Monday, August 11, 2014

L'Oreal Glam Matte Gloss - bright and in your face!

With all of the grey skies and rain we had over the weekend, I thought it'd be a good idea to start the week off with a bit of colour!

These beauts from L'Oreal have been out for a while now but I had to tell you about them because in my mind, it's not autumn until the kids go back to school and until then, we can put all the colour on our faces, happy out because it's summer and the rules of life means that in summer, we can go wild.  I don't make the rules...

The L'Oreal Glam Matte Glosses are possibly the brightest thing I've put on my face ever.  They're not for the faint hearted and holy moly do they make a statement or what!

There are four shades on stands now and I was sent two to play with.  I have to admit, I love the packaging.  I've seen people saying they think it looks a bit cheap and while it's plastic, I love that it's lightweight.  This is important for someone like moi who carries around approximately 10 lip products in my handbag.  Also, I love that I can easily see the colour of the product inside.   Again, handy when rooting around in the bag with 10 lip products inside.

The pointed spongey applicator is one of those ones that picks up just the right amount of gloss for a full application.  But I find the applicator itself to be a bit too big for my weeny lips and have to use the pointed end carefully to achieve a nice line.  It's not enough of an issue to make me stop using them, so let's get on to the swatches shall we?

Fuchsia Flare is a blue toned bubblegum pink which is as bright as they get.  Shades like these do nothing for me but if you're a fan of shades like MAC's Candy Yum Yum, then Fuchsia Flare is for you.  Cherry Crop is much more wearable for me and while it has pink undertones to it, is still a rich cherry shade that's much more suited to my skin tone!

These feel smooth and moisturising on the lips and while they're described as being a matte shade, they leave a more satin finish on the lips, almost glossy even.  For someone with lips as dry as a nun's falloja, this finish is perfection.  It doesn't dry out the lips but a word to the wise, if you have any dry patches on the lips, this will stain them to no end, so make sure they're in good condition!

€11.99 is the damage and I hope they bring out more shades in the range because we need more than four don't we?  Love 'em!

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  1. That looks gorgeous on you but not a HOPE could I carry off anything as bright as that, I can't do bright shades at all!


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