Thursday, July 31, 2014

New nail lacquers from Michael Kors!

So yesterday I got to drool over nine new shades of polishes that join the Michael Kors Sport Sexy Glam range.  Long time readers of the blog might remember me showing you the original shades when they launched last year and I fell hard and fast in love with them.  So much so that I bought about five for friends and family and even wore my favourite shade, Envy, to Joanne's wedding.

So here are the 9 chosen ones, all laid out on a white fluffy towel.


New shades in the Sexy category are Whisper, a soft lilac, Sweet, a mid toned pink and Audition, a coral.  I love coral.  You know I love coral.  Have I mentioned before how much I love coral?


The Sporty category has a trio of nudes, all of which spoke to me because I'm McLovin nude polishes at the moment.  Maybe it's because I'm growing up but not likely!  Ingenue is the palest of the three and is a mix of a beige and pink that would make a nice bridal colour now that I think of it.  The middle shade is Coquette, a dusty pink with brown undertones and shades like that are pure sophistication in my book.   Or Sporty in Mr Kors' book.  Finally we have the darkest of the three, Intrigue and you'll see it in better light below.  We're talking a browny taupe that has autumn written all over it!


Finally we have the trio of Glam shades and in the light in the Dylan and with my iPhone camera, they all look the same!  But trust me when I say that each of them have such depth and will be perfect in the winter.  Femme Fatale is a deep shimmery navy shade while Seduction is a metallic gunmetal shade that has my name all over it.  Finally, Impulse is a gorgeous deep teal shade that almost had me picking it for my manicure done by the fabulous Pamela Laird!

Guess which one I picked?  I know.  You'll probably have to think about it reallllll hard..... Could it have been Intrigue?  Doesn't it look like the most gorgeous, soft, taupe shade that makes you want to wrap up warm in a big cosy jumper?  No, just me?

Or could it have been Audition.  The coral one.  The mother of all corals.  The coral that has that perfect balance of peachiness and orange-iness and matched my cardigan yesterday?  Well, I do have a reputation for picking polishes to match what I'm wearing, more often when I'm wearing coral, ahem....

This is two coats and it's gorgeous.  The packaging on the Michael Kors polishes is sleek and looks expensive and at €20 a pop, you want a little something extra like that if you're buying one as a present for your chum.  Or yourself.  Or myself.

I love the new shades and shall be heading into Arnotts to visit them very soon indeed.  That sentence sounded very posh altogether.  That must be the Glam in me!  They're on counters now so go visit them and there's no panic either because they're a permanent addition to the line up which is good news.

Which one is tickling your pickle?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July favourites ft L'Occitane, Max Factor, Ojon, No 7, Kiko, YSL, Seventeen, The Body Shop & more!

So the end of July is upon us finally and I don't know about you, but it was a long month with nearly 5 weeks between paydays!  But it was a great month too in terms of new products and boy do I have some great ones to show you.  Yes, this video is on the long side, but I feel like I haven't done a beauty video in ages and had a lot to say!  I'm hoping to have a very productive bank holiday weekend and catch up on bloggy and YouTubey stuff so the videos will be a bit shorter and there'll be more of them.

So without further ado, have a look at what I loved over the month of July!  Also, when editing the video, I noticed I liked holding the products up agains my forehead like it'd help me think of more things to say about them.  So why not make that the screenshot!

Products mentioned:
So did you see anything you liked the sound of?  Stay tuned for more in depth reviews of some more of the products because if you couldn't tell, I loved them all like little children and love doing these videos as I get to rave about brilliant things!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Almond & Coconut photos, swatches

I think the gorgeous weather we've been having this summer has meant I've worn lots and lots of bright nail polish on my fingers and tootsies.  So when in Boots over the weekend, I was drawn to these two nudes from Barry M.  Now I don't know what this means for me because I rarely buy nudes, so either I'm looking forward to autumn or I've blinded my eyeballs with all the neons I've been wearing and needed to give them a break.  Either way, these two shades from Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine collection are now mine.

I chose Almond and Coconut.  Coconut I've read about on various blogs and Almond just stood out to me on the counter, so off home I went, looking forward to nudifying my nails.

So it looks like I'm really enjoying the off white nail trend that lots of brands have been working recently.  Coconut is a shade that makes you look tanned, can be used as a base for neons to make them even brighter and with just two coats I was able to get this finish.

Almond is a wonderful taupe shade that is my favourite of the two from first impressions.  It's the perfect greige shade and has purple undertones to it.  It also has a softness to it, that makes me think of cashmere and cosiness, and it's very chic and sophisticated altogether.  It's a great colour for the office (that's for you Orla!) and I know I'll get lots of wear out of it for the rest of the year.

These are well worth the €5.99 price tag and the Gelly Hi Shine formula is one of my favourites.  I rarely have to add that third coat that I usually would for opacity in photos and I can't wait to see what shades they have up their sleeves in the future.

So tell me, which one is your fave?  Come on, you have to pick one!

Oh and the ring is from Stella & Dot, more on that soon!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bourjois Summer 2014 - photos, swatches

Once again, Bourjois have some fantastic summer offerings to help us look all boodyful as this gorgeous weather we've been having continues!

Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in Or Feeric - €8.99

I love gold in the summer and the Effet 3D Lipgloss in Or Ferric is teaming with gold shimmer in a clear base.  It's thick, but not sticky and can be worn on it's own or over a lip product.  This over Grand Cru which you'll see below would be lovely.  Also on the gold theme but not pictured is the Liner Feutre in Gold Shine.  

Bourjois Clubbing Waterproof liners - €6.69

In the summer, I'm all about neutral eyes with a pop of colour, or incorporating metallics into my makeup because let's be honest, what's summer without a bit of bronze action?  Bourjois have 5 new shades of their Contour Clubbing Waterproof liners; a black, a bright pink, a minty green, a taupe and a brown.  I'm a huge fan of these liners and have 4 or 5 other shades in my stash.  The formula is creamy, a pleasure to work with and stays put.

Ultra black is exactly that - a creamy black liner that works well on both waterline and upper lash line.  The soft formula means there's no pulling or tugging on the eyelid and once it sets, it stays put, like the rest of the liners in the collection.  Dynamint is a pale matte minty green that wasn't as pigmented on my eyes as I wanted it to be, but if you want to incorporate some colour into your eye makeup, then something soft like this might be the way to go.  Up and brown is a metallic brown shade with gold shimmer running through it and I find if I apply a couple of layers of it, I can really see some lovely purple undertones to it.  It's the most wearable of the three shades and is one that wouldn't require much gaffing about with which we always like!

Rouge Edition Velvet - Nude-ist & Grand Cru - €12.49

I was so happy to see the release of Nude-ist this summer because after seeing swatches online when the Rouge Edition Velvets first launched, I was sad to see we weren't getting it, but now I see that Bourjois were just holding out on us.  Phew...  Nude-ist is described as a rosewood and we're talking a wearable dusty pink that is super flattering and is a way of being a bit braver with colour on the lips, but still being able to wear it on an every day basis.  Out of all of the Rouge Edition Velvet shades, this is now my favourite.  Grand Cru is a dark burgundy red that is slightly darker in real life compared to how it's showing up in these photos.  I'll be wearing this in the autumn as it's my mission to be braver with my lip product choices and because these guys set, I won't be so scared that they'll end up around my face.  No, Grand Cru and I shall be firm friends in the coming months!

It's always nice to see a face shot so show how they look on the lips and here I've teamed them with Up and brown in the eyes.   Also in the summer collection are two new shades of the cream blushes which I blogged about here and two new bronzing powders; one which has shimmer running through it and one is half matte bronzer and half highlighter.  I need to see these in person because they look gorgeous in photos.  Any excuse eh?!

So yes, there are some beauties in this collection.  If there was a 3 for 2 going on and I had to pick 3 things to buy, it'd be Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, Contour Clubbing Waterproof pencil in Up and brown and Cream Blush Sun in shade 05 Pink Swimwear.

The summer collection is on stands now!  What will you be picking up?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vlog! Lovely Girlie Bits goes to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards final and I've said it before that it's one of my favourite beauty nights out of the year!  The hair, the glamour, the models, the winning, it's all great craic and this year was no different.

It made me want to make more of an effort with my hair (but I'll wait until after this heatwave because all I can do is throw it up so it's not making me warmer) and I want to do plaits in my hair that look like massive earrings.  Oh and put gold glitter in it too.  If you're wondering what I'm on about, watch the vlog and please take a moment to see me and Joanne Larby aka The Makeup Fairy having the chats, then a tune comes on and we shoulder dance.... Scarlet for us...  As always with Joanne, I'd great craic and she looked a million dollars!

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here like a good child.  We're going to have a new series of videos starting the bank holiday weekend and you won't want to miss them now will you?  No, you won't.  Now click the link and subscribe!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hillls DipBrow Pomade review, tutorial, photos

I will never be able to say Anastasia Beverly Hills without having to pause for a second to stop myself from saying Anastasia Beaverhausen.  Ah Karen Walker, you still inspire me after all these years...

But brows.  I'm crap at them, have crap ones as it is and I've tried so many products out there, lots being crap.  That's a lot of crap, but for the past few years, there's been one shining brow-y beacon that has changed my life and so when my second pencil ran out recently, I bought a third.  That's huge.

As a self confessed makeup lover and trial-er out-er, it's not often that I repurchase a product once, let alone three times.  Usually I buy something that I think might be better and then end up regretting that purchase, wondering why I didn't just buy what I loved.  Well this time, I did both.  I repurchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade from Cult Beauty to try out.

I've blogged about the Brow Wiz pencil before and I'll just let you know now that I will continue to buy this over and over because everything about it is perfect.  The pencil part is nice and small for precise yet quick application, the shade (Ash Blonde) is a perfect cool toned match for my brows and it has a spooly on the end to brush everything through if I feel like I've been too heavy handed.  I can't fault it at all and it's my favourite thing to use on the brows for everyday use and there's nothing like a new brow pencil to help you make more of an effort to make 'em look nice.

The DipBrow Pomade is something I've seen beauty lovers raving about on YouTube, so picked up the blonde shade.  It's a waterproof product, so happy days if one is prone to sweating or getting caught in the rain.  (Are you singing "If you like pina coladas" now?)  Good!  Texture wise, it reminds me of a cream shadow and is incredibly pigmented so gently gently softly softly people!  Let's do a little step by step demo shall we?

  1. Here we have my baldy brow in all it's glory.  I don't do anything with them at all in terms of maintenance except for plucking the very odd stray hair or two and that's it.  These are au natural.
  2. I use an angled brush and a very light hand to apply it and when I say a light hand, I really mean it because this stuff is super pigmented and if you're not careful, you will Scousify your brows something fierce.  I barely press the brush into the product and then starting at the bottom of my brows, draw a line from the inner part to the underneath part of the arch.  That instantly lifts the eye and makes me feel all browbone-y. 
  3. Then I take it along the top of my brow to the arch and fill in between the two lines before working on the end of the brows.
  4. I fill in the tail end of the brow, hoping that it'll all work out for the best.  You never know though do you?
  5. Because I'm scared of the Scouse brow or just looking angry from being heavy handed with the product, I brush through with a spoolie.
  6. What I'm left with is seriously flawless, defined brows that makes me want to swan around the place, raising a single eyebrow at everyone.  It stays in place all day and considering the humid weather we've been having and the long walks I've been bringing Bailey on.
For me, this is more of an evening brow product when I have to take my time and wear eye makeup with it because it can look a little stark on me with just that and mascara.  

Let's do a little recap shall we?

Scaldy brows.  I know they look ridiculous and now you see why it was vital for me to buy a new Brow Wiz pencil!

Brows with a grand layer of Anastasia DipBrow Pomade.  They look a bit scary at this point don't they?  Also, they are completely different shapes.  I know they say that brows should be sisters, but mine are sisters from another mister.

Ah but put a bit of eye make up on and it just works doesn't it?

Time to smoulder a bit.

With a full face of makeup, the brows blend in beautifully and I could dance the night away knowing that they'd stay put and not end up on my cheeks.  

I bought my Brow Wiz and DipBrow Pomade here from Cult Beauty and can categorically say that I'll continue to repurchase the Brow Wiz time and time again and can't see myself ever reaching the bottom of the DipBrow Pomade, but if I ever do, I'll definitely repurchase it again!

Two thumbs (and brows) up from moi folks!  Have you tried either of these products?  Or is there something else from Ms Beaverhausen that I need to try?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation review - before & after photos

Is it a foundation?  Is it a CC cream?  The answer is yes!  Well, according to the packaging anyway.  We're talking about Gosh's CC Cream Illuminating Foundation on the blog today and while it's been out for a few months now, I'm finally getting to grips with it this summer and had to tell you all about it.

I was sent shade 03 Sand which was a pretty decent match for me considering there are two lighter shades and three darker shades.  I tend to go a teeny bit darker with my bases in the summer as it is and once I take it down my neck, I'm good to go.

So why do I love this CC cream/foundation?  Well, as I'm all about having dewy skin this summer, but not too dewy because one will look like one is in a perpetual sweat, and the light reflecting pigments in this gives me a soft, natural, dewy glow.  The kind of lit from within glow that makes you look healthy.  I'm all about faking luminosity so this one is a winner in that regard.

It gives a light coverage - enough to cover my blotchiness and many imperfections, but still light enough to let my skin shine through so it looks like it's my skin, not like I'm wearing makeup.  As much as I'm about the glow and all, I'm all about faking it too.  I will fake my glow, having nice skin and whatever else is going!

In terms of texture, it looks quite dense when I apply it to the back of my hand but blends out easily, feeling weightless on the skin.  There's nothing worse during the summer than feeling product on the face, especially when you're melting in the office.  It has an SPF10 which is grand if you're going to be indoors most of the day but if you're venturing outside in the sun, then you'd need to put on something higher.

The obligatory close up shot shows I speak the truth and you can't see it on the skin.  As an oily t-zoned lady, I find the glow becomes a shine by about lunch time despite it being an oil-free formula, but if I use a primer underneath or set it with a powder in the morning, I get the whole work day out of it.  Those with dry skin will love this because it lightly moisturises as well as making you look radiant even if you're feeling anything but!

For €13.99, it's a great summery base which you can buy here or from one of the many Gosh stockists which are listed on the website too.

Do tell, what are you wearing on your skin right now?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maybelline Big Eyes - Luminous Browns - review & two makeup looks

Over the past few weeks, I've found myself using this palette, Luminous Browns, from Maybelline's Big Eyes collection.  There are five palettes on offer and this is the one I would have picked myself because we all know I love me some neutrals and a pop of colour too.

For €10.49, we get 4 soft eyeshadows that blend well together while making my green eyes even greener.  It has light catching technology and while I don't think it brings any more light to my actual eyeballs, the soft shimmer each shade gives off does give a lovely soft focus effect to the eyes.

There's a little diagram on the back of the palette showing you one way of using it and all it takes is two minutes for this neutral eye with a hit of orange on the upper eyelid.  I love this look and you can take it up a notch with a bit of liner too if you're so inclined, but for me, this is a delightful summery neutral eye!

Of course, you can't put an orange shade in a palette and not expect me to cover myself with it now can you?  We all know I'm very into orange everything right now and if you've blue or green eyes and want to make them pop, not out of your face or anything,  then lash on some orange and you're good to go.  Make sure to take a darker brown softly into the crease and outer corner and poof, you have a colourful summery eye.

Pigmentation is decent with this guy and as usual like with all eyeshadows, I have to use a primer or it's crease city.  Yes, the packaging isn't very special at all, but it's lightweight and perfect for popping in your makeup bag.

Colour me impressed with the Luminous Browns palette!  It's on Maybelline counters now so go forth and investigate!

Monday, July 21, 2014

L'Occitane La Collection de Grasse Neroli & Orchidee EDT - the perfect summer fragrance

This was love at first whiff folks.  Actually, I knew I was going to love it before I smelled it because I love all things Neroli and I wasn't wrong!  I would like to introduce you to L'Occitane La Collection de Grasse Neroli & Orchidee.  Or summer in a bottle to be exact.

There are 9 fragrances in La Collection de Grasse, named after the capital of perfumery, Grasse, in Provence.  Sounds very ooh la la and it is!  Of all the fragrances in the collection, this was my instant favourite but rest assured, I'll be making my way through the rest of them because they are simply stunning.  If you don't believe me, go into a shop, have a whiff, come back here and tell me I was right.

But back to Neroli & Orchidee.  It has top notes of orange and mandarin to give a punch of zestiness before mellowing out into the heart notes of neroli, peach, fig milk and lily of the valley before the base notes of orchid, musk and iris settle down to complete the scent beautifully.  When I spray it, I don't smell the orange and mandarin as much as I do the neroli and when you hear that it has other florals alongside it like lily of the valley, orchid and iris, you might think it'll be overpowering in that department, but fear not because the floral notes are so gentle and soft, but blend together perfectly with the fruity notes and I think the fig milk and musk give it an almost velvety finish.

Long story short, I'm obsessed with it.  It's delicate and feminine and as soon as I spray it, my mood is lifted and it helps me feel fresher in this clammy weather we've been having.   It's like the Goldilocks summer scent in that it's not too sweet, not too fruity, not too floral, is grown up, sophisticated, airy and clean.  It'll set you back €57 and while I was given this one to try, I'll be picking up the matching shower gel and body milk myself because this is love.  Actual love.

Buy it if you're going on holidays and are looking for a summer scent.  Or buy it if you're not going on holidays and are looking for a summer scent.  Either way, you know what to do.

Have you tried any of La Collection de Grasse scents and which one do I need to try next?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Friday - The Penneys necklace, H&M jumper & orange polish

Well today is definitely a Fashion Friday post.  And yes, it features another necklace!  I was in work last week and saw one of the girls wearing a gorgeous leaf necklace and I was delighted when she said those famous words "Penneys, €3".  Love it!  The next time I was in Penneys I had my mam helping me scout their accessories looking for it.

It comes in silver as well as gold but I went for the gold as it looks so dressy and can be worn with a million different things in my wardrobe.  Another plus is that it's extra long so it fits right over your head without having to open it, yup it's the little things that make me happy.  Me and my massive bonce.

I think it looks so much more expensive than €3 and it's definitely a necklace I will get lots of wear of it.  At least until it turns my neck green!

Next we have my new favourite item of clothing, this off white slouchy jumper from H&M.  It is currently in the shops and is only €22.99 and I have been living in it!  This is a size small and I love how baggy and comfortable it is.  It's something that if they had it in black, and green, oh and navy, I would probably buy all the colours but sadly, all I have seen is the off white.  It's definitely something I'll be wearing all year round.

Finally we have a new nail polish from L'Oreal's Color Riche range, Sari Parisien which is a vibrant red orange shade that makes me happy.  It goes with the necklace and the jumper, is bright and in your face and the perfect summer shade and Karen, I have stolen it as you have 11 million orange polishes.  It's €7.55 so you're well able to go and buy yourself one!  You snooze you lose!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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