Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Glossybox August 2014 contents! Sponsored post

This month, Glossybox turns 3 and to celebrate a big birthday like this,  they've kind of stolen my idea for when I reach my next big birthday and had a little work done.  Something nice and subtle that will make people go "Hmmm I don't know what's different but you're looking only fabulous!"  I would like to appear more glowy when I hit my next milestone and Glossybox have decided that matte is the way to go for their August offering.

Now, as beautiful as the Glossybox and I think we are, or will be in my case, they always say that it's what's inside the counts don't they?

Twinkly lights not included!

All That Jazz Cuticle Balm

As a self confessed cuticle picker off-er, I try to make a conscious effort to keep them and moisturised because at the first sign of any dry skin there or around my nails and I can't help but to get a-pickin'.  Such a bad habit but when I make an effort to look after my cuticles and hands in general, it makes for an easy life when it comes to swatching nail polishes!  So this Cuticle Balm from All That Jazz has found a home on my bedside table and it's beeswax and cocoa butter will nourish my skin and so I'll no excuse then, correct?

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

Continuing on with the hand theme, this mini hand cream from Figs and Rouge is enriched with shea butter (my favourite) and algae extract which makes for soft, pampered hands.  As someone who carries around way too much in her handbag, mini hand creams like this fit into my makeup bag or inside pocket in my handbag, ready to use or offer to a friend who will invariably think I'm a bit mad whipping out a hand cream.

SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 Day Cream

I've not heard of Pep Cosmeceuticals before but am loving the sound of their mineral sunscreen which promises not to leave the chalky residue that generally comes with mineral sun creams, thanks to the titanium dioxide.  I'm all for trying new skincare brands and dipping my toe into the waters with smaller sizes like this one.  I haven't tried it yet, but I know, you've probably already guessed but I have it in my handbag in case I'm out and about and need to protect my skin.  Ireland's weather doesn't know what it's doing at the moment, so it's better to be prepared!  I'll give it a go under my foundation though and let you know how I get on and see if the no chalky promise holds true.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

You know I love my hair products and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer sounds right up my street as it's a pre shampoo treatment.  I've not tried something like this before so can't wait to give it a go.  The directions say to wet hair, apply to mid lengths and ends, cover it with a shower cap leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing it out and shampooing and conditioning your hair.  It promises to give unrivalled elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine.  I don't know what having more elasticised hair actually means but I'm all for trying it to see if it'll give me bounce and shine.  I've a video coming up soon on my favourite haircare products so I'll give this a go and we'll see if it makes the cut!

I Love Cosmetics - Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss

This lipgloss isn't too exciting but shhh, don't tell anyone that I put things like this aside for gift bags for my friends at Christmas.  Yes, I said the C word and you'll thank me later when I give you lots of gift ideas like this!

Kryolan Highlighter Cashmere

I've only seen Kryolan being used in YouTube videos and was very excited to see this beaut in the box.  Then I was even more excited that not only was it gorgeous, but it was in a shade that will suit pretty much everyone.  It's a highlighter, but is unlike any other highlighter I have in my stash.  I have secret rage because I have a post on highlighters ready to go and now need to redo the photos to include this because it's pretty perfect.  It gives my skin The Most Gorgeous Glow without looking like a robot and yes, again, it's great for keeping in your makeup bag ready to perk up dull skin.

So what are the winners for me here?  Definitely the Kryolan highlighter and I'll be telling you about that in more detail shortly.  That's worth £12.95 which is more than the price of the box itself which is £10 per month, or €16.  I can't wait to try the Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley and think this weekend I'll have to indulge in a pamper session.

And when getting the link from the Glossybox site, I may have had a sneak peek at the September box and holy moly it's a good 'un... Click here if you dare to a)see what's in the box and b)spoil the surprise for yourself!  You can get a 3 month plan for £9.50 a month, a 6 month plan for £9 a month, a monthly plan for £10 a month, or a 12 month plan for £8.50 a month.

See anything that tickled your pickle?


  1. Love Elasticizer & can't wait to see your review of the Kryolan highlighter - always wanted to try this brand too.

    Nic x

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  3. I love Elasticiser, it's so lovely. Originally created for Audrey Hepburn don'tyaknow, and if it's good enough for Audrey......


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