Thursday, February 19, 2015

My favourite eyeshadow brushes!

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, I have a bit of a gra for all things makeup brushes.  And in particular, eye brushes.  I like to think I'm a collector, but in actual fact, it's probably more that I hate cleaning them with a passion unlike anything else I've ever known, so buy more rather than clean them, meaning that when I do eventually run out of clean brushes and have to wash them, I have millions of them to do, making me loathe the job even more....  Ugh I get annoyed at the mere thought of cleaning them... Anyway, I decided it was high time I talk you through some of my favourite eyeshadow brushes.  These are the ones I use almost daily (when I have time to put eyeshadow on) and they're the ones I don't hate cleaning as much as the others.

Flat eyeshadow brushes - shadow placement

BCC Cosmetics have this absolute dupe for the MAC 239 and it's brilliant, affordable and packs on colour like nobody's business.  It washes well and is one of those must have brushes.  Why do I only have one of them?  I need more.  I have other flat shadow brushes but they're just not as good as this one.  They're either too big or too small and this is the Goldilocks of eyeshadow brushes - just right.  I've had my MAC 227 brush for years, way before I started blogging and it's one of my favourites for applying a wash of colour on the lids when I'm feeling very brave but also very haphazard and I also use it to highlight my brow bone.  You're not going to get any kind of precision with this but for applying a sheer base on the lids, this is a great pick.

Brushes for a bit more detail/precision

Starting from the top, we have the MAC 195.  This is technically a concealer brush but I use it for cream eyeshadows.  I usually use my finger to apply cream products but if you want to be all proper about it, using a synthetic brush will pick up more product than a brush with natural hairs.  The shape of this brush means you can be really precise with placement, something I need to learn more about!

Below that we have the NARS Push Eyeliner #46 which I use all the time for lower lash line.  I bought this one years ago when I was going to New York and my friend Ruth asked me to pick one up for her.  Not wanting to be left out, I also picked one up and love it for packing on colour right under the lower lashes without making a mess.

The E10 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics fantastic for doing crease work.  Would you listen to me and my crease work!  If you want to add proper definition into the socket without making a mess, then this one's a keeper.  I like pretending I'm being all artistic using this while I attempt to do a cut crease!

Finally at the bottom of the photo we have this double ended brush from Catrice.  I think it's about €6 and while the other end (not pictured) has a little domed blending brush, I mainly use it for the angled brush end when filling in my eyebrows, applying colour to the upper lash line and when I want to create a soft wing on the outer corners.  I think if you're new to liners and feline flicks, then a brush like this is much more user friendly than a regular liner brush.  Angled brushes are the best invention because you can use them in a few ways, making them multifunctional, and thus absolutely allowed to be purchased. 

Blending brushes

I have a serious issue when it comes to blending brushes.  No, I mean it.  I have more fluffy brushes than I do sense, and yet I'm drawn to them every time I'm within 5 feet of the makeup tools aisle in Boots.  But I love them.  They do my job for me and as you'll see in my tutorials on YouTube, my mantra in life is to "blend like a mofo" and to do that, you need lots of blending brushes.  Back in the day, it was all about the MAC 217 and to be honest, I don't remember the last time I bought a MAC brush.  Oh actually, I do.  It was about 2007 and I bought a 217 and a 226 on my way to Spain and when the family heard how much they were, I had to tell them they were handmade by blind nuns in Nepal because it was crazy money.  Nowadays, everyone has their version of the 217 and I do love using a fluffy brush to apply a wash of colour all over the lid, to define the crease and to blend out harsh edges.  If you have eyes, you need blending brushes because no matter how rubbish you are at makeup, having one (or five) of these will make you look like a pro.

My favourites from my crazy collection of blending brushes are (starting from the top left) the MAC 217 (L), the Boots version of it (R).  The middle row has the MAC 224 which is much fluffier than the tapered MAC 226 which is great for blending but also keeping shadow where you put it.  At the bottom we have the Real Techniques Base Shadow brush (part of Sam's Picks) which is the smallest of my favourite fluffy brushes and finally we have a crease brush from EcoTools.  I bought this in a set from Boots years ago and it's one of the softest brushes I own and I really do need to try and find more!

So these are the brushes I make sure are clean when I'm filming a tutorial, when I'm getting ready for a night out and they never let me down.  Are there any brushes I'm missing?  What's your must have eyeshadow brush?  Come on, enable me!


  1. essence have some great eye brushes that won't break the bank, their smokey eye brush is a must have for me tbh!
    Emma xo |

  2. Great collection, Love my Mac 217, I do have loads of blending brushes but find I always go back to it! xxx

  3. My favorite brushes are the push/flat eyeliner from Signature Minerals for applying loose powder eyeliner in the upper lash line, my tiny flat/pointed eyeliner brush that I got with an Elite gel eyeliner (I love this brush, it's so effective and small!) and my cheap round blending brush from ELF that I've used for ages !
    I love firm, full synthetic brushes that are also very soft on the skin so a brush like MAC 217 isn't for me…


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