Sunday, July 6, 2014

Slimming World Sunday - BBQ ideas #1

So yesterday we ate all the food in existence and it was so good!  We decided to have a family BBQ and hoped that the rain showers would stay away, which they did, phew.  As we've already had lots of BBQs and will have many more throughout the summer, I thought it'd be a good idea to have a little series over the next couple of months showing you our Slimming World BBQ ideas.  You can give us your ideas too and we'll all go away happy with some grand inspiration!

We decided to make our own coleslaw with white cabbage, carrots and Aldi's Lighter than Light Mayo which is 1/2 a syn per level tablespoon so this entire bowl worked out at 4 syns and divided between 6 of us was under a syn each.  It was so tasty and I'll definitely be making it again as I don't like really creamy coleslaw and like to be in control of how much mayo goes into it.

I love making my own salsa and I'd usually put coriander in mine but as Will isn't a fan, I decided to put basil in it instead.  All it has is tomatoes, some chopped onion (I would have used spring onions but forgot to buy them), a clove of garlic grated, a handful of basil and salt.  Lovely and fresh and goes really well which chicken too.  This is one of those staple things at a BBQ and you can add fresh chili into yours if you're so inclined.

The main event

Now, as I said before, we ate a lot of food and this was our lunch and dinner so that's our excuse!  We definitely could have done with more super free, but if you know us Constantines, our BBQs are full of meat and carbs, so my mission for the next one is to have more super free sides.

We had burgers with some Schwartz Cowboy Burger seasoning that I bought either in Tesco or Aldi and it's the best stuff ever if you want to give your meat a nice smoky flavour.  I use it with minced beef, turkey or chicken and it's very tasty altogether.  I also decided to try doing corn on the cob on the BBQ and picked up a few packs of them in Tesco.  Because we'd other things on the grill, we ended up putting them in tin foil, spraying them with Fry Light and salt and let them cook in the oven for half an hour before finishing them up on the BBQ.  Tasty stuff and while they're only Free and not Super Free, they were delish.

One of our favourite things to do for a BBQ is cut up some baby potatoes, put them into one of those tin foil containers that we get in Dealz, spray liberally with Fry Light and shake lots of garlic powder over them, put the lid on and plonk them on the BBQ or in the oven for half an hour.  They steam and bake and are so delicious that there is never a Constantine BBQ where these aren't a feature!  I saw Jamie Oliver doing them in tin foil years ago and ever since then, they're an absolute staple.

And finally we had some chicken kebabs.  We marinated the chicken in a lemon herb powder which was 5 syns and so ended up being less than a syn each.  We added some tomato, onion, peppers and button mushrooms before putting them on the BBQ and waited for it to do it's business.

We washed it down with this Blossom Hill Vie wine which is low alcohol and is 18 syns for the whole bottle compared to 28 syns which is generally what it is for a regular bottle of wine.  It's a light, fruity drink and I bought it a couple of months ago in Newry along with the Rose version and would definitely buy them again!

We all went home in a food coma but it was all really good stuff!  For the next bbq, I aim to try making the Slimming World bbq sauce and add more Super Free to the meal, so watch this space for the next post full of lovely outdoorsy food!

What are your favourite BBQ dishes that are relatively healthy?

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  1. Great ideas there! Only this weekend I bought garlic powder (to make pizza with a cauliflower base - was actually delicious and not half as horrible as it sounds!) and have realised it is the stuff dreams are made of and will be adding it to everything! Definitely going to give those potatoes a go. I'm a Weight Watchers follower myself, but sure in terms of food it's all very similar. Another side you could consider is tabouleh. It's got some carbs - quinoa, but otherwise its just diced tomatoes (better to remove the seeds, diced cucumber, lemon juice, salt, pepper and mint. If you're going wild, add a tablespoon of olive oil, but I'm sure you could get away without it. There's enough moisture from the tomatoes/cucumber :)


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