Thursday, July 31, 2014

New nail lacquers from Michael Kors!

So yesterday I got to drool over nine new shades of polishes that join the Michael Kors Sport Sexy Glam range.  Long time readers of the blog might remember me showing you the original shades when they launched last year and I fell hard and fast in love with them.  So much so that I bought about five for friends and family and even wore my favourite shade, Envy, to Joanne's wedding.

So here are the 9 chosen ones, all laid out on a white fluffy towel.


New shades in the Sexy category are Whisper, a soft lilac, Sweet, a mid toned pink and Audition, a coral.  I love coral.  You know I love coral.  Have I mentioned before how much I love coral?


The Sporty category has a trio of nudes, all of which spoke to me because I'm McLovin nude polishes at the moment.  Maybe it's because I'm growing up but not likely!  Ingenue is the palest of the three and is a mix of a beige and pink that would make a nice bridal colour now that I think of it.  The middle shade is Coquette, a dusty pink with brown undertones and shades like that are pure sophistication in my book.   Or Sporty in Mr Kors' book.  Finally we have the darkest of the three, Intrigue and you'll see it in better light below.  We're talking a browny taupe that has autumn written all over it!


Finally we have the trio of Glam shades and in the light in the Dylan and with my iPhone camera, they all look the same!  But trust me when I say that each of them have such depth and will be perfect in the winter.  Femme Fatale is a deep shimmery navy shade while Seduction is a metallic gunmetal shade that has my name all over it.  Finally, Impulse is a gorgeous deep teal shade that almost had me picking it for my manicure done by the fabulous Pamela Laird!

Guess which one I picked?  I know.  You'll probably have to think about it reallllll hard..... Could it have been Intrigue?  Doesn't it look like the most gorgeous, soft, taupe shade that makes you want to wrap up warm in a big cosy jumper?  No, just me?

Or could it have been Audition.  The coral one.  The mother of all corals.  The coral that has that perfect balance of peachiness and orange-iness and matched my cardigan yesterday?  Well, I do have a reputation for picking polishes to match what I'm wearing, more often when I'm wearing coral, ahem....

This is two coats and it's gorgeous.  The packaging on the Michael Kors polishes is sleek and looks expensive and at €20 a pop, you want a little something extra like that if you're buying one as a present for your chum.  Or yourself.  Or myself.

I love the new shades and shall be heading into Arnotts to visit them very soon indeed.  That sentence sounded very posh altogether.  That must be the Glam in me!  They're on counters now so go visit them and there's no panic either because they're a permanent addition to the line up which is good news.

Which one is tickling your pickle?


  1. As soon as I saw them I knew you'd have gone for Audition and Pamela confirmed it :)
    I went for Impulse and it's SO pretty but it was hard to choose - they're all gorgeous xo

  2. I *need* that Sexy trio ASAP! T__T

  3. Those darker colours look very me haha!
    Emma xo | |

  4. Beauties!! Serious lust! On another nail polish note I've just picked up the Maybelline Limited Edition Bleached Neon Collection-includes a fab coral with your name all over it!!


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