Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Did you know they sell Burberry makeup on Boots.ie?

Me neither!  And I have my amazing friend Mags to thank for that.  She is one of my ultimate enablers and many an evening is spent DMing each other on Twitter about things we've bought, things we want, things we know we don't need but are going to buy anyway.  She loves makeup like I do and we are a terrible influence on each other.

Exhibit A.

When Mags tells you that Burberry makeup is available on Boots.ie and that some of the lipsticks are a very reasonable €15 (we wonder if they've priced them wrong, but say nothin' to nobody), you do what has to be done.  You buy three.  And an eyeshadow thrown in for good measure.  You spend a good hour or so researching swatches, adding the shades you think you like into your basket.  Then you realise that when it's time to review what's in your basket, Boots need to sort themselves out because they don't show you what shades you've picked.  When you click on each product, you're brought to the page that has all of the lipsticks you've spent ages researching.  Boots said they're going to look into this and I can see lots more purchasing being done online if they do.

So back to the lipsticks.  I did what I always do and ended up picking a nude shade and a coral shade before deciding I needed a peach one too.  I also got an eyeshadow in the shade Mulberry.  I was trying to decide whether to get Pale Barley, the shade that everyone loves, but then after watching Karima from Shameless Fripperies use it in a video where she was a bit whelmed with it, I picked this darker number and it's alright.  It was €30 and I wouldn't go out and get another one.  It's silky smooth, basically blends itself and is so finely milled, you know you're using an expensive product.  The colour in the pan just doesn't translate to the skin and in the photos below, I used it on the outer corners of the eye, under the lower lashes and smudged it over some black liner on the upper lash line.  I just wished it gave a warmer, more burgundy finish on my eyes, rather than being cooler toned.

So let's talk about the lipsticks shall we?  The stars of the show.  The beauty lovers out there will thoroughly enjoy how they close magnetically and I defy you not to open and close them a good three or four times each time you whip it out!  As I mentioned above, I chose three, but totally wanted more.  I always need to try a nude shade when testing out a new brand.  And Nude Rose was the one I went for.  Mags got a different nudey one and last week as we sat in the foyer of a hotel swatching each other's makeup on the backs of our hands (we like to bring our purchases with us and do show and tell) I fell in love with her shade too, but she'll tell you about that herself.

Nude Rose.

I do love a brown toned nude lip and this one is almost caramel when applied to the lips.  It's totally wearable for everyday use if you're like me and don't like to wear anything too bright in work and like the other two shades, feels so moisturising and is tres comfortable to wear.

Devon Sunset.

Oh Devon Sunset you are a grand bright peachy shade that screams spring and summer!  I love that this is nice and pale, but doesn't sit in my lip lines the way some milky peach lip products sometimes can.  It lifts my complexion beautifully and again, this is a great everyday shade to wear.

Golden Peach.

Golden Peach is more of a bright orangey coral shade that is me all over!  When researching swatches, I worried that this and Devon Sunset might be a bit too similar, but I went and bought 'em anyway.  When you can't swatch things yourself, you have to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best, and this time it all panned out beautifully.  Golden Peach will be gorgeous with a bronze eye and when I have a bit more colour on my face, it'll be even more lovely

A point to note is that these lippies have an odd old fashioned smell, you'll understand what I mean when you give one a whiff, but after a few seconds it's gone.  It reminds me of something my mam had back in the day, so there's a weird bit of nostalgia there too!  The formula on them is fantastic though and while they feel lightweight on the lips, they still give a great hit of moisture with a semi sheer finish that's nice and buildable.

Top: Nude Rose - Middle: Devon Sunset - Bottom: Golden Peach
You can buy the Lip Covers here for €15 and if you're looking to dip your toe into the world of Burberry makeup, then these are a brilliant place to start.  The Lip Mists are also €15 (Mags bought one and it's fab) and the Lip Velvets are €30.  So definitely start with the cheaper products and let the obsession begin!

Mags and I are currently on Day 3 of a spending ban and as of yet I have not bought any makeup.  The terms and conditions of our spending ban fully state that spending vouchers and Boots points is allowed.  I have €32 in Boots points and am deciding whether to get two more of these because I really love them, or one of the new Chanel lippies.  First world problems eh!

So tell me this, will you be checking out the Burberry makeup on the Boots site?  What shade do you think I need to get next?

Monday, March 30, 2015

March favourites 2015!

Another month is over and I'm back with a new set of favourites!  These are the things that made me happy during the month of March and now it's time to tell you all about them.  As I say every month, I love filming these videos because I get to waffle, I drop most of the products on the floor, make ridiculous faces and hold things up to my head to ensure you fully understand the love that I have for said products.

So behold my March favourites and do let me know in the comments below what you loved this month!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick Coral Sheen

Dear Maybelline, could you please bring the Master Glaze Blush Sticks to Ireland please?  I would be forever grateful and would buy every shade.  All the best, Karen.

There's a Duane Reade around the corner from the hotel we stay at in New York and I visited there nearly every day.  What am I talking about, I was in there every single day, pretending I was bringing water back to the rest of the family when in fact I was scouting out makeup!  Best holiday ever!  The drug stores over there don't seem to have many testers if any, so a lot of my budget beauty purchasing was blind.  I had to like the look of the packaging and hope for the best.  If something had cute packaging and was coral, it was in.  So this blush stick in Coral Sheen ticked all of my blind purchasing boxes and came home with me.  And now I wish I'd bought more.  If I'd any cop on, I'd have swatched it back at the hotel, but noooooo, the anal beauty blogger in me wanted to take nice photos in daylight before defacing it.  But it means the next time I head to New York, I'll know what to do.

Coral Sheen is a creamy blush stick that gives life to my cheeks.  A little goes a long way so it's good to apply a little, blend it out and apply more if you need to.  During spring and summer especially, I love a cream blush because the finish looks and feels like natural skin, so the whole no makeup makeup thing is a go.  And you don't need a brush to blend it out if you don't want to, a finger or sponge will do the job perfectly.  And it's for that reason that blush sticks like this one is always in my makeup bag, ready to give a bit of oomph to my complexion if I'm looking a bit blah.

This looks mad scary on the cheeks when you first apply it, but blended out you can see that I'm left with a healthy, natural flush of colour on the cheeks.

And up close and personal, it just looks like my skin, not makeup!  This pleases me greatly because I'm all about faking a flush of colour on the cheeks and looking healthy and fresh faced.  NYC do similar blush sticks if you've got a hankering to try one out and they're cheap as chips.  For now, I shall make my way through Coral Sheen over the next few months and if you see me looking healthy in the visage area, it'll be this.  

Maybelline, I meant what I said.  Bring these here.  Kthxbye.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NYX lipsticks - Tea Rose & Thalia - neutral perfection

Northwood Pharmacy in Santry will be my financial undoing.  They have the best stocked makeup stands with brands like Wet n Wild, NYX, Physician's Formula and lots more.  All there to tempt me when I don't need to be tempted.  A recent meander while killing time meant that I had a grand browse around and thankfully only came out with two products.  Two lipsticks to be exact and I didn't need either of them.  But sure it was for the blog and all...

Tea Rose and Thalia from budget brand NYX spoke to me as only a neutral lipstick can and they said "Hey girl hey!  You know you need us so accept the fact that we're comin' home with you girlfriend" and so I did what the lipsticks said.  Say hi to the ladies.

There's no reason whatsoever why I picked up these two neutrals and with the back of my hand covered in swatches, they were the two that stood out.  And for the purpose of re-inactment, here are some back of hand swatches.

But it's all about the lips though innit?  And if the hand swatches weren't enough to make me happy with my purchases, first application on the lips sealed the deal.  Well it's not like I could've brought them back but you know what I mean?  I did good.

Tea Rose

Tea Rose is a beautiful dusty pinky corally shade that instantly lifts my whole complexion.  It's a gorgeous shade for spring and the creamy formulation of these two shades is something else.  I don't have to worry about my already dry lips drying out even more as these are so comfortable to wear.  I now want to start wearing bronzy shimmery eyes with Tea Rose to really amp things up.


Thalia is a mauve lip lover's dream.  On the back of my hand it looked more on the dusty pink end of things but on the lips, it's definitely more neutral with purple undertones.  It's a more sophisticated shade than Tea Rose and one that I'll be wearing with a smokey eye because sometimes a nude lip is too harsh and I need something else.  Check me out with mauve lips!

These two shades were €5.49 and I want more of them now.  The formula is absolutely gorgeous, nice and creamy and staying power is pretty decent if you're not eating or drinking.  They're really pigmented and is it wrong that I want to try some of NYX's lipliners now as well?

What NYX lippies do I need to try next folks because I'm going to need more of these babies!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My one shadow wash of colour selections!

Because I'm up really early in the morning and like to hit the snooze button once or five times, I'm generally short on time when it comes to applying makeup at stupid o'clock.  I always make sure I do a base, a bit of colour on the cheeks, fix up the brows and apply a grand coat of mascara before whacking on a bit of powder and running out the door.  I don't always have time for eyeshadows and rarely have time to do anything faffy.  (Faffy = use two or more eyeshadows, multiple eyeshadow brushes, blend properly and do an actual look).

So on mornings where I have about a minute to do something with my eyes, I reach for my trusty favourites.  Those that require minimal effort and make it look like I've made a bit of an effort!

I give you my one shadow wash of colour selection.

These are the shades I can slap on with my finger or with one brush and bam, I'm out the door.

On the creamy end of the scale and the requiring no brushes if I'm in a pinch, we have By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock.  I've talked to you about this lots of times but it's a gorgeous shade that gives a shimmery yet elegant finish to the eyes.  Then we have a bit of Chanel, namely one of the Illusion D'Ombres.  Sure where would you be going slapping on a bit of Epatant on first thing in the morning!  This light green shimmery pot of gorgeousness is at it's best when sheered out as a wash of colour across the lids.  Any more than that and you need to start messing about with eyeliner.  But with my ring finger, patted onto the lids, I can run out the door thinking hey, today will be a good day as I'm wearing Chanel.  Another eye crayon, but this time from Kiko, shade 04 Golden Chocolate is for mornings where you still want to have minimum effort, but have maximum effect.  It can be packed on for a proper dramatic eye, or if patted in with my finger, it gives a more natural finish.  If I really want to lose the run of myself, I apply a sheer wash of it all over the lids, making sure to blend the edges, before going back in with a second layer right at the lash line, making it look like I've done more than I have!  Finally we have Max Factor Excess Shimmer Gel Eyeshadow in Copper.  This cool toned taupe is sheer perfection, bringing light and dimension to the eyes and it's totally a shade that makes me feel like I'm Lisa Eldridge.  It's delicate and understated.  Everything I'm not!

L-R: By Terry Ombre Blackstar Misty Rock, Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Epatant, Kiko 04 Golden Chocolate, Max Factor Excess Shimmer Gel Eyeshadow Copper

I fell in love with NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia last year knowing that I'd get a lot of wear out of it.  It is a neutral lover's dream and is one of those must have shades in everyone's stash.  It can be used wet and dry, but let's face it, first thing in the morning I won't be doing anything extra other than slapping it on dry and still, I look polished and put together when I wear it.  One of my all time favourite eyeshadows ever is Patina from MAC.  It's a shade that's so hard to describe, but it's a beauty and one I wear on it's own all the time.  It looks almost antiqued and has a gold/green look to it.  Next is one of L'Oreal's Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Mono shadows in the shade Over The Taupe which is soft, buttery and a dream to wear.  The dense, almost wet texture of this one means you can use your finger to pick up a load of product, slap it on and then use a clean finger to blend the edges.  And no need to worry about cleaning brushes!  Finally we have one of Maybelline's Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in the shade Improper Copper.  Now we can't get these in Ireland yet and fingers crossed they bring them over here because these loose pigments are bloody amazing.  I got mine in New York and only picked up one other shade and am wishing I got more.  Definitely use a brush applying this one or you'll get it everywhere and if you're in a rush, panic will ensue.  Pat it on to the eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush and then use a fluffy blending brush to blend the edges and poof, you're ready to go!  Although the swatch looks quite dark below, rest assured that you can sheer it out easily.

L-R: NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Himalia, MAC Patina, L'Oreal Color Riche L'Ombre Pure Mono Over the Taupe, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Improper Copper.
So tell me this, are you a fan of the one shadow wash of colour or do you have enough time every morning to do a full eye look, putting stuff in the crease and doing eyeliner?!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Smokey burgundy eyes with the Smashbox Double Exposure palette

In a recent video, I think it was my February favourites, I'd some lovely comments which is always nice.  Except this time the majority of the comments weren't about the products I was loving and talking about!  No, everyone wanted to know what I was wearing on my eyes.  So I thought it was high time I film a tutorial to show you my current favourite go to smokey eye because we all know I love to play up the drama on the aul eyeballs.

You can read my full review of the Smashbox Double Exposure palette here where I show you this eye look in detail, but long story short is that I love it.  This palette was made for me with it's array of purple, neutral and burgundy shades and has fast become my go to palette of choice.  The look I've been doing the most is this deep smokey eye which makes my eyes look even greener, but be not afraid, for one does not have to pack on as much makeup as I like to!  You can totally do a more subtle look and I might do a video on that too, to show you that I don't always go full on!

You can see a full list of products used in the Description Box of the video here.  But for now, watch me pile on all the makeup!

The Double Exposure palette is on Smashbox counters now and it's €44 well spent.  You'll see in the video that there's no fallout whatsoever with any of the shadows, they blend effortlessly and make eejits like me look like I know what I'm doing!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

L'Occitane Precious BB Cream review, before & after photos, swatches

L'Occitane have brought out a new BB Cream and I think it's true love.  And from that first line, you can pretty much tell how this review is going to go.  As an extension to the Precious Immortelle skincare range, they've brought out three shades of their BB cream to help protect the skin from UV damage while smoothing and evening out the skin tone, all while giving a healthy, radiant complexion!  It's got micro encapsulated organic immortelle essential oil so we're talking a hit of nourishment from the get go.

As mentioned above, there are three shades in the range.  01, Fair which is very neutral and while the swatch looks a bit dark below, once applied to the skin it's nice and pale.  A bit too pale for me.  I'm shade 02, Light which is nice and yellow toned which helps counteract the redness in my skin.  Finally we have shade 03, Medium which is for darker skinned bridies out there.

The cream itself is nice and thick, but once I start to blend it into the skin, it melts and virtually disappears, making it look like it's my actual skin that looks amazing!  I've been trying to think of different ways of describing it, but the one thing I keep coming back to is that it makes it look like I'm not wearing any makeup and that it's my own skin that's on show.  And can we have a little moment of silence for the pure radiance it gives my skin?  Take a look at my cheek there because I'm not wearing anything else on my skin other than the BB Cream.  Instant glowy skin but without the wetness that some dewy bases can leave.

This gives a light to medium coverage but is buildable and I've been adding a very light second layer to my nose as that's in a constant state of redness!  This is the first BB cream I've tried in ages that actually feels like skincare, not just makeup and while I still use the Immortelle Precious Serum and Precious Protection SPF20 every morning, I feel like the BB Cream gives my skin some extra nourishment and hydration while evening out my complexion and making me look nice and healthy!

In the interest of science and testing out for the blog, I've applied the BB Cream all over my face and then powdered one half before heading to work to see how things lasted and I was surprised to see that while my powder mattified my skin, the unpowdered side still lasted until about 2pm (from 6am) before I noticed any obvious signs of fading away.  I can't say enough good things about this and while it's already featured in my latest video (How to not look like shite when you feel sick) I can already tell you it'll be in my monthly favourites video.

It'll set you back €35 but if you're looking for something with a light to medium coverage, that feels like it's doing something for your skin while actually doing something for your skin, then head to the L'Occitane website now or your local shop.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to admire my healthy looking skin now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque review, photos, swatches!

There's nothing more exciting than having a mosey in Boots or Superdrug and finding new products that you didn't even know were coming!  This is what happened to me on Saturday in Superdrug and I did what any beauty junkie worth their salt would do - I took photos and swatches, right there in the shop!  Head over to my Instagram to have a look for yourself.

But back to the products in question today.  The Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque collection!  There were six shades available on the stand I was at and I wanted them all.  But as Superdrug were having a 3 for 2 offer, I picked my favourite three.  Restraint right there folks.

I don't have any official information on these guys just yet, but I'll update the post as soon as I do.  These are the sisters to the Rouge Edition Velvet range that I still love, except these give a glossy finish rather than matte.  They have a gel like consistency that feels lovely and cooling on the lips and the applicator has one of those little grooves in it that takes up enough products to apply one layer to the lips easily.

01 - Appechissant

Shade 01, Appechissant, is one of these neutral dusty pink shades that's perfect for everyday wear.  It was the least pigmented of the three shades I picked, but I was able to layer a second coat easily.  This shall be a shade I carry around in my handbag because it's easy to apply without a mirror and will go with any makeup look.

04 - Vien Si Tu Roses

Shade 04, Vien Si Tu Roses, is a darker, rosy pink shade that didn't apply as easily as the other two.  This was quite patchy on the lips and despite applying two layers, it didn't give an even finish on me.  I still think it's a gorgeous colour, I just think if there was slightly more pigmentation in the gel, we'd be sorted.

06 - Feeling Reddy

Can you believe I bought a red shade all by myself!  Shade 04, Feeling Reddy is a beautiful orange toned red that's pretty perfect in my limited experience with reds.  Of the three shades, this was the most pigmented, the least gel-like in texture and went on evenly and easily.

All three shades felt really comfortable on the lips and had a lot of slip in them, thanks to the glossy finish.  As these are shiny liquid lipsticks, the staying power isn't that strong, but I don't mind having to reapply them, especially given the lovely cooling sensation on application.  What can I say, I like a beauty gimmick!

The Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque collection is in Superdrug now and were €11.65.  I went to a Boots on the same day but didn't find them in there yet, so keep your eyes peeled and I'll give you more information as I get it.  Overall, these get two thumbs up from Lovely Girlie Bits and I just have to not let myself back into Superdrug just yet or I'll come away with the other three shades!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring nails from No7!

Pastel nails means spring is here.  Well, in my book anyway!  No7 have a limited edition range on counters now and while I was disappointed with the palette from the collection, I'm all over the nail polishes.

There are two new shades added to the Gel-Look Shine line and they're both beauts.  Guess which one is my favourite and which one I've swatched below...

Of course it was going to be Coral Crush!  But fear not, Sweet Lilac will have a look in very soon.  I always just feel bad for any other polish that arrives at the same time as a coral one because we all know I'm crazy for coral don't we?

The Gel-Look Shine polishes are always a joy to use and really do give a high shine finish to the nails.  I always have to put a quick drying top coat on when painting my nails because every single time I freshly paint them, I need a wee, or a scratch, or drop something that needs to be picked up.  But for the purpose of these here photos, I made sure I was all organised, emptied my bladder and didn't use a topcoat, so you could see the finish yourself!

The Gel-Look Shine polishes are €9 and are worth checking out if you're on the hunt for spring appropriate shades for your nails!

Monday, March 16, 2015

How to not look like shite when you feel sick!

For the past couple of weeks I've had a stupid cold which made me feel bleurgh.  Then the sinus pain kicked in which made me feel even more bleurgh.  Luckily for me, I love wearing lots of makeup, even when I feel crappy and it was only when Nicola from work said that I looked fresh faced that I figured now is the time to film a video!

So here's what I used to make myself look better than I felt because let's be honest, when you feel sick and have to go to work, looking the part is half the battle for me!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation review, before & after photos

During a mini shopping spree a few weeks ago, I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation.  I can't remember where I read about it and it wasn't on my list that day, but you know the story, when you're perusing the aisles of Boots and something catches your eye, you pick it up.  You don't ask questions, you just do what has to be done and plonk it in your basket.

I used to use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer all the time and loved the high coverage it gave for my mucho dark-o under eye circles.  So I was already intrigued to find out they had a matching foundation.  Let's get into the nitty gritty shall we?

First of all, this is for those who like a full coverage foundation.  As you'll see in the photos below, it is seriously pigmented, but still feels relatively lightweight on the skin.  If I use a beauty blender to apply it, the coverage is heavier and pretty flawless, and if I want a slightly sheerer finish, a quick application with a buffing brush will do the job.  Of all the foundations I've tried in the past couple of years, it's the closest one to Estee Lauder's Double Wear in terms of finish and coverage.

Now, a bit of advice is to work in sections on your face because this stuff dries quickly.  I do this anyway, starting with one cheek, the other cheek, my nose, chin and forehead.  That's always the order I do things in for whatever reason!  It dries to a satin finish that makes my skin look airbrushed and even when I took it under my eyes, it give me enough coverage to skip the concealer.  I don't always have time to use concealer in the morning and I'd be totally happy to apply this and skedaddle out the door.

As you can see in the photos above, it covered my redness perfectly, evened out my skin tone while providing a grand amount of coverage on it's own, without looking cakey.  It's not one that I need to set with powder and I found when I did use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, it left things looking a little cakey, so that's my bad.  I'm so used to having to set my face every day!  I found that it lasted for most of the work day apart from on my nose where it started to break down a bit by about lunch time.  So it might be worth applying a primer on your really oily bits and if you are going to use powder, use it sparingly.

I love using full coverage foundations like this when I do something dramatic with my eyes.  Because of the SPF20 in it, it's not one I'd wear at night if you were going to be taking lots of photos with a flash.  But for day time wear, consider me delighted!

The Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation will set you back a very respectable €7.99.  Once you prime your oily bits, don't powder your dry bits, you'll be good to go with this budget foundation!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dupe alert! Soap and Glory Archery 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush - Dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz!

About three weeks ago, something terrible happened.  It was completely unexpected and stunned me to my very core.  Yes.  My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz reached the end of it's life.  The fact that it was the day of my friend's hen do and with her wedding the next day, I went into serious rationing mode.  If you're a regular reader of the blog or watch my videos, you already know that the Brow Wiz is my holy grail brow product.  Due to lack of funds, I wasn't able to repurchase it right away, and so began the decision on where to buy it.  As we can't get it here in Ireland, it was between Cult Beauty and Sephora and you know me, I'm not able to buy just one thing when it comes to makeup, so both baskets were full of other products to help make the purchase worthwhile, you know how it is...

Then I went into town on Sunday with mam and headed to the Soap and Glory stand.  I'd been to a different Boots last week and forgot they didn't do S&G, so hotfooted it to Jervis to see if they had the Archery 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush.  Aka, the best feckin dupe ever for my Brow Wiz.

Here she is.  As you know, I tried the other Archery Brow Tint and Pencil from Soap and Glory last year and was impressed with the felt tip end, but not the pencil end.  I wanted and needed a smaller pencil.  Well slap my ass and call me Sally lads.  This Archery is the actual business!

The pencil is nice and small, perfect for those of us who have a tendency to go a bit wild with the brows.  It's also harder and waxier than any other drug store pencil out there which means it stays put, won't smudge and looks more natural.

I got the shade Blondeshell and it's a perfect match for my Brow Wiz shade, Taupe.  As you can see in the photos below, the pencil ends are identical.

As are the spooly ends.   You can see my Anastasia spooly has been well loved and used, keeping my brows nicely groomed.

In terms of swatches, take a look at these.  Near identical.  Only a fellow makeup junkie will truly understand the pure joy at finding a dupe like this.  And a dupe for a Holy Grail product at that.... It's like this was meant to be... Would you listen to me getting all philosophical talking about an eyebrow pencil.  But shush, this is good karma in all it's glory.  I could have spent the guts of £50 on Cult Beauty and even more on Sephora, but all I spent was €10 on this!  And I didn't even spend the actual €10 as I used my Boots points!

I never ever thought I'd be saying this here on the blog, but I can't see myself repurchasing the Brow Wiz again...  Not because the Soap and Glory version is better, but because it's more readily available, is a perfect dupe and I will save money not having to bulk up an online order just to buy one thing!

Tell me folks, what are your favourite dupes at the moment?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Disappointing products #2

Today we're talking about disappointing products.  Not necessarily rubbish products, but rather products that didn't work for me.  I love watching monthly favourites videos and likewise, I love watching videos where things haven't gone so well with a product because I like to be informed by those I trust!  I really do trust my fellow bloggers and vloggers when it comes to telling it like it is but sometimes products just don't perform the way I want them to and so since last year's Disappointing Products video had a great response, I thought it was time for another one!

As I explain in the video, these are things that just haven't worked for me.  I know they've worked for others and you'll see what I'm talking about once you watch it!

So tell me, what products have you been disappointed in recently?  And as I was editing the video, I realised I forgot something, so that'll go in my next one!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, photos, swatches, makeup look!

You know how much I love the Smashbox Full Exposure palette?  Well, they've only gone and released a second one...  I give you the Smashbox Double Exposure palette.  This 14 shade palette, complete with double ended brush is a piece of beauty and I've been playing with it for the last few weeks non stop.  A love affair has blossomed and I feel kind of bad for the original version which isn't getting a look in!

As I mentioned above, the palette comes with 14 eyeshadows which can be applied dry or wet.  They say that by applying each shade wet means that you actually have a palette with 28 shadows, but there are only a few shades which change significantly enough to be considered a separate colour.  The shimmery shades become metallic and the mattes become more pigmented and like all of the Smashbox shadows I've tried so far, they're all super pigmented and despite a little bit of fall out, are a dream to apply and blend.   You'll see below just one of the looks I've done with it so far.  I've been happily making my way through the entire palette creating lots of looks and think I'll do a video/post showing it in all it's glory.  What do you think?

But let's do a bit of swatching shall we?

I've applied each shade dry (top row) and wet (bottom row) in each of these photos so you can see them in action.  The midnight blue shade is disappointing dry, but once wet, it's stunning and I can't wait to do a smokey eye with it.  The purple shades are gorgeous and I wore them to my friend's wedding last week.  I love the lighter shades which can be applied as a quick wash of colour if you're running out the door in the morning and you can see how they become more shimmery and metallic once wet.

The matte black shade looks disappointing when swatched on my arm, but I used my finger to apply it instead of a brush.  Take my word for it that when you apply this shade to your eyes, it smokes out any look instantly and doesn't need to be applied wet.

I love this end of the palette with all it's warm browns, burgundies, golds and rose gold shades.  It's the side that instantly spoke to me and I've been making a serious dent in the shades since getting the palette!  As someone with green eyes will tell you, we love our warm shades and I was able to create this look below in about five minutes. 

I took the matte brown (bottom right) into the crease as the transition shade, before taking the matte burgundy (bottom middle) into the crease and outer corner.  I took the shimmery burgundy shade (bottom left) and applied it wet onto the lid before taking those same shades under the lower lashes to bring the look together.  A quick bit of black liner on the water lines and the matte black shadow smudged into the upper and lower lash line defined the eyes even more.

The Full Exposure palette is on counters now and for €44, it's an absolute beaut.  My eyeballs speak for themselves!

Does this tickle your pickle?  Would you like a blog post or a video showing different looks you can create with it?
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