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My favourite videos from Lovely Girlie Bits 2014!

2014 was the year that we got more into the whole YouTube thing and it's safe to say that we have lots of video plans for 2015!  I love filming beauty videos, vlogging, editing and the whole creative process itself and want to up my game next year and give you guys some great things to watch.

We hit 100 videos a few weeks back and I thought I'd run through my favourite videos of 2014 from us. I had 10 picked, then found number 11, so had to include it!  I think my favourite videos of 2014 has more of a ring to it than my top 11 videos!  Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on any new videos!

The wedding

Joanne and Will got married this year and as they didn't have a videographer, I was the chief cinematographer for the day!  It truly was an amazing day and this video took so long to edit because I was bawling every time I went to work on it and I wanted to do it justice.  I still tear up when I watch it because it was such a magical and special day.  I mostly use YouTube's royalty free music for videos and I'm such a sap that when I hear the music I used in the start of this video in someone else's video, my eyeballs start leaking again.  Scarlet for me!  The wedding feels like it was ages ago and was the best day ever.  This is by far my favourite video of the year by a mile and we did some vlogs leading up to the big day so make sure to go back and watch them too.

10 beauty dupes

I raided my stash and found 10 affordable dupes for high end products.  It was quite a feat but nothing pleases me more than finding cheaper alternatives and telling you all about them!  I'm slowly collecting more for the next dupe-tacular video because we all know that January and February are painful months when it comes to finances and yet we never tire of wanting more makeup!

Charlotte Tilbury introduction & demo

I'm not going to lie, when I heard that Charlotte Tilbury was coming to Ireland, I lost the run of myself and thankfully, the products lived up to the hype big time!  If you're a reader of the blog, you'll have read lots of reviews so far and I'll have more soon because seriously, Charlotte knows how to make gorgeous products.  Totally on the luxury end of the scale but absolutely worth it in my opinion.  So I had to film an introduction video showing how I use some of the products I was given and bought.

The Aussie Blog Awards

One of the most surreal nights of the year was when we won Most Aussome Beauty Blog at the Aussie Blog Awards in association with  We decided to film it for the craic, thinking it'd be a nice evening out and would be a snippet of a weekly vlog.  As you'll see, I got a squidgy bit overwhelmed from shock of winning and the tears flowed out of my face again.  A mad night altogether and now we've to plan our trip to Australia for next year!

Joanne's Hen Do

We decided to film Joanne's Hen Do and bring you along with us for the craic!  And then filmed little explanation clips where we talked you through the day because we had the best day ever (apart from le wedding itself)!  You see what we did for Joanne that day and the little presents and mementos we got her, so Lorraine and I made fabaliss bridesmaids altogether!

The Jelly Bean Challenge

Why did two grown ass women decide to film themselves eating manky Jelly Beans?  For the craic and because we are gobshites!  I can't watch it without crying with laughter!  My stomach wasn't right for about two days afterwards and we paid the price in that regards!

My Spending Ban Haul

You all know Mags by now, one of my bestest bloggy pals and fellow beauty junkie/enabler extraordinaire.  Well, she and I are on a constant spending ban as we have an insane need for more makeup, even though we could open our own Sephora with everything we own.  So early 2014, we decided to go on a proper spending ban, one where we could only buy necessities and we said we'd text each other if we thought we were going to break said ban.  I broke it.  I broke it so hard and so had to fess up and film this video - sorry Mags!

5 minute curls tutorial

I found this tutorial on Pinterest earlier this year and decided to film a tutorial because it's the quickest and easiest way to get a full head of curls!  I use this technique every time I want to curl my locks and so whenever you see anything remotely curly on my noggin, this is how I'll have done it.

Image Blog Awards / Boots Christmas 2014

Another insanely surreal night where my car died on the way into town, the blog won Best Beauty Blog in the Image Blog Awards and I hadn't an inkling we were going to win, otherwise I'd have worn a dress at least!  We got to go to Boots' Christmas showcase the following day which literally had me as giddy as a child because we all know that Boots is especially amazing for presents during the festive season!

Disappointing products

This video proved really popular with people and I'd so many comments and emails thanking me for filming it.  I find it much more enjoyable to blog and film videos on things I love, less so when it comes to things I don't like or don't have an opinion on.  I'd written blog posts in the past on products that made me go meh, but thought I'd be able to explain things better and be a bit funnier in a video, and I think I'll be doing more of these in the future!  Not everything works for everyone, and I've handed most of these products over to better homes!

The Slimming World Mushy Pea Curry

It sounds like gick but it's gorgeous.  Trust moi.  I've completely fallen off the Slimming World bandwagon recently as life got in the way and my focus was elsewhere.  I'm ready to get back on track and shall be watching my own video for motivation, inspiration and to get cracking.  So if you want to see more Slimming World videos, let us know!

And there you have it.  I'm proud of each and every video we upload to our channel and have a million ideas of what I want to film next year.  If you've any video requests, leave a comment below and stay tuned for my December favourites and 2014 favourites videos coming up soon!

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