Thursday, August 21, 2014

Autumn goodies from Stella & Dot - photos galore!

If there's one thing that will bring me and Joanne into total agreement, it's jewellery.  We love it.  We have too much of it and yet still buy more.  Joanne first introduced to me the brand Stella & Dot recently when she bought this necklace and still wears it all the time.  She doesn't usually come to events or launches with me but with one mention of Stella & Dot and she was there!

I'm going to let the photos do the talking folks because there are some truly fabulous pieces on the site right now.  I say this because I took all of the photos and have been stalking them on the website as I wait until payday!

Stella & Dot Tallulah Bib Necklace - €148
The Tallulah Bib Necklace is absolutely stunning and Joanne wants it to wear with a leather jacket she doesn't own yet but feels that they are destined to be together!  It has beads, it has crystals, it has glass beads and it has to be on Joanne's neck soon.

Stella & Dot Tallulah Bib Necklace - €148
The Helena Necklace is my type of statement necklace.  It's understated, relatively simple and the balance of the vintage gold combined with the sparkles is perfection.  I need it.

Stella & Dot Helena Necklace - €128
Stella & Dot Helena Necklace - €128

In the summer I'm obsessed with aqua coloured stones in jewellery, especially necklaces because I wear a lot of white despite being super messy and clumsy.  I feel aqua adds interest to an outfit without much effort.  The Somervell Necklace is aqua-tastic!

Stella & Dot Somervell Necklace - €54
For something a bit more dramatic, then the Elodie Necklace is the one for you with it's blue hues mixed with a pop of bright yellow.  The want is strong with this one...

Stella & Dot Elodie Necklace - €89
The Christina Link necklace comes in silver and gold and mixes metal with sparkles.  It's a great one if you favour the more simplistic look, or if you like to pile stuff on like we do, it makes a great layering piece.  More is more with jewellery!

Stella & Dot Christina Link Necklace - €79
Now, the Lila Necklace is very me in that it's chunky yet lovely.  It's a neutral necklace and I sound like yer man from Bridget Jones' Diary when I say that it's the kind of thing that one can wear with anything to any occasion!

Stella & Dot Lila Necklace - €69
On to some delicate pieces.  This wishbone charm with it's Pavé detailing has been teamed with the Signature ID charm and looks perfect layered with Joanne's own turquoise necklace and orange top.  Dainty, delicate and great for fiddling with if you're anyway like me!

Stella & Dot Wishbone charm €28, Signature ID Charm €28
Stella & Dot Wishbone charm €28, Signature ID Charm €28
Next up is this Pavé Spear Pendant Necklace in rose gold.  If you like your geometric shapes than you'll love this and it's much more sparkly in real life.

Stella & Dot Pave Spear Pendant Necklace - €59
Continuing on the Pavé theme, this Pavé Chevron Necklace takes the effort out of thinking about what to layer with it because it's done it all for you.  Even better is that you can unclip any of the strands to wear just one layer or even two.  Multifunctional and that makes it all the more justifiable when considering a purchase.  Just sayin'.

Stella & Dot Pave Chevron Necklace €79
For those who love a bit of arm candy, check out these beauts.  Joanne is a bracelet fiend and I had to prise these off her wrist after taking the photos!
Top Row: Stella & Dot Becca Bracelet €89 (L) Cady Wrap Bracelet €59 (R)
Bottom Row: Stella & Dot Arrison Stretch Bracelet €29 (L) Pyramid Stud Cuff €44 (R)
And who stops at layering necklaces?  Tara O'Connor had these draped casually on her arm...

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, we love our earrings.  And when I say we, I mean Joanne and I rob them from her.  Those are the rules of being the older sister, so in your face Joanne.  You buy, I rob, the end.

Get a load of these guys and see those ones on the top left?  The Melanie Chandelier earrings? You can take them apart and get three different looks out of them.  They're like the Transformers of the earring world except they're not robots in disguise.  Just one pair of earrings that can turn into 3!  And the ones on the top right, the Pop Geo earrings can be worn in two different ways.  Genius!
Stella & Dot Melanie Chandelier earrings €59 (L), Pop Geo €49 (R)
Stella & Dot Janice Studs Mint €24, Hematite studs €28 (L), Pave Spear Earrings €49 (R)
That's just the tip of the Stella & Dot iceberg folks and I suggest you hotfoot it over to the website and start making your wish list!  We shall be picking up a few bits ourselves in the near future so stay tuned for that.

Did you see anything you fancied?  To the comments!



  1. The wishbone charm is very cute!

  2. Some gorgeous pieces there. I love the Somervell and Pave Chevron necklaces


    1. Nice choices! I could spent ages on the website picking new favourites ;)

  3. The wishbone charm one is beautiful! I may have to treat myself to one :)

    1. Do, I'm adding it to my wish list for my birthday in a few months ;)

  4. I love the wishbone and I'd charms! So cute

    1. There are so many lovely charms on the website too, loving them :)

  5. Hi Karen,
    Great blog!
    I am so sad to say that Stella & Dot is not available for customers in the Netherlands.
    I see that neighbouring countries like UK and Germany have their own website.
    Maybe you can help me with how to obtain some beautiful Stella & Dot jewellry?
    thanks so much!

    1. Love the detailed post Karen. I am selling Stella & Dot here in Ireland and LOVE it. I post any orders to all my friends in Europe with pleasure! Email or view collection at

  6. I have been a stylist for 2 years now. I adore it!
    Let's know if you wouldike to learn more about the opportunity!


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