Thursday, December 18, 2014

Avoid town & Dundrum, go to Kildare Village this weekend! #stepintothestory

As you know, Joanne and I are just back from New York, the place where we did all the shopping.  A trip there is never complete without visiting Woodbury Commons outlet and we did some serious damage this year there!  We were invited to visit Kildare Village Outlets last weekend and seeing as we were having serious outlet withdrawals and it was my birthday, Joanne, Mam and I drove out with a list of a few bits we wanted out there and got them, along with things we didn't need, but sure that's the way a shopping trip goes am I right?

We all know that they have fashionistas sorted with shops like Ted Baker (where I saw the most stunning black beaded party dress, I just need a party to go to), Hobbs (where Mam saw a coat she'd bought in Arnotts there for a heavy discount and had the rage, she knows next time where to go!) and Karen Millen who had beautiful gunas for Christmas and New Year's parties.  There was one piece of clothing bought on Saturday and that was by mam in Superdry.  We spent ages convincing her that it wasn't just a shop for "young people" and just because she hit 60 this year, doesn't mean she can't rock a festive jumper like this one!  And she loves it!

Joanne is all about leather gloves and fell in love with these beauties from Ted Baker.  Bright pink with red in between the fingers - brilliant!  Very Penelope Pitstop!

But I wanted to talk to you about the beauty/accessories end of things.  As a bone fida beauty lover, I couldn't wait to head to Molten Brown where I found out that they did skincare.  Who knew?  And they had a sale on it too which sweetened the deal, but wait until you hear how much of a bargain I got.  I bought this cleanser and toner for €8 each and when you bought those, you got a mask for free!  All three should have come to €160 and I got them for €16.  I can't wait to give them a go because a) I love trying new things, b) I wonder why Molten Brown have been holding out on us in terms of skincare and c) it was a mega bargain if ever I saw one!  Oh and FYI, if you're a candle lover, they have them for €29.99 instead of €49.99.  I was this close to picking up Firefly Embers but decided it's my autumn candle scent and I'll get it next year for sure.

I'd never heard of Penhaligons and thought it was too fancy for the likes of us, but once we went in, I couldn't stop smelling all the things.  All of them.  They've got amazing perfumes, candles and body care and I think I got a bit overwhelmed looking at everything because there were a lot of neroli scented bits, plenty of clean smelling bits, my two favourite genres and I wanted to wear everything.    I'll definitely be hitting there again next time we visit Kildare but wait and see what mam got.

How cute are these three candles!  They'd three for €15, so mam got a few trios for Christmas presents and they smell amazing.  See that one in the middle?  It's orange blossom and I need it.  Think she'll miss it?

Now beauty lovers, sit close and hear me now.  L'Occitane is in Kildare Village now and I couldn't cope with the excitement!  As it was my birthday, I knew I'd be treating myself because those are the rules and when I saw they had a huge section with all things Cherry Blossom, I decided it was time to restock as I'm nearly finished the bottle I was given earlier this year.  If you're looking for a perfume-y present to give (or receive) this year, then Cherry Blossom all the way.  You'll love it, whoever you're buying for will love it and this set with the perfume, body lotion and hand cream was the perfect self gift that day.  They'd lots of gift sets in the Cherry Blossom scent so fear not, you'll definitely find something in your budget.

Along with Cherry Blossom, I've loved the Neroli & Orchidee scent from L'Occitane so when I saw this mini set with that scent and the one that was next on my list to try, Jasmin & Bergamot, I whipped it up.  They'd lots of mini fragrance sets like this, so you can either give one as a gift, or separate the scents and make a little hamper of mini treats for friends!  They'd an offer where if you spent €45 (easily done), then you could buy a set full of mini products for €20 which would make a gorgeous gift.  So what I'm saying is get busy in L'Occitane and the beauty lover in you will thank me!

There's a VIP lounge that you can book through the Kildare Village website and it's the perfect place to take a load off, have a drink and get ready to do more shopping!  They're expanding the outlet over the next year and by November 2015, there'll be lots more shops and a much bigger lounge, so we can't wait for that!

And who knew things were so sociable out there?  We met our brother and his girlfriend Claire out there who stopped us from going into Kate Spade for a second look (I think some sneaky present buying had occurred) but we did go in for a browse earlier that morning and her stuff is amazing....  We did damage in the Kate Spade outlet in Woodbury Commons, along with her store on 5th Avenue and if you're interested, we can show you what we bought to help you decide whether you should visit her shop in Kildare.  (Note - do go, there are gorgeous wallets, handbags, jewellery, accessories for your phones and iPads!)   We also met Jen out there, a lovely follower of the blog and fellow tormentor of Will, Joanne's hubby!

So if the thoughts of Dundrum and town this weekend are killing your Christmas buzz, get to Kildare early and get shopping!


  1. I live so close to there! Wish I had of known you guys were there!
    Emma xo |

  2. I live 5 mins away and no one locally likes the Village! I go when I need something from Cath Kidston or new runners from Nike or something but it would never be a destination for me. The appeal is deffo for those further away in Dublin etc.

  3. Ha thanks for the mention Karen and for not being too scared of my blatant stalkery! It was lovely to meet you and Joanne and your mam. Have a lovely Christmas and continued torturing of Will in 2015 :)


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