Friday, August 29, 2014

Kiko Nail Polish Shade 238 Martha Red - The Perfect Red!

So I think I've found The Perfect Red Polish... I know...  I've had it for almost a year and only applied it this week.  I'm officially crap at life but sure what can you do?  I bought this shade in the Kiko shop in Alicante last year and had it pegged for Christmas nails which I then forgot all about and it got lost in amongst the many red shades I own.

Then this week I met my friend Ruth for dinner and chats and she had the most gorgeous red Shellac nails on for her holidays which inspired me to paint my own nails red.  Enter shade 238 Martha Red.

Is it not the most gorgeous red shade ever?  Doesn't it look all perfect in the bottle?  But what's it like on the nails?

For a red shade, it's pretty special and if I wasn't taking photos, I would have been happy with just one coat and that's saying sommat!  It's so pigmented, glides on the nails and the formula is one of the best I've ever tried.  Thick enough to coat the nails easily but not too thick that it's gloopy.  The shine is incredible and I've got no topcoat on for the photos, just two coats of the beauteous polish.

This is true and actual love folks.  I've told Joanne to keep an eye out for a Kiko shop in Amsterdam as she's heading there today and will love this shade.  She loves her reds so she does.  

I could post a million photos of this polish but know that you'd think I was demented.  So I'll tell you to go check out the Kiko website because they've no stores here in Ireland at the moment, so we get to online shop.  I really do need to treat myself to more, don't I?  And at €2.90 per bottle and shipping is €7.90 so I'd really have to buy a few bits to make it worth my while wouldn't I?


  1. It looks pretty perfect indeed ! I'll check it out next time :) (I just found out that I have the crazy privilege to have a newly opened Kiko store in my town. Before I had to order online like you or drive 100km to reach one so, yay !)
    If I can't give you an advice though, avoid the Quick Dry polish (or the shade 803). It is one of my worst polishes both in color, opacity, staying power and application... I saved it by adding a good dose of loose mineral eyeshadow powder to improve it. It is now a nice pale opaque pinky peach with slight shimmers that I managed to keep on my nails for 3 days and counting...

  2. I LOVE this polish! I paired it with a gold glitter polish for Christmas and it was beautiful. Even on its own, I can't stop staring at it. For some reason, red polish makes me feel like so... grown up !
    Here's my review :

  3. You can't go wrong with RED! It looks really pretty :)


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