Friday, November 28, 2014

Lovely Girlie Bits makes the news!

You can't bring us anywhere!  As you might know by now, we're in New York for Thanksgiving, family time and lots of shopping!  After watching some of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, we decided to have a scootch in some of the shops that were open along 34th street.  Most of them were closed as they'd barricaded the street for most of the day.  We did some damage in Old Navy where everything in the shop was 50% off and then we went to K Mart for the craic.  They always have the tackiest Christmas clothes and as we were messing around with monstrosities like these:

The next thing we knew, a photographer came over and was taking our photo, telling us he worked for the associated press and was covering people shopping on Thanksgiving.  He decided this was the shot he wanted with Joanne messing and took her details!  This evening we had an aul google to see if we could find her and yes, the photo is everywhere!  Just search for "Joanne De Korte Thanksgiving" and you'll find her and Lovely Mammy Bits all over the interwebs!

This is the third time we've been in the media for Thanksgiving!  We made the Daily News twice and now this!  Best day ever!


  1. Not one bit surprised, can't let ye out at all :D :D That's brilliant!! That silver thing though.....

  2. That's fantastic, Lovely Girly Bits begins world domination!!!!! Is that you on the left of the picture Karen? I want your bag!


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