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Guest post - The Parisian Bride!

A couple of months ago, Joanne and I were at a wedding and met the chicest sisters ever, Sinead and Sarah Lyons who have set up The Parisian Bride, an Irish bridal jewellery and accessories website, back in March 2014.  If only we'd known about this when Joanne was organising her wedding!  Sarah runs the Dublin end of things while Sinead is based in Paris and going through the website and this blog post below made me want to organise a wedding, or at least have Joanne renew hew vows, complete with guna and all the stunning pieces on The Parisian Bride!

As our mammies played our PRs at the wedding, I knew I'd have to get the girls on board for a guest post for anyone out there who's planning a wedding and needs a bit of help in the finishing touches area with their wedding look.  And Joanne could've used their help big time because without fail, every lunch time leading up to her wedding, I'd have text after text with photos of this pair of earrings, that bracelet, what do I think of this hair clip, is this too big, is it too small and sure what would I know about those kinds of things!

The girls are nominated in the Weddingsonline awards this year!  And quite rightly so!  They're in the Newcomer of the Year category and we'd love for them to end this year on a high and win, so if you've a few minutes and are feeling generous, head over here to give them your vote and then come back here to read all of their fantastic tips and tricks!

Take it away girls!

Wow, what an honour to be guest blogging on this amazing award winning site. Thank you girls for the wonderful opportunity! We met Karen and Joanne at, appropriately enough a wedding, and clicked over our mutual love of all things makeup and fashion! Speaking of weddings if you havent already seen it, you have to check out Joanne’s fabulous wedding photos featured in Confetti magazine; now there is a girl who put on one classy wedding.

So, you have your dress, venue, menus planned and flowers picked, now it’s time to put some thought into your finishing touches. That is your jewellery, accessories and those little extras to complete your wedding look.

At The Parisian Bride we have four golden rules (bear with us!!) for choosing your jewellery and bridal accessories:

1. Know your style of dress and compliment it accordingly. Your jewellery and accessories should enhance and draw attention to you without overpowering your overall look.

2. Be true to your own style. Pick pieces you love and not what you think is expected. Every bride has her own personal style and this does not need to be compromised on your wedding day. For example, do not be afraid to choose something modern and contemporary over say traditional pearls. While pearls are fabulous and very bridal they are not necessarily for everyone.

3. Give yourself enough time to make your choice. It often happens that with all the planning and organising for the big day, a bride can overlook her wedding jewellery and accessories and end up making a rushed decision.

4. Don’t cut corners, quality lasts a lifetime.

Bridal jewellery does not need to be for one day only, it can be worn time and time again, for special occasions, anniversaries, parties etc. We love re-wearing our wedding jewellery, and seeing it in its jewellery box or on the dressing table make all the memories come flooding back.   It’s a wonderful thing to be able to keep and maybe even pass on down the line, so we feel it is wise to invest in at least one piece that will last and last.

At the Parisian Bride we want to bring our ladies something elegant, fabulous and above all special.  Most of our brands are new to Ireland and we keep only small amounts to ensure exclusivity.  Also if there is something specific you have in mind but cannot find it, contact us and we will source it for you. If we can’t find it not we will get someone to make it!

To all you ladies who are already married or have not taken the plunge yet, you are not forgotten! If you looking for the perfect piece to glam up your outfit as a wedding guest or just something fab for a day or night out,  we also have occasion jewellery.  And as you will see below much of our jewellery is very versitile and can be worn to lots of different events. Here are some of our favourite pieces, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Love necklace.

Handmade in the fashion capital of the world, Paris!  This beautiful necklace is made with freshwater pearls and crystals interwoven with rose gold silk thread.  It can be worn on it's own as a fabulous statement piece, or with the matching bracelet to complete the look.  We would style this necklace with a strapless wedding dress that does not have too much detail or embellishment as it will really enhance the overall look and impact of your wedding dress.  It would also be perfect for dinner on your honeymoon paired with a classic little black dress for some true Parisian style.

Paris clutch.

This clutch bag has been exclusively designed for the Parisian Bride by Ale Walsh.  There is nothing else like it on the market.  It's made from Acacia wood and covered in beautiful mother of pearl.  This stunning clutch is like owning a set of pearls, it will stand the test of time.  As this bag is very classic and elegant, we feel it could be styled with most wedding dresses and bridal looks.  Again, like a lot of our pieces, this bag is not limited to your wedding day and can be worn again and again for different occasions.  A true heirloom piece.  (This is Karen here, I fell in the absolute love with this when we met the girls at the family wedding and it is STUNNING!)

Marilyn mini lace cap.

This beautiful tear drop lace cap will add classic elegance to your wedding look.  Hats and hairpieces are having a bit of a moment right now, which we love, and a fab piece lilt this can really transform and make a look.  The hand spun veiling can be trimmed to our own desired length, so if you only want a hint of lace over your face or eye area, this is no problem.  We are fully aware that every bride differs on how much or how little they like their veiling!  With headpieces like this as with any accessory you decide to wear, your hairdresser is your best friend.  So if you are going to wear something like this, have it with you at your hair trial so that you and your hairdresser can figure out exactly how you want it to look.  No one wants to see a fabulous piece ruined by the wrong hairstyle. Also, don't cut or trim any lace until you have decided on your final look with your hairdresser.  While this headpiece has a definite vintage look to it, do not feel that you need to be having a forties themed wedding to wear it.  The Marilyn is a timeless, classic piece that can work with many wedding looks and it's available in ivory and champagne.

Mary earrings.

These fabulous pearl and crystal earrings are by American designer Roberta Chiarella.  We love them as they are a beautiful classic style pearl earring while at the same time having a bit of an edge.  As we said in our golden rules, many brides feel that because it's their wedding day, they must wear pearls or something traditionally "bridal".  This is not one of our rules and as we said ladies, be true to your own style!  That being said, pearls are not to be written off and they do add a certain something to a bridal look.  We think these earrings strike the perfect balance between your classic pearl and something contemporary and cool.  Perfect for your wedding day and many date nights after!  Again, think honeymoon, LBD...

Minnelli Shrug.

This gorgeous shrug from the wonderful ladies at Sasso Bridal is made from the softest marabou feathers.  As we all know girls, Irish weather is not the warmest or the most predictable, and while this shrug is one of our favourites for winter weddings, it cannot be ruled out for summer weddings.  Fur is classic and seasonless (the great Anna Wintour herself wore a fur stole to George Clooney's recent Venetial wedding - sigh!), and it adds major glamour to any outfit.  We have one to match all shades of wedding dress and skin tones as it comes in Pearl, Ivory and Vintage cream, with other colours available on request.  The Pearl colour works particularly well on our Irish skin!  Think glamorous fur stole with a pouty red lip, fabulous!

Little Extras.

Don't forget your garter ladies... This one is perfect for your something new and blue.  No explanations needed here!
We hope that this brief blog helps those of you in the midst of wedding fever.  And remember ladies, if it is all becoming too much or you are on the verge of calling it all off, we're only a click or a phone call away!  To finish, we will leave you with the immortal words of the greatest lady of them all, Coco Chanel, who said "above all, a girl should be two things; classy and fabulous".  So heed those words and enjoy and have fun!

Thanks so much ladies for this brilliant blog post!  We might be on to you next year when wedding season hits again!

And don't forget to vote for the girls for Newcomer of the year here in the Weddingsonline awards,  follow them on twitter here and visit for lots more beautiful pieces to covet for your wedding!


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