Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vlog! Car trouble, Image Blog Awards & Boots Christmas 2014

The vlogs have been few and far between recently because we've both been busy at work and I've cut back on events and launches for a few reasons, but I won't bore you with them now!  Last week we had a couple of exciting things going on so thought we'd give my new camera a go for the craic.  I need to learn how to use it properly but what I can tell you already is that it's more HD than in real life!  So either I need glasses or the camera is very amazing!

So sit back and take a look at me freaking the sh*t out while the car died on the way into town last week, followed by winning Best Beauty Blog at the Image Blog Awards, rounded out nicely by a little show and tell at the Boots Christmas 2014 launch!  Boots really is my favourite place at Christmas and I urge you to start making your wish list now!


We hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2014

L'Oreal Exclusive Collection Pure Reds is very amazing - photos, swatches galore!

Red lipstick.  You are the thing I want to be able to wear with confidence more than any other bit of makeup.  You make me nervous that I'll get you all over my teeth.  You make me wonder if I've picked one that suits me, but let me tell you red lipstick, I will conquer my fear of you and wear you outside the house some day!

Enough of the chats between me and red lipsticks.  On to what I want to show you today!  Following on from their successful Collection Privee - The Nudes launch last year, L'Oreal are back with the Collection Exclusive - Pure Reds.  Like the nude collection, Pure Reds is designed to help make picking a red lippie a bit easier and each of the four shades on offer have different undertones to coincide with the four L'Oreal ambassadors.  In Ireland we're getting Blake Lively, Liya Kebede, Julianne Moore and Eva Longoria.  There are six more shades in the whole collection and the US will probably get them all, but don't worry, we'll be just fine with the 4!

I was sent four to play with but got two of the Blake shades, so might give that away over on Instagram this week for a lucky follower, so make sure you're following me here.  The packaging is gorgeous with it's textured black tube, gold detailing and then once you twist up the red lipstick, well it's just a thing of beauty.

Each of the three shades apply like a dream onto the lips and I used a lip brush to make sure I got a nice even edge.  Despite their described matte finish, which is more like a satin finish really, they're smooth and creamy thanks to jojoba oil and my lips felt soft and moisturised wearing each of the shades.  In terms of pigmentation, all I can say is yowza - one swipe of these babies on the back of your hand and you'll see what I mean!

L'Oreal Exclusive Collection Pure Reds - Liya
Liya's red is a cherry red that will work on all skin tones.  It's a warm red that's super flattering on me and while I totally had to google who Liya Kebede is (she's a gorgeous model, figures), despite looking nothing like her, this shade totally works on my skin tone!

L'Oreal Exclusive Collection Pure Reds - Julianne
After loving Julianne's nude lippie last year, I knew I was going to love her red offering and it didn't disappoint.  Julianne's red definitely has pink undertones to it and gives a lift to my complexion, the likes of which I definitely need these days!

L'Oreal Exclusive Collection Pure Reds - Blake
I think Blake's red is going to be the one to sell out because who doesn't want to look like Blake Lively?  And even if you don't, as soon as you put this blue based red on your mush, you'll be flouncing around the place making people call you Serena Van Der Woodsen.  It's a beaut and you need to swatch it now.

I really like what L'Oreal are doing with these collections in having a load of women with different skin tones that most of us will be able to relate to in terms of eye colour and undertones.  Hopefully it'll make it a bit easier to make decisions when standing at the L'Oreal counter wondering what to pick!

These will be €11.99 and launch in October.  Which is your favourite?


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Best Beauty Blog in the Image Blog Awards!?!

Oh lads, talk about a day of ups and downs!  If you follow us on Twitter, you'll know of the car catastrophe that happened yesterday where basically my car died a small death on the way into town to meet up with Niamh Martin from Nima Brush before heading to the Image Blog Awards.  Vlogging was happening, panic ensued and I'm still not the better of it!  Some lovely people helped me get the car in off the road and I ended up having to abandon it before getting a taxi home to drop the key into my neighbour who's a mechanic, then headed back into town where we just managed to make the awards but missed Niamh.  Boo stupid car!

I got to meet some new faces, see some of my favourite ladies and had a cheeky glass of wine which helped settle my car panic!

Lads, this happened.... 

To say I was shocked would be an understatement!  I didn't even wear a shaggin' dress!  I wore an old pair of comfy jeans, a cardi I haven't worn in yonks and really should have washed and not a pick of jewellery on me at all at all.... This is why I don't blog about fashion!  I just wanted to go for the chats, see who won and mosey on home into my bed!

But seriously though, thank you so much to everyone who voted for the blog in the awards.  Your support means the world and it's fantastic having a great bunch of beauty loving bridies out there who love makeup and all things girlie as much as I do.  You make me feel normal when I tell you that I have 15 red polishes and for that, you are little stars!

Thank you!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IsaDora Flashing Volume Instant Effect Mascara review, before & after photos

Yes, so I've found my new favourite going out mascara.  What's a going out mascara I hear you ask?  It's one you wear when you're going out at night and have lots of eye makeup on and are allergic to the effort of applying false lashes because you know they'll mess up your makeup, so need a mascara that can hold it's own against your smokey eye.  Phew.  Say all that in one breath!

IsaDora is a brand I've overlooked in the past to be honest and I think I've only tried their nail polishes and that's about tit.  So when the team, who know I love me some lashes, sent the Flashing Volume Instant Effect mascara to try, it was the perfect way to dip my toe into the IsaDora waters.

The packaging is simple, but it's the wand where the magic happens.  Shorter than my thumb nail, this is the smallest brush I've seen on a mascara since Clinique's Bottom lash mascara and I've not seen anything like it before.  For it's dinky size, it picks up a lot of product, hence why it's one for night time for me.  I'm in the more is more camp when it comes to mascara and even more so when it comes to night time.

Now, because it picks up so much product, you need to take your time applying it and the plastic bristles make combing the lashes easy enough to prevent clumping.  All of the photos in the blog show just one coat of the mascara, that's how powerful it is.

It gives me really thick, blacker than black lashes and it's definitely a mascara for volume over length for me which is what I generally go for when I'm wearing a strong eye at night.  During the day, I do prefer longer wispy lashes.  But these are fat bold lashes the likes of with can hold their own against any Charlotte Tilbury makeup I pile on!

For €16.95, it's definitely one to try out next time you're wondering what to try from IsaDora!  Have you tried anything from the brand?  What do I need to try next?


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Disappointing products!

With limited time during the week and on weekends to blog, I end up talking a lot about the products that I love because when I find great things, I can't wait to share them with you and they're much easier to write.  I've tried to blog about disappointing products in the past and they're boring for me to write and I always feel guilty about the fact that they're taking the place of good stuff on the blog!

So from now on, I'll be doing Disappointing Products videos every so often.  They're much easier to do, I can be a bit funnier and I really enjoyed doing this one over the weekend.  It's important for me to try and keep things a bit more balanced on the blog and on the YouTubes when it comes to product reviews and as you'll see, not everything works for me!

So have a squizz and see what products have disappointed me recently!  And do leave a comment either here or over on the YouTube channel and tell me what products left you feeling meh....


Monday, September 22, 2014

Rimmel Provocalips - photos, swatches, review!

Oooh this is a good one today folks!  Launching October 6th are the Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof lipsticks and I've got 7 of the 8 shades available to show you up close and personal.   And they're good...  Really good...  So good, they were allowed to have their photo taken on my lips cushion!  

This 2 step lip system promises to be kiss proof, transfer proof and fool proof.  That's a lot of proof.  But let's talk details.  On one end of the tube is the lip colour part which is a thin yet incredibly pigmented runny lip lacquer more so than a lipstick and on the other is a silicon feeling topcoat that seals the lip colour without changing the colour or finish of it at all.   I think the top coat is supposed to make the colour more glossy, but I can't see a difference and I like that to be honest.  It shows off the lip colour in it's true form.

For the most part, these were an absolute dream to apply.  As I mentioned above, the coloured part is quite runny, but still densely pigmented, so I'd advise removing some of the extra product by scraping it off the side of the tube before getting to work on your lips.  The doe foot applicator means you can get a nice crisp line and when it goes on, it feels like a lip lacquer.  It's important to work quickly with this because it sets in under a minute or so.  So while you can, press your lips together to disperse the colour and make sure you've a nice clean edge before you set it with the topcoat.  Before you apply that, you'll feel that your lips are really tacky, but once a layer of the topcoat goes on, all is well and you'll have smooth lips and it'll feel like you're wearing a regular lipstick.

But you're not.  You're wearing something fantastic and for me, these are a game changer and you'll see why below all these here swatches!

Rimmel Provocalips - Play With Fire
Play With Fire is a deep red shade that's perfect for autumn with it's deep reddy wine-y goodness.  This was one of my favourites.

Rimmel Provocalips - Dare To Pink
Dare to Pink was my least favourite in terms of shade and finish. I found that this congealed along my bottom lip where it met my top lip and the colour just washed me out big time.

Rimmel Provocalips - Make Your Move
Make Your Move is stunning!  Even more so in person than in these photos.  It's the most fabulous peachy neutral lip that I'll be getting so much wear out of and it's smack bang in my comfort zone.  Yes.  Love it!

Rimmel Provocalips - I'll Call You
I'll Call you is a really pretty pinky mauve-y purple-y shade that's totally wearable and makes me feel very sophisticated and grown up altogether when I wear it.

Rimmel Provocalips - Little Minx
Little Minx is for fans of bright fuchsia lips and Mags, if you're reading this, it's you in lipstick form!  I actually loved this more than I thought I would, so might venture out with this on soon!

Rimmel Provocalips - Kiss Fatal
Kiss Fatal is a daring shade in that it's a berry colour, but has a slight metallic finish to it.

Rimmel Provocalips - Kiss Me You Fool
Finally we have Kiss Me You Fool, my absolute favourite...  You know how I always say I'm too scared to go outside the house wearing red lips?  Well folks, this is one I'll be wearing out 100% and already think I know when I will too, so stay tuned for that.

The reason I know I'll be wearing it out is because on Saturday I tested this out properly.  I applied it for this post in the morning, wore it while filming my Disappointing Products video and it didn't budge.  I had lunch about 4 hours after applying it and after eating and drinking, there was no transfer on my glass, no movement, no nothing!  It looked exactly the same as when I applied it and it was only about 6 hours after the initial application that my lips started feeling a bit tacky, but still looked flawless, so I applied more of the topcoat and it felt perfect again.

8 hours after applying it, I had to have a shower, so off it came, but not easily I tell you!  It didn't budge with micellar water nor with my La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleanser or a WaterWipe.  I had to root out my Garnier Biphase eye makeup remover and that was the only thing that worked and that's most likely down to the oil that breaks down the lipstick.  This is seriously heavy duty stuff people!

Top row left to right : Rimmel Provocalips Play With Fire, Rimmel Provocalips Dare To Pink
Second row left to right: Rimmel Provocalips Make Your Move, Rimmel Provocalips I'll Call You
Third row left to right: Rimmel Provocalips Fatal Kiss, Rimmel Provocalips Little Minx
Bottom row: Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Me You Fool, swatchfest on the arm!
So I think it's safe to say that these are an absolute winner in my book.  They'll set you back only €8.49 which is for nothing and chances are they'll be on special offer when they launch, so no excuse!

If you're looking for a truly long lasting product, then you'll need to check these out.  Knowing that it's going to stay in place all night makes for a happy Karen and a Karen that will wear bright shades outside of the house!  Those red shades will be on constant rotation during December I tell you!

So are you intrigued?  Will you be checking them out when they launch?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

L'Oreal Infallible 24H foundation review, before & after photos

After my horror with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, I've been keeping fancy schmancy foundations at arm's length until I get over shelling out €40 for something that made me look rubbish.  So I'm back in my comfort zone today with a great little drug store foundation - L'Oreal Infallible 24H foundation.

Before we go anywhere, I have to address the 24 hour thing.  If you wear foundation for 24 hours, what are you doing where you need a full face of makeup for that long and second of all, you'll wake up the next day with a big scaldy face on you for having makeup on for that long!  But seriously, let me know if you've ever worn foundation for that long and not removing it before going to bed doesn't count!

Back to the Infallible 24H foundation.  It promises to hide the appearance of fatigue and blemishes and since I've been working 50 hours a week for the past 2 months while trying to keep the blog and YouTube going, I need all the help I can get in the fatigue department!

Out of the 8 shades on offer, I was sent the 4th lightest (140 Golden Beige), so it was way too dark for me as you might imagine.  But I still tried it out to see what it was like in terms of coverage and finish.  After the first use, I knew I'd be buying a lighter shade because the finish was fabulous.  Medium coverage with a radiant finish while still feeling lightweight on the face.  I'm all about that coming into the colder months.  You can see the finish in the photo below and while it looks warm on my skin there, in real life it was way too orange for me.

L'Oreal Infallible 24H foundation - 140 Golden Beige
So off I went to search for a lighter shade and found that the lighter shades still ran very warm.  So I did a proper swatchfest and ended up going with the lightest shade, Porcelain.  At the moment, it's slightly too light for me, so I've been mixing the two shades, using a pump of each to make my own personal shade.  (In reality I could've just bought the second lightest shade and saved myself the hassle, but shhh, I feel very makeup artist-y when I'm mixing).

L'Oreal Infallible 24H foundation - 015 Porceline
One of my favourite things about this foundation is the finish.  I've mentioned the glow it gives, but even better is that you can't see it on the skin at all, as shown by the photo below, carefully cropped so that one cannot see my ronnie.  Now, I have an oily t-zone, the likes of which puts a foundation like this to the test, especially one that claims 24 hours of wear.  And I have to admit that without a primer or setting powder, this slides off my schnoz in about 4 hours.  But am I going to let my big ole honker ruin things for the rest of my face?  No way Jose.  A quick layer of primer and a dusting of powder and I get to look airbrushed, slightly more awake (even if I've learned that I can type really well with my eyes closed at work) and ready if my day takes a different turn and I'm out for the next 24 hours... A bridie can dream...

I'm very impressed with this little star from L'Oreal and not to sound too YouTube-y, but it looks amazing on camera.   So my advice?  If you're an oily bridie, then prepare to use a primer with this, but if you've dry skin, then your face will love this.

€14.99 is the damage and it's well worth checking out.  Now, the next thing is, how can I make myself stay up and really test out the 24 hour claims?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No7 Lash Impact mascara review, before & after photos

You know when I do my mascara reviews, I always comment on packaging and how I enjoy when those tubes stand out in my makeup bag.  Well No7 Lash Impact mascara is Christmas in mascara form with it's red glitter and I'll be honest, I thought it might be one of those gimmick products that come out for the craic.  I was wrong.  Oh so wrong.  But back to the packaging.  Isn't it fabulous?  So of course the twinkly lights had to make an appearance for the photos.

Along with commenting about the packaging, I always comment on the brush and fans of the bristley brush can be safe in the knowledge that there's no plastic to be seen.  I'm not too bothered by wands or brushes when it comes to mascaras and will try any and all if it gives me grand big lashes.

The formula is slightly on the dry side which means it takes slightly longer to get enough onto my lashes until I'm happy with the result.  And I'm ok with that.  Thinner formulas like this means you can layer it on like a good thing without the risk of clumping and those spider lashes that we try to avoid.  What I get with the No7 Lash Impact mascara is this:

Long, wispy, fluttery lashes with lots of lift, a decent amount of volume and for that reason, I've been using it non stop for the past few weeks going to work.  It deposits the perfect amount of product onto my lower lashes too, giving me a wide eyed effect when I'm exhausted and feel anything but bushy tailed.

As usual, the photos here show one coat and when I apply it at 5.20am, it still looks the exact same by the time I get home at 4.30pm.  And no judgement, but it works great if you're heading out right after work and have no time to take your mascara off but need a little somethin' somethin', so go on and add a second coat then for even lashier lashes.

This will set you back €17.50 or even better, comes free when you buy 2 selected No7 products!  Well if it's free then how could you not want to try it?

Love love love this little Christmassy, Dorothy's ruby slippers packaged beaut which 100% holds it's own against the big guns in the mascara world.

Have you tried it and are you intrigued?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vlog! Will & Joanne go to Amsterdam

I meant to put this on the blog over the weekend but totally forgot thanks to Charlotte Tilbury!  So a couple of weeks ago, Joanne and Will went to Amsterdam as Will finally turned the big 3-0.  They explored, they visited where Will proposed, they ate a lot of good food and they made me want to go to Amsterdam and get clogs.

Have a squizz at their trip and I have to say, Joanne did a brilliant job editing this video!  She's obviously been watching Fun For Louis for inspiration!

Make sure you subscribe to our channel here.  We're close to 1500 subscribers and will have a little giveaway when we hit that benchmark.  I have it my head that I'd like to reach 2000 by the end of the year, so let's see if we can do it!

Space NK Beauty Event on September 17th!

Beauty events are great.  Not only do you get a chance to have one on one time with the make up artists in store, but you get to browse properly amongst fellow beauty lovers with no judgement from the regular folk who just don't get how much we love our beauty products.  So when you hear of events, you take note and you go because you will be among kindred spirits.  Fellow enablers if you will.

This Wednesday, September 17th, Space NK is having an exclusive beauty event, the likes of which you're going to want to sit up and take note of.  When you spend €185 in store (wait, don't freak out, I have justifications) you will receive The Beauty Anthology goodie bag which contains a massive 28 samples featuring brands like Chantecaille, Eve Lom and Caudalie!  Throw in makeovers, cocktails and canap├ęs and they'll have to be hooshing you out the door at the end of the evening!  And to put the cherry on top, one lucky customer will win a VIP upgrade with 10 full sized products from the goodie bag.  So if you're going, light a candle before you head in and hope for the best...

Ok, now I know some of you will have read €185 and gone "Whatchoo talkin' about Karen" but hear me out.  If you're someone who shops in Space NK and gets your beauty fix in there, then what better time to stock up on your favourites and get the goodie bag?  Is your Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm on the way out or do you need one of those Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes?  Well then what are you waiting for?

Tickets are €15 each and are fully redeemable against purchases.  If you can't make it to store then the event is also running online on the 17th and 18th of September.

You can find the contact details for the Space NK store in Dundrum and Grafton Street here so get calling because I bet this will be a good 'un!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette! Swatches, makeup looks and video!

Uh oh.... We are in big trouble folks.  Charlotte Tilbury's makeup range launched in Brown Thomas recently and I fear that we are going to be broke because everything, and I mean everything, is absolutely gorgeous!  I was given a couple of bits to play with and bought the rest, such is my love for everything I came in contact with at the launch.

I asked on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for what you'd prefer in terms of blog posts and a video and the majority of you requested a big video talking about everything.  So over the weekend I filmed this mahoosive video where I chatted about everything, showed all of the products in action with some tutorials and basically tried to explain the absolute love I have for everything.

A good few people requested blog posts too and so rather than rushing things and putting everything in one big post, which might be overwhelming (for me, not you, if you don't believe, me, watch the video!) so I'm going to break it down and talk about the Dolce Vita palette today, the lip products another day and the Colour Chameleons in a third post.  That way I can go into lots of detail and give everything the love they deserve.   Ok, let's do this!

The Dolce Vita palette was going to be first on my list of things to buy and so I snapped it up quick smart.  For €50 (I know...) you get four eyeshadows - the prime shade, a champagne shimmery colour, the enhance shade which is that gorgeous garnet that I can't get enough of, the smoke shade is a bronze shadow with gold shimmer running through it and the pop is that sparkly gold shade.  

I don't think a palette has ever been made for my eyeballs like this one... It's versatile and you'll see below I've photos of just some of the looks I've done with it.  That pop shade is perfect for applying on top of any of the colours to add a bit of sparkle if you're heading out in the evening.  And it works beautifully over the Colour Chameleons which you'll see in the video.

All of the shadows are soft, blendable and it's best to use a flat shader brush to pick up the colour and pat it on, otherwise you'll have some fall out.  But once you tap the brush off before going near your eyes then you'll be grand!  I find that like all shadows, these crease on me if I don't use a primer, so once I lash a primer on, I'm good to go for a good 6-7 hours before creasing sets in.

As I mention in the video, when you're spending €50 on a quad, it's not the time to get experimental. Go with something you know you're going to get a lot of use out of.  And the Dolce Vita palette is exactly that.  I show you how I did these two makeup looks below in the video and both of them took minutes to do.

The look below is the one I wore in the video and you can see how it makes my eyes stand out.  I think this is a palette that would work with everyone's eye colour, but us green eyed bridies will have a kinship with Dolce Vita more than anyone else, mark my words.  This is True Love.

If you're looking to treat yourself or have a birthday coming up, then put this on your wish list.  You won't be sorry!  This has put me into the danger zone because there are at least 2 more palettes I want so time to start saving!

What do you think?  Is Dolce Vita the one for you?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel hits shelves today!

Fans of gel effect polishes take note!  Launching today is Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel manicure system which promises up to 14 days of colour and shine without needing an LED lamp.  "Quoi?" I hear you say?  We're talking 18 shades (for now, there'll be more coming soon) broken down into five categories, Flawless Nudes, LovePink, Street Pastels, Runway Shock and Mad Mod.  So if you like your neutrals, brights or more intense shades, you should be able to find something you love.

I got these five to try out after getting a manicure with a dark wine shade, I can't remember the name but I'll know it when I see it and shall buy it because it was autumn in nail polish form.  I think it was Dig Fig actually.  Joanne and I have been playing with them since and yes, I think we will be collecting them in the future.  Especially once we head to New York and get our paws on more colours!

Let's talk about the technology a bit.  What makes this gel effect so different to others on the market? Basically, ingredients in the coloured coat interacts with a photo initiator in the top coat to essentially cure it like a gel polish.  Whatchoo talkin' bout Karen?  What I'm saying is that daylight will help the topcoat do it's job and work with the colour underneath to give you a grand shiny manicure that lasts for days.  The topcoat comes in a black bottle to block out any daylight so it doesn't harden inside.  I didn't get the 14 days out of it, more like 5, and it's nobody's fault but my own because as we all know, I'm a professional nail polish picker offer and am really hard on my nails as it is.  Joanne got a good 10 days before her manicure started chipping.  I never comment on longevity of nail polish on the blog for that reason.  That and I change my polish all the time because a) I get bored with the colour and b) I have more to test out.   Some day I'll attempt to leave my polish on for a fortnight!

Instructions say to apply two coats of the coloured polish on and when I had my manicure done, we applied a coat, let it dry, applied the second coat, let that dry and then applied the top coat.  There was some transfer of the coloured polish onto the topcoat brush, so keep a paper towel handy to wipe any mess off the brush.  The topcoat dries in about 10 minutes or so, but continues to dry and harden in daylight, so any excuse to paint your nails in the morning and sit outside for a bit eh?  The girl who did my nails said she applies a new layer of the topcoat every couple of days to keep the high shine in place and keep the manicure going strong, so I need to give that a go. 

Let's have a look at some of the swatches shall we?

Birthday suit is a nudie lover's dream.  The only thing is this needs 3 coats to be fully opaque or it's streak city.  But if you can be patient and wait the extra couple of minutes then it's worth it for this creamy nude manicure.

B Girl is a minty greeny/Tiffany blue shade that is Spring time in nail polish form.  Again, this pastel shade needed 3 coats to be fully opaque but look at it.  She's a beauty.

Street Flair only needed the 2 coats for full opacity and this is the perfect transition shade heading into autumn.  This dusky purple mauve shade will be on constant rotation in the coming months I tell you!

Pretty Piggy was this close to being the colour I chose for my manicure a few weeks ago, but I decided to freak Pamela Laird out who knows I love me and my corals, having done my nails in a coral the week before!  It's a fabulous pinky, salmony, corally shade that needed 3 coats to hide all the ridges in my nails.

I blame EssieButton for this one because I cannot say the name of this without going "Oh Reggie"... Those who watch her vlogs will know why!  Redgy is two coater is a bright, punchy red that is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their nails.  Everyone needs a red like this in their collection.

Now, despite it's gel effect appearance and feel, you remove the polish with normal nail polish remover, with or without acetone, depending on what floats your boat.  No need to soak or scrape the nails.  Also, in case you're wondering, the top coat won't work in the same way with a regular polish because it won't have that ingredient to bind with the topcoat.  It'll still give shine over other polishes, it just won't cure in the daylight.

Each bottle will be €9.99 as will the topcoat and there'll be duo packs with one colour and a topcoat for €15.99, so a proper bargain altogether.  Will I be buying more shades?  Hell yeah!  I've already got my eye on All Chalked Up - a pale lilac shade, Hydro Electric - an electric blue and Dig Fig - a delicious wine shade.

Click here to find a list of stockists and let me know which shade is your favourite!
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