Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Staying organised in 2015 - Or how much stationary does one human person need?

In the second half of last year, life got so busy that I felt completely overwhelmed, both in real life and in bloggy life.  I used to be quite organised with the blog, having photos taken and posts scheduled in advance and for a long time, I felt like I was playing catch up and I hated it.  I couldn't get ahead of myself and keeping up with everything was hard enough, never mind planning in advance.  Now that work is back to normal (kind of, I'm still up extra early but not covering for anyone anymore), and paired with a lot of sleep and relaxation over Christmas, I feel like I'm back in business.  My brain is back to being able to think of ideas for posts and videos and it's like the good old days!

So with the start of the new year, I needed new organisation, both for blog life and real life.  Some might call it extreme, but I love stationary and probably keep places like Paperchase in business.  Lists are the only way I can manage life and if I don't write stuff down when I think of them, they go out of my brain, never to return and that sucks ass.

Kate Spade Planner

I first saw this in Macy's in New York, then went to buy it on Black Friday where the sales assistants are super busy and super slow.  It wasn't on sale and I decided I didn't want to potentially queue for 30 minutes for a $36 planner, so left it and thought about it a bit more before going back the following day and it wasn't there.  Cut to us in the Kate Spade shop on 5th avenue a few days later where they had it and it was 30-40% off, I can't remember.  But I love it and it was meant to be!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the little phrases like this one at the beginning of each month.  So in January, I'm going to lose my head in the clouds.

Inside the planner, we have the month laid out on two pages for me to see what's happening.  I like things laid out like this and at a glance, I can see what's going on.  Pardon the little blurring out of stuff I have coming up this month, keeping a few things under my hat.  But yes, January is shaping up to be an interesting and exciting month!

Then we have the weekly planner where I can keep notes of things, like you do in planners.  I'm hoping to keep this beaut full for the whole year because I'm a hoor for forgetting to keep track of things and after everything I went through to get this, it deserves to be filled with lots of exciting things.


I got this notebook for Christmas from my brother Stephen and his girlfriend Claire and because it's cute and pretty and has Imagine written on the front, I have chosen it as my place to jot down ideas for blog posts and videos.  I blahddy love it and already have a few pages filled with lists, ideas, things that might not make it to the internet, but I'm doing my best and using my imagination!  My brain is constantly ticking over when it comes to blog post and video ideas and there is nothing worse than thinking of something great and forgetting it two minutes later because you didn't write it down.  Soooooo annoyingggggg.

Christian Lacroix

This beaut of a notebook arrived before Christmas from Bourjois and it's just so fancy with it's Christian Lacroix-ness and Parisian designs on the front.  This was too fancy for just anything, so I decided to use it as my gratitude notebook/things that make me happy notebook.  I know this sounds very Oprah, but I'm loving it!  In life, it's so easy to get caught up in the negative stuff, in your own life and in other's lives, so over Christmas, I decided I wanted to take five minutes at the end of each day and list five things that made me happy that day.  The first few days were a bit hard to come up with 5 but when I sat and thought about it, it's the little things that I need to be appreciating along with the big things.  Now I look forward to writing in it every night and I think it'll be something nice to look over when I'm having a bad day or at the end of the year when I want to look back over all the things that made me happy, made me smile and made me appreciate how lucky I am.

To Do

I found this To Do pad in The Container Store and know that it's going to be a lifesaver this year.  Not in the bloggy part of my life, just real life.  As I mentioned before, I can get very overwhelmed when I have a huge amount ahead of me which can send me into a downward spiral so I'm going to be proactive this year and use this bad boy to help me keep on top of everything!  That's the plan anyway!


I bought this weekly calendar mainly because I thought it was cute.  Total honesty there!  But it is and I think it'll be good either for blog post planning or real life planning, or maybe even a weekly meal planner?  I don't know, I just loved it and was so excited to see all the office-y things in The Container Store and I'll find a use for it!  I got the sticky notes in Boots before Christmas and we all need sticky notes in our lives, especially ones with hashtags.  And I bought a load of pens and highlighters in one of those discount shops.  At work, we only ever have black pens, the joys of working in a hospital, so I wanted a bit of colour because I'm 12 on the inside.  I don't have a use yet for the purple Moleskine notebook, but give me time and I'm sure I'll figure something out!

Is it just me or is it very satisfying to get a load of new stationary in the new year?


  1. S'not just you! I got two planners for Christmas, with sticky notes & everything, was delighted!! I've a bit of a notebook problem, I've a wonder woman one for blog things that turned into my Christmas Things notebook in December, I've a book for jotting down review notes when I read a book, I've a notebook for food/recipes/ideas, I've one for stuff I buy/want to buy/things I see in magazines and I've just ordered a hardback Gorjuss one for........not exactly sure, but it was PRETTY!! The Kate Spade planner is a beaut. I've never been in Paperchase, I can only presume I'd faint :)

  2. I'm as bad with notebooks as I am with mascara - I've about a million and can never seem to wait till I finish one before starting another!

  3. Oh so pretty! I'm also in major Get Organised Mode for this year... I bought a bigger diary than my usual mini Moleskine which I tend to forget about, a family planner with a column for each of us and finally reminders in my phone. Everything has to go in all 3, which is a PITA but the only way for me.

    Would love one of those to do lists and keyboard planners!

    Nic x


  4. ohhh this post is like porn for the organised. love it!

  5. Love it all! I have a grá for stationery and things to help me plan!

  6. I always have little cute notebook in my bag and I <3 novelty post-its


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