Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipstick - Peach Poppy

Peach Poppy.  It was the name that first caught my attention in Boots recently.  As a full blown lover of all things peach and coral, I went against all the rules and bought this shade unresearched and unswatched.  That is the effect that having the word "peach" in a product name has over me.  But look at her.  She is everything I imagined her to be and more.

Part of the Rebel Bloom collection that I'd seen on Temptalia back in January, Peach Poppy is a light, creamy nudey peach shade that looks brighter and more vivid in the bullet than it does on the lips.  Like any of the Color Sensational lipsticks I've tried in the past, this reinforced how much I love the range from their pigmentation to their longevity and I haven't met a dud yet.

I've been on the lookout for a pale, yet not too pale, peachy nude lipstick for ages because we know I'm partial to a smokey eye, and Peach Poppy is what I've been waiting for.  It has a medium level of opacity, gives a light glossy finish on the lips and is really comfortable to wear.  The fact that it goes with my scarf is icing on the cake.  In case you were wondering, the scarf is from Penneys last year and I only found it recently but love it.  I wonder why... Note to newbies to the blog, I love peach and corals and if you add neon to that mix, all bets are off.

Peach Poppy works really well with my skin tone, totally avoiding giving me any kind of concealer lip situation.  It's a shade I get a couple of hours at least out of, longer if I'm not eating or drinking, and I can apply it without a mirror, dabbed on for a more subtle finish, or applied properly to look like this.

As I've lost the receipt, I'm not 100% but I think this was €8.99 and at the time of purchase, Maybelline had an offer on in Boots where it was buy one get one half price.  So use that piece of information as you will and let me know if you're one of those people who are able to see an offer like that and buy just one thing!  I think there were four shades in the Boots I was in and I'll be checking out some bigger Boots to see if they have more shades because you know I'm going to be all over the coral one!


  1. She's a peach of a peach K! :)

  2. Must check this collection out, that colour is very pretty!

  3. Beautiful color! I have so many lipsticks of this collection and I really like the formula.

  4. such a great settle color for spring/summer !

  5. That surely is a lovely colour!

  6. Gosh, this look absolutely lovely, not only in the bullet but likewise on your lips! <3


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