Monday, February 16, 2015

YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil - Peach Me Love review, photos, swatches

I've been like Gollum waiting for the YSL Volupte Tint in Oils to launch and now they're here!  We know that lip oils are the latest beauty trend with Clarins and Hourglass having launched their own lip oils recently, but now fans of a bit of colour on the lips while nourishing them need look no further.  These are the perfect makeup/treatment hybrid and I'm in love.

There are eight shades in the collection and I was sent Peach Me Love to test out.  I might as well let you know I already want to check out the other shades...

The oils.  With a grand total of five oils; apricot kernel oil, macadamia seed oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, passion flower oil, this doesn't actually feel oily on the lips much to my happiness!  It feels exactly like the regular Volupte glosses on my lips and feels thick and unctuous with not a bit of stickiness.  YSL have managed to capture the pigments of the tint inside the oils so when the oils fade, the tint stays.

The packaging.  Sleek, weighty, lush.  It's packaging in it's most luxurious form and at €27, it'd want to be.  But you get a big tube for that much and come on, there's nothing like whipping out a YSL product and feeling like you're treating yourself, only you actually are.  Total lip treatment while looking fabulous!

The scent.  I love the scent of the Volupte glosses and this one smells the same with it's fruity, melon-y goodness.  It's worth noting that as the gloss fades, so does the scent.

YSL Tint in Oil - Peach Me Love - one layer
The application.  The applicator makes for quick and easy application and the pointed tip means you can follow the natural lip line without much fussing about.  The wand picks up just the right amount of product for one layer, but by all means, feel free to double dip and add a bit more!  Right after application of one layer, Peach Me Love leaves a lovely sheer peach tint on the lips with lots of shine.  I love a wet look gloss and this is a cracker.  I noticed that as time went on, my lips turned a soft shade of pink and as the gloss faded, the tint remained like so:

YSL Tint in Oil - Peach Me Love - gloss gone, stain remaining
I've played around with this a lot over the past couple of weeks and the tint really does stay put for hours.  I'm not sure why it turned pink on me, but it's worth noting if you're looking for something peachy.  The orange shade might be a better choice for peach lovers, but I've been rocking my pink lips!

As I mentioned earlier, because I love the high shine finish of this, I've been layering it like a good thing and my favourite finish is with two layers of Peach Me Love.  I get the effect of the tint under a layer of gloss with more tint.

YSL Tint in Oil - Peach Me Love - two layers
I am so ready for spring to finally arrive and when it does come and say hi, I'll have nourished lips thanks to Peach Me Love.  I totally want to check out the orange shade and maybe the red one too.

Watch my video where I have a face full of first impressions and show you Peach Me Love in action.

Are you intrigued and will you be checking these out with me?  See you at the YSL counter!


  1. I really really want one of these, they sound right up my street! So pretty!

  2. These look fab! the packaging is amazing
    Emma xo |

  3. Love this, I swatched them on my hand and the tint was there for hours!

  4. I tried these in Sephora the other day but couldn't settle on a colour! Such a unique idea!


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