Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation review, before & after photos

During a mini shopping spree a few weeks ago, I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation.  I can't remember where I read about it and it wasn't on my list that day, but you know the story, when you're perusing the aisles of Boots and something catches your eye, you pick it up.  You don't ask questions, you just do what has to be done and plonk it in your basket.

I used to use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer all the time and loved the high coverage it gave for my mucho dark-o under eye circles.  So I was already intrigued to find out they had a matching foundation.  Let's get into the nitty gritty shall we?

First of all, this is for those who like a full coverage foundation.  As you'll see in the photos below, it is seriously pigmented, but still feels relatively lightweight on the skin.  If I use a beauty blender to apply it, the coverage is heavier and pretty flawless, and if I want a slightly sheerer finish, a quick application with a buffing brush will do the job.  Of all the foundations I've tried in the past couple of years, it's the closest one to Estee Lauder's Double Wear in terms of finish and coverage.

Now, a bit of advice is to work in sections on your face because this stuff dries quickly.  I do this anyway, starting with one cheek, the other cheek, my nose, chin and forehead.  That's always the order I do things in for whatever reason!  It dries to a satin finish that makes my skin look airbrushed and even when I took it under my eyes, it give me enough coverage to skip the concealer.  I don't always have time to use concealer in the morning and I'd be totally happy to apply this and skedaddle out the door.

As you can see in the photos above, it covered my redness perfectly, evened out my skin tone while providing a grand amount of coverage on it's own, without looking cakey.  It's not one that I need to set with powder and I found when I did use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, it left things looking a little cakey, so that's my bad.  I'm so used to having to set my face every day!  I found that it lasted for most of the work day apart from on my nose where it started to break down a bit by about lunch time.  So it might be worth applying a primer on your really oily bits and if you are going to use powder, use it sparingly.

I love using full coverage foundations like this when I do something dramatic with my eyes.  Because of the SPF20 in it, it's not one I'd wear at night if you were going to be taking lots of photos with a flash.  But for day time wear, consider me delighted!

The Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation will set you back a very respectable €7.99.  Once you prime your oily bits, don't powder your dry bits, you'll be good to go with this budget foundation!


  1. The coverage is amazing! You need to do a tutorial on your eye make-up because you look stunning! xx

  2. This sounds right up my street sure where would you be going for €8

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  4. This sounds and looks amazing! I always walked past the Collection foundation because I didn't think it would be any good but I definitely need to try this out! Great post :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  5. wow this stuff looks amazing!
    Emma xo |

  6. I'm quite shocked at how good this looks! I'll definitely check it out at some point :)

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  7. Raging this doesn't match my super pale skin - looks beautiful on!


  9. Swit swoo! Looking gorgeous K - I must pick up that foundation.


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