Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New York Sephora Wish List #2

It's that time of the month again!  No, not that time, it's Wish List time!  Last month's Sephora post went down a treat and I did promise you another one this month.  So off I went to do my favourite thing ever in life - browse the Sephora website and check out what's new, what I forgot I want, what I don't need and what I'll be able to buy without any guilt because when a spending ban is happening, we all know that international purchases don't count.  And I'll be on holiday...

So let's get stuck in shall we?  I went a bit palette crazy, not on purpose mind you.  I just saved photos of the things I liked and when I went to assemble them all, I realise I have a #paletteproblem

PS, this wish list does not take the place of the first one.  No, this goes alongside with it and shall be joined by a third one next month and one in November for good luck.  Had to set you straight there...

New York Sephora Wish List #2

You know how much I love the regular Full Exposure palette from Smashbox and when I saw this dinky travel edition, I fell in love.  It has 4 mattes and 4 shimmers, all in a little compact and for $22, it's a bargain to keep in my makeup bag for carrying around.

I'm saying a prayer that this palette will still be in Sephora by the time I get there because it's perfect. The eyeshadows are totally me with the neutral and purple shades and it has a beautiful dusky pink blush, a highlighter and a bronzer.  I can't cope with how much I want this!

More Tarte but look at it with your eyeballs.  16 neutral shadows, a mix of mattes and shimmers all in one travel friendly palette.  I haven't found a Tarte eyeshadow I haven't loved and so obviously need 16 of them.  As well as the palette above.  And whatever limited edition goodness they bring out between now and then.

This goes without saying.  This will be mine come November.  And if the blush palette is out by then, it'll also be mine.  I don't ask for much do I?  But my full sized Ambient Lighting powder is perfection and so I need this on my face.

Temptalia made me fall in love with these lipsticks when she posted all of the swatches on her blog, so many swatches that she had to split it up into two posts!  See part 1 here where I need Juliette and in part 2, I need Anita, Vanessa, Julie and Kelly.  And that's just for starters.  Oh I think I'll have to buy a jumbo pack of wipes over there with all the swatching I'll be doing...

I've really embraced the lighter bases this year but really want to give a full coverage foundation a go for the craic.  In my mind, this will give me flawless coverage, make me look airbrushed so I'm definitely going to give this a go.  Stay tuned to see if it's all I imagine it to be!

This is all because of Orla and her massive USA haul video that you need to watch if you are someone who likes to spend vicariously through someone else!  Now this isn't the only thing I want from her video and I know I'm going to have to watch it again with pen and paper to make sure I don't miss anything.  I want this lip treatment because we all know I'm a lip balm junkie and am probably 10% beeswax.

I've read a few hit and miss reviews on these palettes, but once again, this neutral beauty has stolen my heart.  I'll be checking out the entire Marc Jacobs range but this palette, oh it does funny things to me.  I want this one or the Lolita.  I fear for my bank balance when I see these in person...

Oh hello lover...  What gets me more giddy than a neutral palette?  A warm toned neutral palette and this stunner from Kat Von D has my name written all over it.   I actually think it could be the perfect palette on looks alone so here me now when I tell you that I will be getting stuck into this like a good thing come November.

And that's this month's instalment of Things That I Want But Don't Need But Still Want Thank You Very Much Sure Don't I Work Hard For My Money And I Haven't Had A Holiday All Year And Deserve It And It'll Nearly Be Christmas So Tis The Season And All.

See anything you like?


  1. Karen, I was in NYC in July & visited for the first time Sephora. I found it totally overwhelming. Even though had a good idea what I wanted to try, the amount of products there & just seeing all the stuff we see online & don't have here.
    I got the Tarte foundation, it's a little thicker than unexpected but v nice.
    Wanted the Hourglass powders / blushes but ended up with Nars instead.
    You should try the Sephora Pro brushes, I got two, foundation no 55 and eyeshadow, both v good. Amelia Liana raves about these brushes.
    Got the Tarte mascara & it's v good.
    Was dying the try Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette aft all the hype but thought they were v chalky & colours v pale so didn't get it
    Check out skincare - Kate Sommerville & First Aid Beauty.
    As you know you can
    Easily spend a lot $$$ there !!
    Then there is the Drug store list ..!

    1. Sharon, don't even get me started on the drug stores over there.... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  2. I'm off to NYC in 5 weeks eeek! Cant wait! This has given me some greats ideas! I would love to get the Marc Jacobs! But a bit pricey! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the Full Exposure palette, its beautiful! xx

    1. Ooh you'll have to tell me how you get on on over there, go forth and buy all the things!

  3. Agh my sis is going stateside soon and I've warned her she will be getting a shopping list!! I really want something from Tarte


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