Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara review, before & after photos

Last year I fell in love with Seventeen's Doll'd Up mascara and this year we have Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara which has pretty much shot to the top of the mascara list for me and we know how I feel about mascaras and if we don't know, then let me say that no matter what, I have to have something on my lashes every day otherwise I just look ill.  It's my desert island product and I love testing new ones out more than any other makeup.

Coming in unassuming black packaging with the logo covering the outside of the tube, we all know it's the wand that does all the hard work now don't we?  So the brush itself has lots of plastic bristles of different lengths and you can see in the photo below that it's got more bristles on two sides and is flatter on the other two sides if that makes sense.

I like to hold the flatter part against my lashes and work it through, depositing most of the product on good and heavy before using the more bristle-y sides to comb through the lashes leaving no clumpage at all at all.  The formula is perfect.  Not too wet and not too dry and makes it easy peasy to layer a second coat on if you want to amp things up even more.

The photos speak from themselves and you can see that I get length, lift, curl, separation and volume with this mascara and it definitely gives me a more wide eyed look.  Something that's handy when I've not slept the night before and have woken up with beady, villainous eyes.

I'm not going to lie, I found myself batting my own lashes at my reflection in the mirror last week because I was convinced it looked like I'd false lashes on, so this mascara might turn you into a complete and utter narcissist, but with very amazing eyelashes!

And the best part is it's only €8.99.  So this gets a huge, massive, batty eyelashed two thumbs up from me.  It's on counters now, so no excuses, get falsifeye-ing your lashes!


  1. I also have to wear something on my lashes everyday or I look eye bald! need to add this to my wishlist now!

  2. I just bought this at the weekend and I have already fallen head over heels for it!

  3. How amazing. Too bad, that we in Germany haven't 17 at all :(


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