Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Orange is the new black - orange nails, cheeks, lips & eyes!

Ok ok, I hold my hands up, I'm probably the only person out there who hasn't ever watched Orange Is The New Black...  I'll get around to it but I know from my Twitter timeline that when I do sit down to watch it, I can say goodbye to an entire weekend and girlfriend has too much to do over the next few months!  So until then, I'll do what I do best and jump on the orange bandwagon.  Orange makeup that is.

I had a root through my stash to pick out some of my favourite orange hued products and was surprised at how many good ones I had.  And of course, they had to be displayed on this dinky orange tray I bought in TK Maxx ages ago purely for being a prop for photos, not to actually carry things.


I love the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range and haven't found a dud in the bunch yet.  Fiery Island is a rich red toned orange shade that lives up to it's fiery name.  You can see it in action here and it's an amazing one coater that I've found myself using over and over since getting it.

If you like a bit of a gimmick, but also a gorgeous polish, then check out Revlon Parfumarie Scented Nail Enamel in Orange Blossom.  When it dries, it smells really sweet without being too overpowering and the shade itself is a stunner.  Have a look at the swatches and full review here and if you don't mind looking a bit strange smelling your fingers, then this one could be the one for you.

Finally we have the newest orange polish in the stash and it's Essie's Roarrrrange from the summer 2014 collection.  It's a beaut.  The formula, the finish, the everything.  I love me some Essie and check out the entire collection here and pick your favourite.


I fell in love with L'Oreal's L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks when they launched earlier this year and Tangerine Sonate was my favourite of the two that I picked up.  It's a reddy orange shade and despite how pigmented it is, is still one I'd wear outside of the house comfortably.  These feel like buttah on the lips and are one of my favourite lip products of the year so far.

NYX's Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake is basically Club Orange in lipgloss form.  It's bright, it's orange, but still wearable.  The formula is nourishing like the rest of the butter glosses, but has a tendency to sit in any lines on your lips if you apply too much, so keep the layers thin.

No7 Sheer Temptation - Cuckoo Coral (top)
No7 BB Lips - Geranium (bottom)
No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick is my kind of product.  The shade Cuckoo Coral is perfection for me and while it looks orange in the bullet, on the lips it's more of a peachy shade with orange undertones and flecks of gold running through it.  This is going in the handbag for everyday use and so far so good.  It's enriched with natural waxes and Theobroma Oil which helps it nourish the lips and it feels amazing on my constantly dry lips.

Finally we have the No7 BB Lips which promises colour, nourishment and UV protection by way of the SPF15 it has.  The shade Geranium is incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way and I find I have to dab a dot onto my lips and then blend with my finger, but once I do that, oh it's love.  I want to try more of these shades because I love the finish, how it feels on my lips, the fact that it protects my lips, the colour, need I go on?

Eyes & cheeks

As you know, I love my peaches and corals when it comes to my cheeks, but was happy to find two orange blushes in my stash.  First is that sherbet orange blush, Crochet, in the Sleek Lace blush palette that's scarily bright, so a gentle hand is needed or you'll look like you've been Tangoed.  It's very light and almost pastel when applied, so this would be a good one for the paler girls out there.

Stila's Convertible Colour in Gladiola is also one of those strong colours that needs to be applied in a sheer layer and then built upon if you want a pop of colour on the cheeks.  I'm all about cream blushes in the summer and this one gives a luminous natural finish on the skin.   Try applying this with a beauty sponge for a flawless finish without much faffing about.

For eyes, Maybelline has released the Big Eyes palettes and this one, Luminous Brown is The Actual Business.  I've a blog post coming up on it soon, but that orange shade in it is the perfect way to incorporate the orange trend into your look if you're not brave enough for orange lips.  You can sheer it out as a wash of colour or pack it on and for those with green and blue eyes, watch this palette make your eyes stand out even more.

So tell me this and tell me no more, how have you been incorporating the orange trend into your look?



  1. Can't keep my eyes off that Sleek palette! I heard that Sleek have launched in Ireland but I have yet to come across it in Limerick... Maybe I'm not searching hard enough, I might have to do a quick google search for stockists!
    PS. You're not the only one who hasn't watched Orange is the New Black yet, and I don't think I'll have the time for it anytime soon!
    Maria Flan

  2. I just love orange! I did a post last year for orange eyeshadow using the Sleek Caribbean palette, it was surprisingly wearable!

  3. orange is the best! i am obsessed with orange nail polishes. i need to get an orangey blush!


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