank you very much!  Vichy has expanded their Dermablend range and I've two new products to show you that I've been testing out recently and one existing product that I can't believe I've never tried until now!

Ok, let's start with the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation (€24.50).  Quite a mouthful isn't it!

Housed in shiny black packaging with a grand sized mirror, this high coverage cream foundation is pig-ment-ed!  But it's super lightweight on the skin too.  Designed for those who want to completely conceal any redness, scarring, rosacea and vitiligo, it can still be used by those who just want to look like they've perfect skin.  So, me!

The formula is really easy to work with and I've been using a buffing brush to work it in to the skin, but more on that next week.  I can't use sponges that come with compacts like this, but keep them anyway for on the go touch ups.  Can we just take a moment to check out the first of many before and after shots?

This cream foundation not only hides the redness on my face, but it completely evens out my skin tone and gives a beautiful radiant finish to the skin.  For something so high coverage, it looks really natural on, doesn't cake and is a joy to wear on the skin.  Oily skinned ladies like moi will need to powder the t-zone though but more on that in a minute.

I know some people like to use the Dermablend foundations as concealers because they've such high coverage, but if you use a buffing brush like I have, you can avoid having it look and feel heavy on the skin and that's what I'm all about.  If I can fake having nice skin, there's a life goal right there!

Look! No cake!
Next is the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick (€16.95) which promises to provide the same high coverage as it's predecessor.  I like stick concealers like this because I can either apply it directly on to the skin and pat it in with my finger, or my preferred way to make sure I don't apply too much is to take a fluffy blending brush, dab it into the concealer and then work whatever's on the brush into the skin.  It means it's being buffed out and again, no cake.  Mmm, cake....

There's a decent amount of slip in the concealer meaning you've lots of time to work it into your skin and I'm loving that it has SPF30 too.  Anything to help protect my under eyes!  It claims to have 14 hour hold but I found I had to set it with the final product to keep it in place and to prevent it from sitting in my fine lines because when I used it on it's own, it had a tendency to sit in that one little crease right under my eyes.  But it was something I was definitely able to live with because it concealed my dark circles beautifully and didn't make my skin look crepey.

Now, on to the famous Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder (€20.00).  This has been around for ages and I'm only trying it now!  Bad beauty blogger...

If you're someone who loves a matte yet natural finish on the skin, then this is what you need.  Also, if you want to watch your pores disappear in front of your very eyeballs, then try this because it's magic!  The first time I used it, I decided to be all ladylike and use the little puff that comes inside and actually said out loud to myself "Oh my God".  I watched it literally airbrush my skin and just wanted to then go and meet someone I knew so I could show them my face!  But I didn't.  I do have some boundaries deep down there don't ya know.

I've included a close up before and after photo of my skin with and without the setting powder just so you can see it in action.  They advise to apply it with the puff or a brush, leaving it on for 2 minutes before removing any excess.

So there's the final before and after face.  On the left is my naked face full of blotches, redness and blemishes and on the right I'm wearing the Corrective Cream Foundation, the Corrective Stick and Setting Powder.  No airbrush, no Photoshop, no cake.  Seriously, now I want cake.  Actual cake.  Will and Joanne's wedding cake would suffice....

Have you tried any of the Dermablend range yet?  If you're intrigued, it's in pharmacies nationwide now!


  1. I have the setting powder and the compact, I am not over gone on the compact foundation, doesn't help that I got it a shade to light for my skin tone! But the setting powder is amaze! I absolutely love it!!

    1. The setting powder has magical properties doesn't it!

  2. This is my exact morning make up routine. I am in love with this brand..Best foundation a girl could want.

  3. Replies
    1. You can get Vichy in pharmacies nationwide Vivienne :)

  4. Have the powder ages and its awesome, specially under the eyes for extra Kim K style brightening. The compact would be great on the go.

    1. Ah a bit of Kim K brightening is always good, love the powder!

  5. What do you think: this will work for oily skin??? Or can cause breakouts?? How easy is to remove?


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