Best Beauty Blog in the Image Blog Awards!?!

Oh lads, talk about a day of ups and downs!  If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know of the car catastrophe that happened yesterday where basically my car died a small death on the way into town to meet up with Niamh Martin from Nima Brush before heading to the Image Blog Awards.  Vlogging was happening, panic ensued and I’m still not the better of it!  Some lovely people helped me get the car in off the road and I ended up having to abandon it before getting a taxi home to drop the key into my neighbour who’s a mechanic, then headed back into town where we just managed to make the awards but missed Niamh.  Boo stupid car!

I got to meet some new faces, see some of my favourite ladies and had a cheeky glass of wine which helped settle my car panic!

Lads, this happened…. 

To say I was shocked would be an understatement!  I didn’t even wear a shaggin’ dress!  I wore an old pair of comfy jeans, a cardi I haven’t worn in yonks and really should have washed and not a pick of jewellery on me at all at all…. This is why I don’t blog about fashion!  I just wanted to go for the chats, see who won and mosey on home into my bed!

But seriously though, thank you so much to everyone who voted for the blog in the awards.  Your support means the world and it’s fantastic having a great bunch of beauty loving bridies out there who love makeup and all things girlie as much as I do.  You make me feel normal when I tell you that I have 15 red polishes and for that, you are little stars!

Thank you!


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