Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Disappointing products!

With limited time during the week and on weekends to blog, I end up talking a lot about the products that I love because when I find great things, I can't wait to share them with you and they're much easier to write.  I've tried to blog about disappointing products in the past and they're boring for me to write and I always feel guilty about the fact that they're taking the place of good stuff on the blog!

So from now on, I'll be doing Disappointing Products videos every so often.  They're much easier to do, I can be a bit funnier and I really enjoyed doing this one over the weekend.  It's important for me to try and keep things a bit more balanced on the blog and on the YouTubes when it comes to product reviews and as you'll see, not everything works for me!

So have a squizz and see what products have disappointed me recently!  And do leave a comment either here or over on the YouTube channel and tell me what products left you feeling meh....



  1. Oh, I can't believe you are disappointed in Clarisonic!! :o I've got that as a long wanted gift for my BDay and I should admit - I LOVE IT. I've tried a way much cheaper version of face brush before and Clarisonic looks similar, just so much more "real" if I can say it this way :) Bigger, heavier, just ore masculine maybe :D

    And one more thing - I have to admit that your make up looks amazeballs in this video!!

  2. I agree about the clarisonic.It was a total disappointment for me too.


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