Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hillls DipBrow Pomade review, tutorial, photos

I will never be able to say Anastasia Beverly Hills without having to pause for a second to stop myself from saying Anastasia Beaverhausen.  Ah Karen Walker, you still inspire me after all these years...

But brows.  I'm crap at them, have crap ones as it is and I've tried so many products out there, lots being crap.  That's a lot of crap, but for the past few years, there's been one shining brow-y beacon that has changed my life and so when my second pencil ran out recently, I bought a third.  That's huge.

As a self confessed makeup lover and trial-er out-er, it's not often that I repurchase a product once, let alone three times.  Usually I buy something that I think might be better and then end up regretting that purchase, wondering why I didn't just buy what I loved.  Well this time, I did both.  I repurchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade from Cult Beauty to try out.

I've blogged about the Brow Wiz pencil before and I'll just let you know now that I will continue to buy this over and over because everything about it is perfect.  The pencil part is nice and small for precise yet quick application, the shade (Ash Blonde) is a perfect cool toned match for my brows and it has a spooly on the end to brush everything through if I feel like I've been too heavy handed.  I can't fault it at all and it's my favourite thing to use on the brows for everyday use and there's nothing like a new brow pencil to help you make more of an effort to make 'em look nice.

The DipBrow Pomade is something I've seen beauty lovers raving about on YouTube, so picked up the blonde shade.  It's a waterproof product, so happy days if one is prone to sweating or getting caught in the rain.  (Are you singing "If you like pina coladas" now?)  Good!  Texture wise, it reminds me of a cream shadow and is incredibly pigmented so gently gently softly softly people!  Let's do a little step by step demo shall we?

  1. Here we have my baldy brow in all it's glory.  I don't do anything with them at all in terms of maintenance except for plucking the very odd stray hair or two and that's it.  These are au natural.
  2. I use an angled brush and a very light hand to apply it and when I say a light hand, I really mean it because this stuff is super pigmented and if you're not careful, you will Scousify your brows something fierce.  I barely press the brush into the product and then starting at the bottom of my brows, draw a line from the inner part to the underneath part of the arch.  That instantly lifts the eye and makes me feel all browbone-y. 
  3. Then I take it along the top of my brow to the arch and fill in between the two lines before working on the end of the brows.
  4. I fill in the tail end of the brow, hoping that it'll all work out for the best.  You never know though do you?
  5. Because I'm scared of the Scouse brow or just looking angry from being heavy handed with the product, I brush through with a spoolie.
  6. What I'm left with is seriously flawless, defined brows that makes me want to swan around the place, raising a single eyebrow at everyone.  It stays in place all day and considering the humid weather we've been having and the long walks I've been bringing Bailey on.
For me, this is more of an evening brow product when I have to take my time and wear eye makeup with it because it can look a little stark on me with just that and mascara.  

Let's do a little recap shall we?

Scaldy brows.  I know they look ridiculous and now you see why it was vital for me to buy a new Brow Wiz pencil!

Brows with a grand layer of Anastasia DipBrow Pomade.  They look a bit scary at this point don't they?  Also, they are completely different shapes.  I know they say that brows should be sisters, but mine are sisters from another mister.

Ah but put a bit of eye make up on and it just works doesn't it?

Time to smoulder a bit.

With a full face of makeup, the brows blend in beautifully and I could dance the night away knowing that they'd stay put and not end up on my cheeks.  

I bought my Brow Wiz and DipBrow Pomade here from Cult Beauty and can categorically say that I'll continue to repurchase the Brow Wiz time and time again and can't see myself ever reaching the bottom of the DipBrow Pomade, but if I ever do, I'll definitely repurchase it again!

Two thumbs (and brows) up from moi folks!  Have you tried either of these products?  Or is there something else from Ms Beaverhausen that I need to try?


  1. Your brows are gorgeous!! With the smokey eyes and lips the brows lend a vintage-y look. I always use a Kevin Aucoin pencil as I find powder too difficult and not defined but am thinking the pomade to fill in some sparse patches and pencil in others might be an even better combination for me :) great review X

  2. They look amazing karen. My brows are a third dark ginger, and the last 2/3 just fade away into pale ginger. So it looks like my brows are about 2 cm long. I've tried pencil and powder, but I'm a heavy handed oaf and it looks like a child has scribbled over my face. Sigh. I will take a look at this product. Love reading your reviews, always make me laugh. Especially the beady villainous eye comments! Xx

  3. You must film a tutorial on this look Karen, you are smouldering in it!! Ran out of my Clinique brow pencil (which I lured) but you may have swayed me towards Ms. Beeverhausan!

  4. Ok okay Karen, you have me convinced. I now need both a brow wiz and a dipbrow, are ya happy now?? Do they stock Ms Beaverhausen (yeah me too) in SpaceNK in Dublin? I'm planning a trip up in the next few weeks...fancy guiding me through my inaugural visit so I don't miss anything? Am also planning (in my mind anyway) a Sephora/Parcel Motel splurge, so could get it there if SpaceNK don't stock it.


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