Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect review, photos

It was inevitable that Charlotte Tilbury's KISSING lipstick Bitch Perfect would be mine.  I should have bought it on the launch day but no, I was trying to be all good and restrained after buying other products from the collection and yet despite everything I bought, I still couldn't stop thinking about this.  The one that got away.  So a couple of days after that, I went to Brown Thomas, ready to buy it only for it to be out of stock.  For weeks!

Finally we were brought together by the universe and here it is....

Bitch Perfect is me in lipstick form.  It's warm, peachy and corally and if you know me, you know I love me some peachy corals.  It's really pigmented and feels thicker than most other lipsticks in my collection, but still feels nice and comfy on the lips.

It's a neutral enough shade, not nude, and it's warmth just lifts my complexion something fierce.  It totally works with my skin tone and I think it compliments my eyes only lovely!

On me, it's definitely more of a neutral lipstick than a nude one and while I love it, it's got spring and summer written all over it for me.  I still want a nude lippie from Charlotte Tilbury and might have to investigate Nude Kate or Penelope Pink, especially in the run up to Christmas when I'm working a smokey eye all the time!

But for a natural day time look, Bitch Perfect is gorgeous....  It was worth the wait and prepare to see it all the time on me after Christmas!

Charlotte Tilbury's range is available to buy in Brown Thomas and I urge you to check it out and dare you to try to leave empty handed.  I'll be showing you the Christmas range in an upcoming vlog, so stay tuned for that!

So tell me this and tell me no more, are you loving Bitch Perfect?  Apart from Coachella Coral (which you know I have and love), what's the next lipstick from Charlotte that I need to try?  Enable me like you know you want to...


  1. It is gorgeous on you Karen, can't wait to see the Christmas range!

  2. Babes! It looks stunning on you!!

  3. It looks fab on you, Karen! I have and love Hepburn Honey, haven't had it off my mush since I bought it - I need to investigate the Confessions one before I pounce again :)

  4. This shade suits you so well! I also love this kind of peachy neutrals :)
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

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  6. Just beautiful - I need her entire collection in my life! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  7. This is a beauty! First I thought it was kinda nude but when I saw it on your lips, it was just perfect! I want this!

  8. Such a gorgeous colour! x

  9. This is such a gorgeous colour, I swatched it at a CT counter recently and it was beautiful!


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