Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New! Narciso EDP - hello new favourite autumn scent

It's the age old story.  Girl goes to meeting about new autumn perfume.  Girl catches sight of a bottle labelled Narciso on the table.  Girl squints.  Girl hasn't seen this bottle before in any of the times she's visited the Narciso section of the perfumes, because girl is obsessed with all things Narciso Rodriguez, so girl knows this is new.  From the packaging alone, girl imagines it's going to be smooth, creamy and very amazing.  Girl is not wrong.

If you're looking for a new fragrance this autumn, then look no further.  

The bottle is clean, simple and elegant, perfect for anyone who likes to display their perfumes on their dresser.  I don't care if we're supposed to protect our fragrances from daylight, I want it where I can see it!  And chances are at the rate I'm going through this bottle, it'll be lucky to last me until Christmas.  Factoid.

Narciso is a warm, sexy fragrance, perfect for cooler days and cosy nights.  The mix of florals and woody notes makes for a sensual yet feminine scent that I've been wearing at work and at night when I'm heading out.   It makes me want to get one of those really cosy cardigans, (the kind that take days to dry in in the winter and you swear you're never going to wear again but it's just so dang comfy) and wrap myself up in it.  It smells velvety if that makes sense - soft and plush but without being too heady.  I knew from the white bottle that it would be creamy and musky, but what I wasn't expecting was the hit of soft florals that start off the fragrance.  Bright yet sophisticated, just like moi!

Prices start at €52/30mls and Mr Rodriguez has done it again.  We already know that Essence Eau De Musc is my signature summer scent and now Narciso has become this year's autumn/winter scent.  For Her is one of those perfumes that I can wear all year around but Narciso, will you work on a spring time scent for me so I can complete my Rodriquez wardrobe!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Narciso in the black bottle; I definitely need to get a whiff of this!

  2. For Her is the absolute best!! And I really struggle to find scents that suit me and For Her is one of few that does. Can't wait to give this one a wiff :)

  3. Oooh this sounds lovely. I don't own any Narciso stuff, but I always spray myself when I see them. Tell me now, there is a black bottle and a pink bottle that look exactly the same except different colours, are the same perfume in different strengths, or 2 complete separate ones? I never see the 2 together so can't compare and it confuses me no end.


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