Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thought for Saturday #2 - My favourite walk

I often forget how lucky I am that I live so close to the seafront.  I tend to drive everywhere but with the lovely weather we've been having, I've been making the most of it and have been getting out in the fresh air as much as possible.  Yes, I do realise that I sound like a bridie saying that but I pretty much am because I'm always talking about the great drying that's out there at the moment!

I'm inherantly lazy and sometimes the effort of putting my runners on and heading out is too much and I end up talking myself out of it but I've learned to turn that part of my brain on silent for a few minutes and grab my things, get Bailey organised and off we go!

Sunday mornings along the seafront is my favourite time to be down there.  It's relatively quiet and I can let Bailey have the length of his lead to wander, investigate and say hi to people.  When I'm heading there, I don't bring my iPod or anything.  I just let my brain think it's thoughts and find that as the walk goes on, my brain goes quieter and I just enjoy that time and the peace and quiet.  I breathe in the sea air and enjoy the breeze that is inevitably making my hair look wild, but it doesn't matter!

Bailey loves it there too and would you look at the little face on him.  Most days I keep a moderate speed but there's nothing like a sky full of dark clouds to make me up the pace a bit!

We ran to avoid the rain but didn't quite make it home before getting soaked!

I always feel great after a walk, but even moreso after being beside the sea.  So this summer, make the most of the brighter mornings.  Get out of bed a half an hour earlier, slap a bit of SPF on and get outside.  You'll feel great afterwards!


  1. oh my gosh your dog is adorable, you've got some lovely scenery there too. Must be such a nice place to walk! x

  2. Bailey is adorable! It's great that you guys have such a relaxing activity to do together!

  3. Amazing photos Karen, love the sea myself! x


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