Friday, June 13, 2014

Vlog - Joanne & Will's Wedding Day

Can you believe Joanne and Will's wedding was only 2 weeks ago?  It feels like ages that we were having the best day ever with all of their friends and family and everything went as planned thankfully.   As bridesmaid, I was on duty for the day to make sure Joanne looked perfect all day and was there to get her anything she needed at the click of her fingers.  Ah no she didn't click fingers and thankfully she didn't need me to help her go to the loo which was a relief for the two of us!

Because they weren't having a videographer, just a photographer, I wanted to document the day for them as best I could because I know how quickly the day would fly and it would be a blur for them.  Over the course of the day, I filmed lots, nearly 2 hours worth of footage and managed to whittle it down to 35 minutes.  They're so excited to share their special day with you guys and I managed to keep lots of extra footage for them for the director's cut!

Tissues at the ready!


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  1. I don't ever cry at the whole wedding thing, so I watched this thinking I'd be fine. I cried for the entire thing, even the happy nice parts. Oh holy god that was all so beautiful! Congratulations to them both and just awwwwww!

    Also, thats a fine lookin' best man there, meow. (it wouldn't be me if I didn't perv a little)


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